Against the Gods - Chapter 1094 - Poison Outbreak

Chapter 1094 - Poison Outbreak

Chapter 1094 - Poison Outbreak

After Lei Qinglie and Lei Kuangfeng died at the hands of “Ling Yun”, the entire Soul Sect went into action. They sealed all of Black Soul Mountain. Thinking that “Ling Yun” had suffered heavy injuries, they’d be able to have a good harvest this time round but after a whole three days had pa.s.sed, they had nothing to show for it.

In the entire sect, except for those that were already dead, so far no one had even caught a glimpse of this “Ling Yun”.

And in these three days, “Ling Yun” had never appeared again.

“Sect Master, that Ling Yun must have already fled far away.” Lei Tiangang bemoaned after another fruitless day.

“Hmph!” Lei Qianfeng’s face was a picture of cold anger. “Didn’t he say that he wants me to cripple my cultivation and limbs, or else I’ll regret it for the rest of my life? It’s now the third day, I really want to see what he can do to me!”

Just as he finished speaking, his Sound Transmission Jade reacted with a vigorous burst of profound energy. He picked it up and heard a panicked voice coming from it “Sect Master! No good! Ling Yun… Ling Yun, he…”

“What? Ling Yun!?” The transmission came from Lei Kun, the leader of the Soul Sect branch in Darkya City. His panicked voice signified that something big must have happened and Lei Qianfeng roared at the top of his lungs. Everyone was now stunned, wondering, while Lei Qianfeng continued, “Has Ling Yun gone to the Darkya branch? How many did he kill?”

“No… The branch sect is fine.. But.. but…” As the sect master of the branch sect, he was someone to be reckoned with in the entire Darkya Realm, but as of this moment, his voice was trembling, “It’s Guangmo!”

“What?” Lei Qianfeng’s pupils suddenly shrank, “Guangmo… Guangmo… What happened to him?”

The area around Lei Qianfeng was so silent that one could hear a pin drop. Once everyone heard the transmission, they all turned pale. Among Lei Qianfeng’s seven sons, although Guangmo wasn’t the most talented, he was one of only two sons with his official wife Xiao Qingtong. He was the youngest amongst all his children and thus received exceptional care and love from both Qianfeng and Qingtong. Even though he was spoiled until he had problems with his character, they still both loved him nonetheless.

“He… He left the sect for some matters and actually encountered Ling Yun on his way. He received a slash on his shoulder from Ling Yun’s short sword. When we rushed to the scene, Ling Yun had already left.”

Hearing that it was only an injury on the shoulder, Lei Qianfeng heaved a sigh of relief, however he next found something amiss. If it was just a shoulder gash, Lei Kun wouldn’t be so fl.u.s.tered. He sternly followed up, “Is it just a knife wound? Guangmo should be fine?”

“That… That sword had poison on it! When we rushed to the scene, the poison had already spread through Guangmo’s entire body.”

“What… what!? Poison!?” Lei Qianfeng had the shock of his life and bellowed, “Why are you not getting him treated then!”

“This subordinate has already tried his best but the poison on Guangmo is extremely frightening. Even though every expert here has expended their energy… we even brought out the lightning spirit pellet… but Guangmo hasn’t shown any signs of improvement. The poison is flaring up worse and worse.”

Lei Qianfeng felt as if a cold bucket of ice was dumped on him, he winced, “What poison did he get infected with?”

“We’ve had all the best doctors in the city look at Guangmo but none of them are able to recognize this poison… This subordinate is now carrying Guangmo with me. We’re rus.h.i.+ng to the main sect now and will be there within two hours…”

“Bang!” The Sound Transmission Jade shattered in Lei Qianfeng’s hands. Both his arms were shaking and the veins on his forehead were bulging.

“Ling Yun actually went to Darkya City and attacked Guangmo!” Chief Hall Master Lei Tiangang shouted angrily.

“Guangmo’s cultivation is shallow. With Ling Yun’s ability, killing him isn’t difficult, but he specifically chose to poison him. He must have planned this beforehand,” Great Elder Lei Qiandu said solemnly.

“Gather all the doctors and physicians in the sect and get them to come to the main hall immediately!” Lei Qianfeng bellowed. “And! All profound pellets that are cla.s.sified as antidotes… Bring them all out now!!”

Two hours later, the Darkya branch sect’s sect master appeared, speeding towards the main sect like lightning.

Lei Guangmo’s entire body was crimson, as if he was on fire. When he opened his eyes, even his pupils looked as if they were dyed red. His entire body was extremely weak. This poison he was afflicted with terrified everyone.

Lei Guangmo’s state gave everyone the shudders. Lei Qianfeng didn’t bother with words and sped to his son, channeling every ounce of Divine King Realm energy he had into Guangmo’s body. As he did, his face turned gloomy.

The poison in Guangmo’s body seemed entirely foreign to him, it was one he had never seen before. The origin of this poison wasn’t important, but the effects were extremely vicious. It was nothing like anything he had ever seen.

Perhaps if he had known that the poison coursing through Lei Guangmo was actually from a Divine Master horned dragon, he would have chosen to immediately give up and not try any further means.

In order to prevent Lei Guangmo from dying too quickly, he only used a tiny needle point sized drop of dragon poison and he further diluted it by tens of times. Although it was a miniscule amount, that was still the poison from an ancient horned dragon. Even the Divine Sovereign Realm’s Mu Bingyun was helpless before it, let alone Lei Guangmo who was in the Divine Origin Realm.

If Lei Qianfeng himself was afflicted with this amount of the dragon poison, he would be able to easily expel it, but if he wanted to expel it from Lei Guangmo, it was wishful thinking. If he forcefully tried to expel the poison, before it could even be dealt with, Lei Guangmo might have already turned into ashes under the force of Lei Qianfeng’s profound strength.

“Qianfeng, hurry… Save Guangmo… You must save him!!” Qingtong was already tearing up as she saw the state Guangmo was in.

As Lei Qianfeng’s official wife, Xiao Qingtong didn’t have a normal background. Her profound strength was actually in the mid stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm. She was beautiful and had a natural born elegance. Although she was nearing a thousand years of age, her outward appearance was still that of a young maiden. Not only was she beautiful, she was also capable of handling sect affairs. Lei Qianfeng’s younger sister Lei Qianyu, who had married into the Martial G.o.d Realm, also really liked this sister-in-law very much.

Even the firstborn of Lei Qianyu—the backer of the entire Soul Sect; Wu Guike, was also extremely respectful towards this aunt of his. Every time he visited the Darkya Realm he’d always bring a precious gift. Each time the gift would be even better than the previous one… and conversely, he was actually much colder to his uncle Lei Qianfeng.

This time the news leak of the royal wood spirit was due to Xiao Qingtong leaking it to the Divine Martial Realm. Although Lei Qianfeng was furious, he didn’t dare to scold her in any way.

Lei Qianfeng tried several times and each time he’d start he’d purse his lips. Each of the sects most precious antidotes were fed to Lei Guangmo one by one, however, they had no effect. Lei Guangmo’s eyes and skin were flus.h.i.+ng redder and redder and as time went by even his hair also started turning a deep shade of red. Layers and layers of crimson gas started to rise from his body, emitting a terrifying venomous aura.

“What poison is this? WHAT KIND OF POISON IS THIS!?” Lei Qianfeng’s hands were cold and clammy. He lost control and roared. His palms were firmly pressed against Lei Guangmo’s chest; the only thing he could do now was to use his profound energy to suppress the symptoms, and he was barely suppressing them!

“This old one has seen tens of thousands of different kinds of poison in his life… but this poison, is something I’ve never seen before. Although the amount was miniscule, the effects are so horrifying. In my opinion, no other poison can compare to this.” The Soul Sect’s head doctor Lei Deyan shook his head. “Based on my judgement, this is a flame based venom and its rank is incredibly high. It’s highly possible that it came from an extremely powerful flame attribute profound beast.”

“Then is there any method to detoxify this? Tell me! Hurry up and tell me!” Lei Qianfeng wailed.

Lei Deyan stiffened and stepped back, “This old one is incompetent…”



Lei Qianfeng roared explosively, the jade stones beneath his feet cracked and splintered apart.

“Royal… father…” Lei Guangmo suddenly whispered weakly in a weak and miserable voice.

Lei Qianfeng hurriedly rushed towards him. “Mo’er, you… rest a.s.sured. Father is the Realm King of the Darkya Realm, what threat does a mere poison pose to me!? Father will make sure that you will get well!”

“Royal father… Ling Yun… He said…” Lei Guangmo slowly widened his lips and continued, “This is a… a poison that doesn’t have an antidote… He wants you… you… to watch me die before your helpless eyes… This is because you ma.s.sacred the Wood Spirit Race… This is your doing… and retribution…”

Lei Qianfeng trembled, his profound energy starting to become unstable. “Ling… Yun…!!”

“Royal father… You must… you definitely have a way… save me… save me please…”

“Mo’er! You will definitely be fine… You will!” Xiao Qingtong wanted to be near him but didn’t dare to, she was already wailing loudly by the side. She turned her head and screamed at Lei Qianfeng, “Lei Qianfeng! All these years I’ve told you so many times that the Soul Sect is already so strong and deeply rooted in the Darkya Realm. We’re unshakable, our dastardly and evil ways no longer needed to continue but you continually refused to heed me! Now this is our retribution… and this retribution has hung itself upon our son’s head! If anything happens to Mo’er… I will never forgive you in this life!”

Lei Qianfeng’s scalp tingled as he retorted angrily, “You dare criticize me! If not for you… Leaking that matter to the Divine Martial Realm… How would this terrible thing have happened!?”

“Sect Master, Sect Mistress, please calm down. Your subordinate has suddenly thought of a person… Perhaps he can save Guangmo!” Darkya branch sect’s Sect Master Lei Kun hurriedly said.

“Who?” Lei Qianfeng turned around, “Quick, tell me!!”

Lei Kun hurried replied, “Your subordinate suddenly recalled that a few days ago, the Black Feather Merchant Guild had a rumor circulating within it that a certain ‘Poison Saint Blackheart’ has appeared in the Darkya Realm… And is most likely already inside the Darkya City. The rumor states that ‘Poison Saint Blackheart’s’ ability to detoxify poisons is unparalleled under the heavens, that there isn’t a poison under the sky that he cannot get rid of. If it’s really him… perhaps… no, definitely… he definitely can save Guangmo.”

“Poison Saint Blackheart?” The Soul Sect’s head doctor revealed a surprised expression. As someone in the medical arts, he would definitely recognize this name “He… He really came to the Darkya Realm?”

“Are you speaking the truth!?” Lei Qianfeng asked panickedly.

Lei Kun continued, “When this subordinate heard the rumor, I didn’t really believe it but the news didn’t come just from anywhere. It came directly from the Black Feather Merchant’s Guild. The guild had three men on a mission who were poisoned by the Black King Cobra. They coincidentally crossed paths with Doctor Blackheart who gave them one pill each and the poison of the Black King Cobra in them was detoxified within ten breaths. The Black Feather Merchant Guild also specially investigated that matter. This subordinate casually asked Ji Ruyan whether the rumors were real and she replied that it was real and that person was most likely Poison Doctor Blackheart.

“Since the news came directly from the Black Feather Merchant Guild and none other than the mistress of the guild herself, it’s definitely very possible.” Lei Tiangang replied, “And it’s said that Poison Doctor Blackheart has many enemies, so he travels across several large star realms, appearing at random in different places. No one would ever dare to impersonate someone with a large number of enemies, they’d only be digging their own graves if they did.”

“Who cares about real or fake!?” Xiao Qingtong shouted. “If he’s real then no matter how blackhearted he is, as long as he can save Mo’er, we can pay the price. If he’s a fake, then what about it? Do we have any other solutions?”

“Lei Kun!” Lei Qianfeng shouted, “Send a sound transmission to the Black Feather Merchant Guild, ask them to find out the location of the Poison Saint in the shortest time possible. Once found, get the branch sect members to immediately bring him to the main sect. I don’t care if he’s real or fake, go now!!”