Against the Gods - Chapter 221 - Extinguished

Chapter 221 - Extinguished

Chapter 221 - Extinguished

The difference between blue colored profound flames and scarlet colored profound flames was not merely power, but also their different levels of plane. The profound defense at the Spirit Profound Realm could mostly defend against high powered scarlet flames, but would usually be burnt down like a thin sheet of paper against low level blue flames.

Along with the quickly expanding blue flame tornado, Yun Che also continually retreated, and was forced back to the arena’s border step by step. With a loud laugh, Fen Juebi’s body suddenly became illusory and a great amount of his figures suddenly appeared within the soaring blue colored profound flames, as if an innumerable amount of his clones were born from this blue sea of fire.

Of course, these “clones” were merely illusions he produced using blue colored profound flames. But because they were extremely similar to his original body, they were hard to differentiate from his true body and was enough to confuse the opponent’s eyesight, dazzling them and rendering them unable to choose and attack. The “clones” went from a few to a dozen, then grew from a dozen into a few dozens. They all s.h.i.+fted around chaotically in the blue colored sea of fire, bringing up countless strings of blue colored light mirages. Under the protection and interference of these clones, the true body slashed toward Yun Che from different directions, and made it perilous for Yun Che as he retreated step by step.

“So this is the Burning Heaven Clan’s core movement profound skill ‘Burning Phantom Illusion’? It really is too frightening! Especially under the condition of a constrained area for battle, it simply makes one despair.”

“As expected of the Burning Heaven Clan. This kind of shockingly excellent profound technique is something these sects of ours could never match.”

Looking at the current situation beneath his eyes, Yun Che was basically forced into a hopeless corner and probably could not endure for a few breaths of time either, which meant that Fen Juebi’s easy and perfect victory was already a forgone conclusion. Fen Juecheng smiled faintly: “Tsk, Second Younger Brother’s Burning Phantom Illusion actually had already reached such a level, shocking even the older brother me.”

“The reason why Juebi’s profound strength had not increased in these past three months, was because he was training his profound flames and Burning Phantom Illusion. Otherwise, he would have definitely reached the ninth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. When Clan Master told me this before we left, I hadn't even taken it to heart. However, I never thought that he had actually reached such a realm; I’m afraid that even Jin’er may not be his match. I, too, have misjudged him. Seems like I was worrying for nothing earlier.”

Fen Moli nodded with satisfaction, and the expression on his face became extremely relaxed. For Feng Juebi, who could release blue colored profound flames and could also use the Burning Phantom Illusion to such a degree, it was already simply impossible to lose this battle.


With a slight sound, Yun Che’s back touched the transparent profound energy barrier. To have reached here, meant that he no longer had anywhere to retreat to. The blue colored profound flames were only less than three meters away from him. That terrifying high temperature even gradually melted the stage’s stone below his feet.

“Ayaya, this stage is really too small. This game of a cat toying with mice had just started for such a short time and is already about to be over, it really is somewhat boring. What’s more boring, is that you actually haven't screamed out a single time; you really are too uncooperative.”

Within the blue colored sea of fire, several tens of flame mirages s.h.i.+fted and flashed, and it was unknown which one’s mouth the mocking voice was coming from: “Since you don’t want to scream out yourself, then let me give you a helping hand. Scream out of despair as much as you like, HAHAHAHA…”

“Burning Heaven Slas.h.!.+”

The blue colored flames that were already fiercely burning, instantly went berserk. As the Demon Flame Blade in Fen Juebi's hand swung, a huge wave of fire over ten meters formed and blanketed down toward the Yun Che who had been forced into a corner.

Fen Juebi was laughing wildly, as if he had already saw the sight of Yun Che's entire body being being swallowed by the blue colored Burning Heaven Flames in the next second. Especially that porcelain face of his that would be 'specially cared for' by the blue flames and be burnt into black char beyond recognition.

Everything was within his expectation and guidance; everything was so perfect. If a certain flaw had to be stated, it could be that from the start until now, he had never found a single hint of fear on Yun Che’s face. Even when he was forced into a dead end, his expression was still oddly calm; this slightly discounted his “sense of achievement”.

But just as the blue flames were about to swallow Yun Che, his expression had finally swayed away from calmness. However, the expression he revealed was not at all the shock and despair that Fen Juebi wanted to see, but instead was… a hint of a mocking sneer.

“This is indeed a game of cat toying with mice. However, it seems like you’re mistaken about who's the real mouse!”

The voice of scorn pierced through the scorching airwave and flowed into Fen Juebi’s ears. At this same moment, Yun Che suddenly took a step forward, lifted the heavy sword, and fiercely swung outwards.


Accompanying the heavy sword’s swing, s.p.a.ce slightly twisted as the air crazily rampaged. With a burst of sound as if cotton being torn, that dreadful profound flame was actually directly slashed into pieces by the heavy sword, and quickly dissipated like a broken illusion.

The Yun Che who had retreated step after step earlier carried a cold smile on his face, and started to move forward step by step as the heavy sword continuously danced. Following the bursts of ringing profound energy, those blue colored profound flames that clearly looked extremely terrifying was actually being blown out wave after wave like fragile soap bubbles; they didn’t even have the slightest ability to struggle and resist. Wherever Yun Che treaded, the blue flames there would be blown into pieces and dissipate.

“Wh… Wh… What!!”

The entire audience was struck dumb. Burning Heaven Clan’s six members all stood up from their seats with widened eyes and faces full of incredibility, as if they had seen a ghost.

“Th… This isn’t possible!”

Fen Juebi’s wild laugh, as well as the contemptuous arrogance on his face, simultaneously disappeared. What replaced it was a face br.i.m.m.i.n.g with shock and a slight fear. The blue colored profound flames that he took pride in, that he treated as his trump card, had actually been extinguished by Yun Che so easily, as if he was just walking and waving his hands. What he extinguished wasn’t only Feng Juebi’s strength, but more so his pride, dignity, as well as his self confidence that was originally bloated beyond compare.

“The reason why they were extinguished by him must be because my blue flames were only in their elementary stage, and haven’t been fully mastered yet. It must be... It must be so!”

Feng Juebi consoled himself with all his might. Then, a nasty grin emerged onto his face once again. However, the grin this time was more or less a bit stiff and difficult: “Yun Che, you think that you could beat me just because you’re able to destroy my Burning Heaven Flames? Hahahaha, these Burning Heaven Flames, are merely the lowest rank in power of the profound flames I possess…”

“If you have the guts... then try breaking through my Burning Heaven Dragon Flame!”

Fen Juebi bit his tongue. Then, he sprayed out several drops of blood essence and showered it onto the Demon Flame Blade in his hand. The blue flames on the Demon Flame Blade instantly flourished. Fen Juebi raised the Demon Flame Blade up high with both hands, and ferociously roared. Instantaneously, a blue colored pillar of fire suddenly burst out from his body. Even the surrounding blue flames that still burned were forcefully sucked back and gathered onto his body. Not only did the blue flames on his body stop rising after that, it quickly lowered back down and shrunk. However, that profound energy aura had actually changed to become much more frightening.

“He actually took the expense of losing his blood essence to activate the dragon flame! And it also seems to be activated with full power.” Fen Juecheng knitted his brows as his expression fully darkened.

“This is also a choice that he had to inevitably make. I really had not thought that Yun Che had always been acting weak earlier on purpose. Juebi’s flames has already reached the blue colored realm, yet it actually could not be even the slightest of threat to him. Just what kind of abnormality is he… However, once the Dragon Flame is unleashed, his death is basically certain. Even if he doesn't die, he’ll definitely end up being gravely injured. Perhaps, Juebi would be kicked out of this ranking tournament because of this.” Fen Moli said with a solemn expression.

“Hmph! Being kicked out of the tournament, is at least better than losing this battle!” Fen Juecheng said as he gritted his teeth. Right now, he immensely desired for Yun Che to die this instant. Before, he only had the thought of killing Yun Che, but did not treat him as his enemy at all, because in his eyes, Yun Che was not the least bit qualified. But as Yun Che displayed greater strength time and time again, at this moment in time, he could not help but to be stricken with terror. Yun Che was already like this at the mere age of seventeen. After he fully matured into his prime, it was unknown how shocking of a height he would reach.

Fen Moli opened his mouth, but did not refute. That’s right, under this kind of situation, being kicked out of the ranking tournament from killing Yun Che, and even being punished by the Mighty Heaven Sword Region was far better than losing. Because the only one who would be punished was Fen Juebi himself, and Burning Heaven Clan would only need to make some sort of reimburs.e.m.e.nt at most. But if the battle were to be lost, then it would shame the entire Burning Heaven Clan.

“c.r.a.p!” Ling Yuefeng stood up with a “whoosh”. He understood very clearly what Fen Juebi was about to do, and was even clearer about how terrifying of a power Burning Heaven Clan’s “Dragon Flame” possessed. He grimly sound transmitted to Ling Wogou: “Be prepared to save Yun Che right away! You must not let him die beneath the dragon flame.”

On the Sword Discourse Arena, Ling Wugou’s complexion darkened heavily as he nodded his head so slightly that it was indiscernible. He activated his profound energy and his clothes fluttered as he went on standby.

“Yun Che… die!!”

Fen Juebi was clearer than anyone about what kind of outcome would possibly be triggered once this attack landed, so his conspicuous roar was particularly fierce. Following the sudden wave of both his arms, the blue flames on his entire body transformed into a purple colored fire dragon that was a foot thick and several tens of meters long. It flew out from the Demon Flame Blade, bringing along an incomparably terrifying high heatwave, and charged at Yun Che.

“Flame Dragon… It’s the ultimate forbidden skill —— Heaven Burning Dragon!”

“I heard that this move requires blood essence to activate. Every time it is mobilized, profound strength would drop by at least half a level! But it’s strong enough to kill immortals and slaughter G.o.ds!”

“Has Fen Juebi gone crazy! To actually damage his own blood essence to use this move. With the power of this one move, it is very likely that Yun Che will immediately die on that stage.”

“It is not strange at all for Fen Juebi to use this move, because Burning Heaven Clan cannot afford to lose this match… Sigh, with how gifted Yun Che is, it will truly be quite a pity if he falls here. We can only hope that Elder Ling will save Yun Che in time.”

The sounds of the surrounding commentaries turned Cang Yue’s complexion pale. Covering her lips with both hands as her beautiful eyes widened, she was unable to produce any sound within her extreme terror and worry.

The soaring Heaven Burning Flame Dragon came right at him, and rang Yun Che’s alarm… He did not fear fire at all, but the ferocious impacting power that this flame dragon carried was absolutely not something that could be looked down on. Furrowing his brows, he quickly retreated a step, gathered up his profound power, and swung out the heavy sword with all his might.


The windstorm of power and the flame dragon collided in midair. The flame dragon instantly appeared to be stalled for a moment, then once again rushed toward him as a wave of enormous imposing aura tightly wrapped around his entire body.

It’s unexpectedly this difficult to deal with… Yun Che’s suddenly had a thought, and the heavy sword that had been swung outwards, quickly and swiftly, swept back up as the profound strength in his entire body rushed toward Yun Che’s arms like a flood.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!!”


With an enormous sound, flames were swept all over the sky as the stone stage in the surrounding few dozens of meters instantly turned into fragments. Even the profound energy barrier slightly trembled. Under this incomparably powerful and ferocious strike, the flame dragon was smashed, tumbling far away as the blue flames on its body also quickly dissipated. In the blink of an eye, the flame dragon that was originally a foot thick, had now already become half a foot thick… But in the next instant, the flame dragon whose power had dissipated to a large degree once again shot toward Yun Che. It was as fast as lightning, and before Yun Che even had time to retract the heavy sword, the flame dragon had already arrived before his chest.

To be able to smash away more than half of the power from the dreadfully powerful flame dragon in one strike, for everyone present and especially people of the Burning Heaven Clan, the impact of this scene was nothing less than a thunder strike during a clear day. But even so, the residue power of the flame dragon had already neared Yun Che’s chest, and it was impossible for Yun Che to resist again.

Everyone held their breaths. Ling Wugou tensed his entire body and was just about to rush into the profound energy barrier, yet he found that Yun Che’s hands had suddenly left the Overlord’s Colossal Sword and suddenly closed, grabbing toward the “neck” part of the flame dragon.

Ling Wugou immediately turned pale with fright as he roared loudly: “Let go!! Do you not want your hand anymore!!”

The terrifyingly high temperature and fire power that the blue colored dragon flame carried was simply unimaginable. It was fundamentally impossible to break through head on using only brute force; to directly touch it with the body, was really no different than seeking one’s own death.

Yun Che turned a deaf ear as both of his hands firmly grabbed onto the flame dragon’s neck. Profound energy under “Evil Soul”, the fire controlling power from the Evil G.o.d’s seed, the Phoenix’s flame power, the power of the Dragon G.o.d, the overbearing power of the physical body granted by the Great Way of the Buddha, all surged up in that instant...

There were no flames exploding, no flame dragon exploding, and no scenery of Yun Che’s hands being instantly scorched black by the flame dragon… The scenery, suddenly became static at this moment. Just like that, the soaring flame dragon was frozen there within Yun Che’s hand.

At this time, the flame dragon suddenly started to painfully twist and turn like a poisonous snake that had been choked at seven inches from its heart. But no matter how hard it struggled and turned, it couldn’t escape Yun Che hands that were tightly shut with all his strength. Amidst its struggling, the flame dragon’s power quickly dissipated, and became smaller and smaller. From a flame dragon, it quickly shrunk down to a small flame snake, and in the end into a tiny earthworm… Then, it completely dissipated within Yun Che’s hands, leaving not the slightest trace of its existence.

Yun Che’s forehead was full of sweat, but his expression was incomparably calm. He slowly opened his grip. Regardless of whether it was his palm or wrist, there wasn’t the slightest hint of a burn mark at all.

It was unknown when everyone in the Sword Discourse Arena had stood up. Every single person’s gaze was stupefied, and were silent for a long while, as if the sound of this world had already been completely sucked out.