Against the Gods - Chapter 1391 - Nirvana of the Heart and Soul

Chapter 1391 - Nirvana of the Heart and Soul

Chapter 1391 - Nirvana of the Heart and Soul

Towards Yun Wuxin, Yun Che would always feel boundless love along with boundless guilt.

However within this guilt, there was something that had always comforted him… and that was the fact that Yun Wuxin had inherited a small part of his Evil G.o.d divine power and as a result, she possessed an innate talent towards the profound way that was extremely impressive, a talent that far outstripped anyone’s understanding. At the age of twelve, she had already become an Overlord on this lowly plane and her future was undoubtedly incomparably bright. Before too long, she would definitely surpa.s.s Feng Xue’er and cause the “legend” that he had created to reappear once more.

This was not only a form of consolation, it was also something he took great pride in as her father.

But today...

The extremely fortunate thing was that even though Yun Wuxin’s profound strength had completely dissipated, her profound veins did not receive any harm. Or perhaps even if they had been harmed, they had not been completely destroyed, so the current Yun Che could also repair them. Even though she had lost her profound strength, she could cultivate it once more. But… the innate talent she had that was enough to allow her to stare down at the rest of the world was gone.

It was gone forever.

His long dormant Evil G.o.d’s Profound Veins had been awakened. His profound strength, divine body, divine soul, and divine sense were recovering with every second that pa.s.sed… but the price for everything had been his daughter’s future.

If he was able to give everything back to her, even if he would be crippled forever, he would definitely not hesitate in the slightest… Yet it just so happened that this was the one thing that he was unable to do.

His entire body was trembling as his heart convulsed and spasmed. His heart and soul had been thrown into complete and utter chaos and his gradually contorted fingers had gripped his skull until it had started to faintly change shape. Yet he did not notice anything… he did not even notice that Yun Wuxin had woken up, he did not notice her lightly opened eyes.

“Daddy…” Yun Wuxin lightly called out to her father as she looked at him. It was just that she was far too delicate and frail right now, so her voice was also as soft as cotton.

Yun Che’s entire body convulsed as his head jerked up. The moment his eyes met Yun Wuxin’s eyes, eyes which were as hazy as mist, he hurriedly sprang forward and using all the gentleness he could muster, he spoke in a still-hoa.r.s.e voice, “Xin’er, you’ve woken up… You… Are you hungry right now… Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere…”

Yun Wuxin shook her head very lightly, “Daddy, why are you crying?”

“Eh?” It was only when he heard Yun Wuxin’s words that Yun Che felt the icy-cold traces of wetness on his face. He hurriedly extended a hand and wiped those traces of wetness away in a fl.u.s.ter as a faint smile appeared on his face, “I’m not, I’m not. How can it be possible for your Daddy to cry. It’s just that… It’s just that…”

Before he could even finish speaking, he had actually started choking up… No matter how hard he tried to control it or suppress it, he could not stop himself from choking up in tears.

“...” He turned his head away, his body and voice still trembling. He tried his hardest to regulate his emotions, yet he was simply unable to force himself to calm down. He could only speak in a pained voice, “Xin’er, you… Why did you… have to…”

“Daddy,” Yun Wuxin cut off the words that he had just said, an incomparably pure and beautiful smile spreading out on her pale white face, “you were so weak before, you didn’t make me feel secure at all. But from now on, I can finally be protected by Daddy as much as I want… Hee hee.”

“...” His heart and even his entire soul had been filled up with something that was far too warm. It was only after a long while that he could speak with much difficulty, “Daddy will… protect you for the rest of his life… If anyone dares to harm you… I… will definitely…”

He did not continue speaking nor could he continue even if he wanted to.

“Mnn!” Yun Wuxin responded with a lot of vigour. She had clearly just lost all of her profound strength and innate talent, yet her face was filled with happiness and satisfaction, “Then Daddy needs to first protect himself well… Wuuu, I’ve clearly just woken up… but I’m already feeling a little tired. Daddy looks really tired as well… Why don’t you also go to sleep, okay?”

Yun Che’s face was extremely pale and haggard… only, Yun Wuxin did not know that the level of her father’s power was very high, so he no longer needed to sleep.

“Alright…” Yun Che gave a soft nod of his head.

Yun Wuxin’s lips curved up softly and her eyes closed heavily. She tried to fight the feeling but her overly weak and frail body was unable to resist the sleepiness she felt. With a slight tremble of her eyelashes, she once again fell asleep.

“...” Yun Che breathed a sigh of relief but his chest heaved in an incomparably violent fas.h.i.+on.

As he silently stared at Yun Wuxin, he slowly stretched out a hand towards her sleeping face… just when he was about to touch it, however, his hand froze before suddenly jerking backwards.

This hand of his had been stained with countless sins, had touched an endless amount of darkness, had been dyed by an ocean of blood… and it had even personally robbed the innate talent of his very own daughter.

He withdrew his arm before soundlessly standing up and walking out of the room.

His eyes were murky and muddled.

Upon opening the door of the room, he realized that the sky had already gone dark at some unspecified point in time. Feng Xian’er stood in the corner of the courtyard, tears filled her beautiful eyes and the rims of those eyes were completely red. Upon seeing Yun Che, she hurriedly wiped the tears from her face and moved towards him, but her steps were extremely timid and overcautious...

“Young Master, I…” Feng Xian’er’s head dipped, she did not dare look Yun Che in the eye.

“There’s no need to say anything,” Yun Che did not even look at her, his eyes were dazed and his voice was powerless, “it wasn’t your fault.”

“I… I…” Yun Che’s emotionless voice threw Feng Xian’er’s heart into an even greater panic, “I really did not know the Lord Phoenix G.o.d would… I…”

“You should leave,” Yun Che’s face was expressionless and he did not even spare her a look from beginning to end, “Return to the place where you belong.”

“...” Feng Xian’er was stunned by those words and the tears she had been bitterly holding back now fell from her face like drops of rain, “Young Master… Do not chase me away… Let me take care of Xin’er please… I…”

“Go,” Yun Che closed his eyes.

“...” Feng Xian’er’s body swayed and tears gushed out of her eyes. She pressed a hand forcefully against her mouth so that her sobs would not spill out. With eyes that had been completely blurred by her tears, she dazedly stared at Yun Che’s back for a long while before she finally turned around and left...

Under the night sky, sparkling and translucent tears sprinkled down like little stars.

“...” Yun Che raised his head and looked towards the full moon in the sky.

The moonlight today was exceptionally dim and it was as if the moon had been covered up by a layer of gray clouds. The night wind was also unusually cold and even though it was clearly only a light and gentle breeze, it sank right into the marrow of his bones.

He stared at the night sky without moving for a very long time, as if he had turned into a statue.

A figure strode over and silently stood by his side. She was dressed in snowy robes and under the moonlight, she looked like a celestial maiden descending upon the mortal world, causing the entire night sky to seem a lot brighter.

“Little Fairy…” Yun Che spoke in a dazed voice but he did not turn his head, “Tell me… Am I the most useless father in this world… Am I the biggest failure of a father in this world…”

Chu Yuechan looked at him as she softly nodded her head and said, “Yes.”

Yun Che slowly closed his eyes.

“All those years ago, when Xin’er was still in my womb, I was viciously ambushed and I nearly lost my life,” Chu Yuechan softly said. “At that time, you did not protect her nor were you by our side… In fact, you were not even aware of what had happened.”

“When she was born, I nearly lost my life. Not only did you not witness her birth, you also very nearly allowed her to become an orphan from the very start of her life.”

“...” Yun Che’s body shuddered fiercely.

“For eleven years, she and I lived in a place secluded from the rest of the world. She accompanied me and protected me. Meanwhile, her father’s power and status grew day by day, yet he had never accompanied her or protected her for a single moment. You made her life more lonely and incomplete than any other girl.”

“But after you reunited with her, she never felt any of the resentment or dissatisfaction that she should have felt towards you. On the contrary, she only grew closer to you. When you were heavily injured, she was willing to sacrifice her innate talent for you without any hesitation whatsoever… even if she would be reduced to someone ordinary for the rest of her life.”

“...” Yun Che’s body swayed in the night breeze.

The light in Chu Yuechan’s eyes turned exceptionally soft and tender, “Xin’er is a good daughter, she is our pride and joy. But you… have not been a good father. Perhaps it is just as you said, you are the most useless father in this world, the biggest failure of a father in this world.”

She turned around to look at him and the light in her eyes was even more l.u.s.trous than bright moonlight, “So, are you going to use self-recrimination and guilt to console yourself? Or are you going to be an even better and stronger father than before so that you can protect her and make it up to her?”

His disordered and confused soul was struck by a gentle yet heavy blow… Yun Che’s trembling and swaying body went rigid.

After withdrawing her gaze, Chu Yuechan turned around and slowly left. But after she had taken a few steps, her feet suddenly ground to a halt and she softly said, “Just now, I saw Xian’er leave and she was weeping… You should understand that she was the most helpless and innocent person in this entire affair.”

“In the past year or so, all of us have seen the sincere feelings that she has had for you. Yet she’s never once expressed them and she has never once hoped to get a reply from you. She put all of the responsibility of what happened to Xin’er on herself so she was already in unbearable agony. But not only did you not comfort her, you even vented all of your sorrow and resentment on this most innocent girl, a girl who was already filled with boundless self-recrimination…”

“You are also a father, but have you ever thought of this? How would her father feel if he knew that his daughter had been treated in such a manner?”

Yun Che, “...”

Chu Yuechan left but Yun Che still stood rooted there in a daze. He did not speak or move for a very long time and even his expression did not change at all from start to finish… The only things that were moving were his eyes, eyes that were flas.h.i.+ng with incomparable chaos under the moonlight.

The parting words that Jasmine had said to him in the Star G.o.d Realm.

The decision that Xia Qingyue had made to leave and sever all ties with him after sending him to the Forbidden Land of Samsara

The words that Shen Xi had told him time and again...

Were now all floating up in his head and interweaving chaotically.

“You possess the only Creation G.o.d divine power in this universe and you possess an innate talent and luck that they would not even dare to dream of in ten lifetimes. You are the person who is most qualified to have ambition in this universe… Yet why is your very first reaction to return to the lower realms?”


Time soundlessly flowed by and before he knew it, the layer of dark clouds that had obscured the bright moon had quietly disappeared.

As the chaos in his heart was gradually quelled, his gaze slowly became clear and bright. Gradually, even the night wind was no longer cold and the moonlight that splayed down from the night sky was warm and tranquil.

“Thank you, Little Fairy,” Yun Che softly muttered under his breath, the corner of his mouth hooking up into a very small smile.

He raised his hand and stared at his palm. Following the automatic recovery of his divine body, he could already once again begin to sense the intimacy between his body and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. This also meant that the power of the Rage G.o.d was also beginning to gradually awaken.

His fist clenched and his grip grew tighter and tighter. His body overflowed not only with new power but it also with an everlasting responsibility and new lease on life.

Xin’er… He softly muttered in his heart… My current power was born because of you, so this is not only my power, it is also your power.

For you, for all the people important to us, in order to never lose anything else or have any more regrets, I will tightly hold onto the power that I have right now. I will make it stronger, I will make myself into the strongest man in the universe, so that no one in this universe can mistreat any of you in the slightest.

No matter how hard it will be, no matter how long it takes.

Whether it be the lower realms or the G.o.d Realm!