Against the Gods - Chapter 222 - Unforeseen Event

Chapter 222 - Unforeseen Event

Chapter 222 - Unforeseen Event

The forbidden skill ‘Heaven Burning Dragon’ unleashed by Fen Juebi was actually blocked by Yun Che, and he simply used his two hands to do so. Using his two palms, he extinguished that terrifying Heaven Burning Dragon completely.

“Heaven Burning Dragon” was Burning Heaven Clan’s forbidden skill, which required blood essence to activate. The frequency in which this skill appeared was extremely low, and a large number of Burning Heaven Clan disciples might not even activate it even once in their entire lives. There were obviously preceding cases of opponents blocking the “Heaven Burning Dragon”, but every time, the opponents would definitely block the forbidden skill with extreme difficulty, and blocking it in a fas.h.i.+on like this… had never happened before!

In Yun Che’s eyes, the “Heaven Burning Dragon” was just a young snake which had overestimated its own abilities, and had simply been killed using both his hands. During the entire process, not a hint of harm was done to Yun Che.

Along with a “plop” sound, Fen Juebi knelt on the ground. His face was as pale as paper, his two eyes were widened to an extreme degree, and looked as though his soul had left his body from the shock. The six other people from the Burning Heaven Clan, including Fen Moli who was nearing a hundred years old, basically had the same reaction as well. They simply could not believe their eyes. Seeing their strongest Heaven Burning Dragon to have actually been blocked with a method like that was even more unacceptable. And his opponent was able to block it completely and while staying completely unscathed… This was something an expert at the early stages of the Earth Profound Realm would probably not be able to achieve!

Those extremely dense blue profound flames, which were still in a berserk state, were capable of even instantly melting fine iron!

Ling Yuefeng’s expression was filled with shock as well. Ling Wugou who had initially prepared to charge into the profound energy barrier was simply standing there in a daze. He even forgot to put down the profound energy he had raised, and was looking towards Yun Che with extremely astonished eyes… As though he was looking at a monster that came from beyond the heavens.

At that short moment, the shock created by Yun Che, greatly surpa.s.sed the sum of every other astonishment he caused.

Seeing Fen Juebi, whose beliefs had collapsed due to the extreme degree of shock and disbelief, fall to the ground, Yun Che coldly smiled. Stretching out both arms, he once again grabbed onto the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, and fiercely swung it towards Fen Juebi.


The force brought about by the power of the heavy sword exploded outwards. In his current state, Fen Juebi no longer had any power to resist. With a bang, he tumbled few dozen times from the impact, and then sprawled on the ground like a dead dog. His body spasmed, and even after a long while, there was no sign of him getting up.

Ling Wugou then finally regained his senses. Retracting his profound energy, he regulated his breathing, and then, calmly shouted. “Fen Juebi did not get off the ground for more than ten breaths of time, Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che wins! He shall enter tomorrow’s Semifinals!”

Ling Wugou’s voice woke the dazed audience as well, and in an instant, noise filled the entire Sword Discourse Arena.

Ever since the beginning of the ranking tournament, Yun Che created miracle after miracle, and just when almost everyone believed it was basically impossible for Yun Che to progress any further, an even more exaggerated miracle, which brought about a gigantic impact towards their souls, was demonstrated right in front of them.

Yun Che gained victory over Fen Juebi, and it was even a complete victory!

Fen Moli sat directly back onto his seat, and the old skin on his face s.h.i.+vered. Fen Juebi was defeated, and he was even thoroughly defeated, which meant that, in this Ranking Tournament, Burning Heaven Clan was destined to fall from the first four placings for the first time. If Shui Wushuang and Xia Qingyue from the Frozen Cloud Asgard were to both lose in this round of matches, or Xiao Kuanglei from the Xiao Sect were to lose in this round of matches, they might have the chance to fight for the fourth place. But, no matter was it Shui Wushuang or Xiao Kuanglei, they were basically opponents who Fen Juebi could never win against, and Fen Moli knew of this point without a doubt.

Adding that Fen Juebi did not hesitate to burn his blood essence, he received a large drop in profound strength. All hope was thus lost.

This could be said to be Burning Heaven Clan’s first disgrace in these few hundred years.

But, this could not be fully blamed on Fen Juebi alone. Just by how Yun Che extinguished the Heaven Burning Dragon with his bare hands at the end, even if Fen Jin was the one who went up against him, he would not be able to defeat Yun Che.

“He… Just how did he do it?”

“I don’t know… He must have forcefully dispersed the power of the flame dragon with his profound energy.”

“But that was Burning Heaven Clan’s forbidden skill! To completely disperse an attack like that, I’m afraid even an early stage Earth Profound Realm pract.i.tioner may not be able to do it either.”

“Evidently, this Yun Che has been hiding his true abilities, and it’s not even known how much of his abilities he’s hiding… Tenth level of the True Profound Realm… Just from thinking about it, really drives me crazy.”

“Fen Juebi has been defeated and it’s been determined that the Burning Heaven Clan will place below the top four, while the Blue Wind Imperial Family actually smashed into the Semifinals! From now on, will the Burning Heaven Clan be dethroned from their position as one of the Four Major Sects, and be replaced with the Blue Wind Imperial Family?”

“This time, because of Yun Che, it’s basically impossible for the Blue Wind Imperial Family to not shake the world, and regain their former glory! I really wonder where the Blue Wind Imperial Family managed to find such a freak. Haah, why is there no such disciple like that born in our sect!”

The sounds of discussions that filled the entire arena continued without pause. Yun Che had once again became the talking point of the entire audience. In contrast, the grand and mighty Burning Heaven Clan turned out to be the loser, and what they were enduring were no longer admiration and praise, but sympathy in the midst of all the compa.s.sionate eyes directed toward them...

Under everyone’s attention, Yun Che did not immediately leave the Sword Discourse Arena. Rather, he gave a slight bow to Lin Wugou. “Elder Ling, thank you very much.”

Ling Wugou was startled for a moment, and then, he slightly nodded while praising Yun Che in his heart… Earlier, in that sort of situation, he was still able to put his focus away and feel that I was about to “save” him. Unless, when he was facing the “Heaven Burning Dragon” earlier, he was still keeping some strength in reserve?

Yun Che turned, preparing to leave the center of the Sword Discourse Arena. At this moment, Fen Juebi, who his back was currently facing, suddenly leaped up from the ground. With eyes emitting out a glow of hatred, and a hideous expression, he charged towards Yun Che like a demon that had fallen into despair. His Demon Flame Blade raged with blue flames as he thrusted it towards Yun Che’s back.

“I will kill you!!”

Fen Juebi was definitely not a person so mentally weak to not accept defeat, but the loss he suffered in this match was different. Because, he lost to an opponent who, in his eyes, was someone he could take down with a single blow before the match. And, the match he lost, was a match concerning the honor of the Burning Heaven Clan, a match he definitely could not lose. The words Fen Moli had said to him earlier, and the consequences and shame due to his loss, were like needles that furiously stabbed into his nerves and soul, causing him to lose all reason. He only had the crazed impulse to cut Yun Che down into thousand of pieces...

Fen Juebi’s actions immediately brought about scornful jeers from the entire audience. Yun Che stopped, muttered softly to himself “you’re courting death”, he furiously turned back, and threw his heavy sword down towards Fen Juebi without any mercy.

If it was a head-on clash, Fen Juebi was basically not a match for Yun Che. Furthermore, his blood essence was gravely injured and he was currently extremely weakened. The power Fen Juebi wielded was easily exterminated by the strength of Yun Che’s heavy sword, and right after, he felt as though a one hundred fifty ton sledgehammer had smashed onto his chest.


Fen Juebi’s vision was completely blurred, a large amount of blood splurged out from his mouth, his chest was no longer distinguishable from the exposed blood and flesh, and his entire body was like a grocery bag being blown away by a fierce wind, as he was sent flying out...

“Juebi!! Junior, you dare!”

An extremely furious roar shook the entire audience. Fen Moli rose to the sky, and he crossed a distance of a couple hundred of meters in a mere second, and instantly barged into the profound energy barrier, landing in front of Fen Juebi. After checking his injuries, he furiously turned, and looked at Yun Che with anger. “Junior! Your heart is actually this malicious! The duel has already concluded, and you still intentionally heavily injure the son of our Burning Heaven Clan Master!!”

The name of Burning Heaven Clan’s Great Elder was widely known, and the might of his name did not seem to be any lower than the Burning Heaven Clan Master Fen Duanhun. It could be said that there was no one in the audience who did not fear him, and with that roar of his, even if his target was a Sect Master of one of the great sects, that person would still tremble in fear. But Yun Che was definitely one of the exceptions. He coldly laughed. “Are you blind? Evidently, he was the one who tried to sneak an attack on me first. Rather than retaliating, do I have to simply stand here and wait for him to attack me?”

“Junior, you’re courting death!” Under Fen Moli’s explosive rage, even his beard rose. It had been a few decades since someone dared to talk to him in this way, moreover, the person speaking to him right now was just a junior. Adding that the Burning Heaven Clan’s loss and the shame that they would definitely suffer right after, all originated from the person in front of him, his anger exploded like the eruption of a volcano… He wanted to vent his hatred by killing Yun Che more than Fen Juebi.

Moving his hands away from Fen Juebi’s body, Fen Moli suddenly flew into the air. Like an eagle’s talon, his right hand stretched towards Yun Che’s head.

The entire audience exclaimed from this sudden unforeseen event. Fen Moli flying into the Sword Discourse Arena to check on Fen Juebi injuries was not unexpected, and was within reason. However, no one would have thought that he would actually suddenly act against Yun Che… And the way he was acting, was evidently a blow enough to send Yun Che to his death!!

An elder nearing his hundreds, a Great Elder in the Burning Heaven Clan, a peak-level expert with the strength half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm, actually acted against a mere seventeen year old junior. It was even within the Heavenly Sword Villa, and was also in the presence of an elder from the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Fen Moli’s action was evidently due to the loss of reason from his explosive rage, an act tantamount to madness.

“Elder Fen, stop!” Ling Wugou’s expression paled from shock. He quickly stepped forward with the intent to stop Fen Moli. But, the difference between a late stage Sky Profound Realm and one half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm was still too great. Before he could even approach him, he was forcefully blown aside by the outburst of profound energy Fen Moli unleashed. He could only look on as Fen Moli’s hand neared Yun Che… That claw of his, was enough to directly shatter Yun Che’s entire skull.

Yun Che also would never have thought that Fen Moli would actually shamelessly act against him. Yun Che had once felt the strength of half-step into Emperor Profound Realm from Chu Yuechan, and Fen Moli had already stayed in the realm of half a step into the Emperor Profound for thirty years so his profound energy was much denser than Chu Yuechan’s. When that claw attack approached him, the terrifying pressure brought about by his profound energy caused Yun Che to clearly feel like he was being enveloped by a firmament. That tyrannically boundless suppressive pressure, forget about dodging it, he was unable to move a single finger.

Although Yun Che was shocked, he did not fl.u.s.ter. Taking a deep breath, he activated the power of Star G.o.d’s Broken Shadow...


That terrifying sound was as though even the s.p.a.ce grabbed by Fen Moli was teared apart. Fen Moli’s right hand grabbed towards Yun Che’s head, but what he caught was just a dissipating afterimage.

Fen Moli’s movements stopped for a moment, and then, he was even more enraged… He, a mighty expert with strength half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm, attacked a junior in surprise… and actually still struck empty air! And he completely did not realize when Yun Che had moved away.

But he did not have the leisure to be astonished by Yun Che’s strange and unpredictable profound movement skill. Igniting flames of fury, he once again locked onto Yun Che’s position. With a growl, a large amount of purple profound flames suddenly erupted from his body. The purple profound flames transformed into dozens of purple flame dragons that hideously charged towards Yun Che. The might of each flame dragon, was several times stronger than the Heaven Burning Dragon Fen Juebi unleashed.



Everything happened in a flash, and it was only now that everyone finally reacted. Two loud roars sounded from two different directions, one from Qin Wushang, and the other came from Ling Yuefeng. They stood up at the same time, and were about to charge towards the Sword Discourse Arena. However, at this moment, an icy blue figure that brought about a bone-piercing coldness flew towards the Sword Discourse Arena before they could...


The sounds of ice forming in the air rang, and in just a short moment, the purple flames that filled the sky were all frozen in ice. The terrifying high temperature was also rapidly decreasing, and speedily became ice-cold. At this moment, an absolutely beautiful, blue fairy-like figure descended from the skies. She floated in front of Yun Che, her feet just above the ground. With her descent, the surrounding crystallized ice shattered, disappearing along with the purple flames.

Ling Yuefeng, who was about to fly out, abruptly stopped in his tracks. He looked towards the beautiful figure at the Sword Discourse Arena with a dazed expression. “Why is it… her…”

“Little…” Yun Che excitedly said with pleasant surprise, but immediately, the word he uttered afterwards became really soft. “... Fairy.”

Fen Moli’s earlier attack did indeed frighten Yun Che quite a bit. It was basically impossible for him to block against the strength of one half a step into Emperor Profound Realm. The moment it touched him, he would instantly be exterminated with nothing left of him. If not for her appearance, he would be forced to use Jasmine’s strength. But, if that were to happen, he would undoubtedly expose his ultimate final trump card in front of everyone’s eyes.

Chu Yuechan, whose back was facing him, seemed to not have heard his voice, for she did not react at all. A pair ice-crystal eyes coldly looked towards Fen Moli.

Chu Yueli stood up. Her beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment. Fen Moli acting against Yun Che, was naturally shameless and despicable. She believed that many experts who could not stand to watch the scene would step in, especially those from Heavenly Sword Villa. Even she herself, had the impulse to step in. However, she originally, firmly believed that if there was ever someone who would not step in to stop him, it would definitely be her elder sister Chu Yuechan. Because her personality was extremely cold and indifferent, and she would definitely not care about the matters of anyone else.

But, what she completely did not expect was that Chu Yuechan, was actually the first person to step in!

Not only did she stop him, she was even s.h.i.+elding in front of Yun Che, and facing Fen Moli, the Great Elder of Burning Heaven Clan, head on!