Against the Gods - Chapter 1390 - Slaughter

Chapter 1390 - Slaughter

Chapter 1390 - Slaughter

“...” Lin Qingyu’s pupils contracted. He wanted to wrest his hands free, but his arm, and even his entire body, had been bound in the air by an invisible force. No matter how much he struggled, he was not even able to move a single inch and he could not even circulate a single thread of profound energy.

His mouth parted slightly as it trembled, but no matter what, he could not make a single sound. The face right in front of him gave him a sense of familiarity, but he just could not remember who this person was… Because he had practically lost all of his ability to think.

It was as if his soul had been firmly pressed down under the claws of a gigantic arm and he would never be able to escape.

This was not only limited to him, the other three people, including his master, were also in this state.

“G-G.o.d Child Yun… No… it’s not…”

In the end, Lin Jun still had profound strength at the Divine Spirit Realm, so he was the only one who could still even think, the only one who could still forcefully croak out a sound. The person who had suddenly appeared in front of him looked extremely similar to the legendary Yun Che. But Yun Che had already died during the Star G.o.d Realm’s Evil Infant Calamity. This was something the entire G.o.d Realm knew and it was also news that the Eternal Heaven G.o.d Realm had sent out itself, so it was impossible for it to be false.

Even if he had not died, it was also impossible for a person like him, a G.o.d Child, to appear on such a lowly plane.

Yun Che’s eyes were gloomy and dark… Ling Jun had lived for several millennia, but he had never once seen such a pair of terrifying eyes before. The gloomy darkness and hatred radiating from those eyes were like a bottomless and dark abyss. Every single thread of light that illuminated his eyes looked as if it desired to cut them into thousands of pieces and give them all an ignominious death.

“Big Brother Yun…” Feng Xue’er said excitedly, “You… recovered your powers?”

He had clearly recovered all of his powers, yet she did not feel any of the joy that she should have felt radiating from his body. On the contrary, she felt… a darkness and hatred that was extremely terrifying.

It even caused her to feel fear.

Upon hearing Feng Xue’er’s voice, a faint change appeared in Yun Che’s darkly-illuminated eyes. He said in a low voice, “Xue’er, turn around.”

“...” Feng Xue’er turned around and closed her eyes as instructed.


An extremely shrill and miserable cry rang in her ears the very moment she closed her beautiful eyes. What followed that cry was the most terrifying sound of bones breaking she had ever heard in her life.

Every single part of Lin Qingyu’s arm, the arm that was seized between Yun Che’s fingers, was completely and cruelly shattered in a single instant; from the flesh to the blood vessels, to the meridiens, and even to the bones.

His arm was completely shattered but it had not been severed. His arm hung b.l.o.o.d.y and limp and every single instant, a pain that a normal person could not fathom was exploding from it.

Lin Qingyu’s complexion was as pale as a ghost’s. b.l.o.o.d.y foam burst out from his throat due to his far too shrill cry of misery. In this moment, he truly understood what h.e.l.l was… Moreover, the expression of Yun Che, who was standing right in front of him, still remained boundlessly dark. His fingers slowly stretched forward and reached towards his other arm.


This time, Lin Qingyu’s cry of misery ripped open his throat… His other arm had been forcefully ripped from his body.



Boundless pain engulfed every bit of Lin Qingyu’s consciousness. It was as if he was an evil spirit that had been thrown into purgatorial furnace to burn as he let out the most shrill and miserable screams in this world… Behind him, Lin Jun, Lin Qingshan, and Lin Qingrou stared at him with eyes so wide that they nearly burst from their sockets. Their complexions were so pale that their faces were completely bloodless. Every single strand of hair on their bodies and every single muscle in their bodies were s.h.i.+vering and contracting in fear.


The arm that had been ripped from Lin Qingyu’s body was fiercely shoved into his chest, causing a large spray of b.l.o.o.d.y mist to erupt into the air. With a single tap of Yun Che’s finger, his broken body fell from the sky while spraying blood, and a miserable cry that seemed to come from the Yellow Springs Purgatory itself tore at their trembling hearts and souls.

After his body flashed in the air, Yun Che appeared in front of Lin Jun. Upon meeting Yun Che’s dark and gloomy eyes, Lin Jun’s body contorted and spasmed as he spoke in a voice that quavered so much that it was hard to make out, “Spare… Spare my life…”

Fear and despair would cause people to collapse, and in fact it could also cause a person to go crazy. He begged in the most pathetic manner he had ever begged in his life, but after that he suddenly launched his body forward and blasted out his despairing power at Yun Che.

With his cultivation at the Divine Spirit Realm, he could indeed move about however he pleased in a lower star realm. In his life, he had very rarely met people that he could not offend, much less a hopeless situation such as this.

Yun Che’s profound veins had just reawakened, so he had only recovered a bit of his profound strength and it was also the same for his body.

However, his level was far too superior to Ling Jun’s level… Even a Divine King on the brink of death was still a Divine King!

Besides, his strength at the Divine King Realm was no less than others that reached the Divine Sovereign Realm!

Yun Che simply made a grabbing motion with his hand and the energy that Ling Jun had not even fully unleashed yet was completely dispersed. His skull also exploded at the same time, causing bits of red and white to scatter everywhere.


With yet another explosion, his headless body exploded in midair, raining down a large amount of sickly-smelling blood on the sea region below them.

Yun Che’s gaze swiveled towards Lin Qingshan… In that instant, Lin Qingshan’s entire body spasmed before going as limp as mud. Both his eyes were fully widened, yet his eyes were completely blank. His mouth gaped open, yet only a hoa.r.s.e screech that sounded like sandpaper rubbing together came from his throat.

A large pool of dirty water was spreading on his lower body and he could not stop it no matter what.


His body was instantly torn into two pieces...


In another instant, those two pieces were torn into four… into eight… into sixteen pieces… until the air was filled with flying blood and scattered flesh which then rained down on the sea region below them in a shower of bright red blood.

“Ehhh… Ahhh…”

Lin Qingrou’s body was trembling like a piece of duckweed caught in a hurricane. Her mind had finally completely collapsed and her eyes suddenly rolled to the back of her head as she had actually fainted dead away from fright.

To the current Lin Qingrou, fainting meant release. However, her relief only lasted for less than half a breath...


Following a light tap of Yun Che’s finger, a cruel explosion rang within the b.l.o.o.d.y mist as her right arm exploded.


She was jolted awake from her nightmare as another shriek that sounded like it came an evil ghost ripped from her throat, and her entire body crazily writhed and spasmed...

Yun Che was very rarely willing to fight against women and he was even less unwilling to use cruel methods against a woman. But at this moment, there was not a single shred of pity or unwillingness in his eyes. In fact, the only things that existed in those eyes were a bone-deep hatred and darkness.


Her left arm exploded, sending fragments of flesh and bone flying into the sky...


Her left leg exploded...


Her right leg exploded...

All four limbs had vanished from Lin Qingrou’s body and ghastly geysers of blood wildly sprayed from those four b.l.o.o.d.y stumps… Feng Xue’er kept her eyes tightly closed, her body faintly trembling. The sounds of flesh exploding, the sounds of blood wildly gus.h.i.+ng, and the sounds of miserable cries that were far too shrill and anguished kept ringing in her ears, causing her heart and soul to shake uncontrollably.

The Yun Che she was familiar with had always been a merciful and compa.s.sionate person. If not, he would not have let off Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace all those years ago. But she did not know just why Yun Che was so enraged...

Lin Qingrou’s broken body fell into the sea below them… The sea region remained dreadfully calm and still, and even the traces of blood that had been scattered on its surface had not been washed away.

Feng Xue’er turned around and looked at the Yun Che who was radiating an extremely terrifying aura. She slowly walked forward and softly hugged him, “Big Brother Yun, what’s… wrong?”

His profound strength had been restored… This was a huge surprise that was just like a dream, yet she could not detect a single shred of joy in his body. She could only sense an extremely terrifying hatred.

“...” Yun Che’s chest heaved up and down in an incomparably violent fas.h.i.+on. He did not respond at all to Feng Xue’er’s words, his still dark eyes staring at the b.l.o.o.d.y sea below him… All of the sudden, his entire body started to shake as his gaze turned frenzied. His expression also grew gradually more sinister before a wild b.e.s.t.i.a.l scream ripped from his throat.


With a great roar, he sent his palm smas.h.i.+ng downward.


Towering tidal waves erupted simultaneously over thousands of kilometers of ocean.

In this moment, the sky and the sea seem to have been turned completely upside down.

The sea covered the sky before falling down again, wantonly pouring down on Yun Che and Feng Xue’er’s bodies. After a long time… the entire sea had finally fallen down from the sky but it was no longer calm and still. There were violently surging waves everywhere and the waters continued to roil and turn for a long time.

Feng Xue’er’s entire body was drenched, but she hugged Yun Che even tighter, “Big Brother Yun, just what exactly has happened? Tell me…”

After being drenched by the icy-cold seawater, Yun Che’s mind finally cleared up a little. He turned around to look at Feng Xue’er, the corner of his mouth faintly twitching. It looked as if he wanted to give her a comforting smile but no matter how hard he tried, he was simply unable to do so, “I’m fine… Xue’er, are you hurt?”

Feng Xue’er softly shook her head, her fluttering phoenix eyes filled with worry.

“It’s fine now… it’s fine,” Yun Che said in a low and dispirited voice, “let’s go back.”

Yes, his Evil G.o.d’s Profound Veins had been awakened, they had been miraculously awakened… It was truly a dream-like miracle, a miracle that Yun Che had originally not even dared to hope for.

He should have been filled with wild joy, he should have been so ecstatic that every single one of his cells would be burning up… But he could not smile right now, because he knew, he had clearly witnessed the price that had been paid to awaken his profound veins.

Lin Jun and his four disciples were dead and each of them had a suffered a more miserable death at his hands than the last. Yet, it did not make him feel the least bit satisfied or happy.

If he retained even a little bit of rationality, he would have used the Profound Handle Soul Search on them before he killed them in order to find out what purpose they had in even coming to such a place… and from there, he would have also found out that Jasmine was still alive.

But when he faced these four chief culprits, all of his rationality and reason seemed to have been devoured by a devilish hate. The only thought that consumed his mind was that he would kill them in the most cruel ways possible! Kill! KILL!!!


Floating Cloud City, Xiao Family.

The courtyard where Yun Che had lived in until he was sixteen was exceptionally quiet at this moment.

The courtyard door was pushed open and Su Ling’er and Feng Xue’er strode out of it. Upon hearing the tale from start to finish, their hearts were filled with melancholy. They exchanged wordless glances as they both did not know how to console Yun Che at this moment.

Inside the room, Yun Wuxin lay on the bed unmoving, her milk-white face pale and sickly. She quietly slept and she had already slept for a very long time and not even a single trace of the impressive profound energy, which had once caused everyone who saw her to gasp in shocked admiration, could be detected from her body. Even her breathing in her sleep was exceptionally weak.

Yun Che sat at the side of the bed, his hand grasping his forehead. His clawed fingers fiercely dug into his flesh and it was as if he wanted to squeeze his skull until it shattered.

His profound veins had just been reawoken, so the very first thing he should have done was to go into seclusion and allow his profound strength, divine body, and divine senses to reawaken and recover as well… But he was bereft of all joy and he did not have the mood to do so. In fact, he could not even be bothered to try to figure out how his profound veins had been awakened by Yun Wuxin’s Evil G.o.d divine aura.

To a father, what was the most sorrowful and unforgivable thing in this world?

Today, he finally knew exactly what that answer was.