Against the Gods - Chapter 1093 - Poison Saint Blackheart

Chapter 1093 - Poison Saint Blackheart

Chapter 1093 - Poison Saint Blackheart

Yun Che headed west, straightaway leaving the vicinity of the Black Soul Mountain Range. Activating the Dragon Soul Domain twice within such a short span of time had caused some backlash to his psyche. With the added injuries on him, he wouldn’t be able to any more Soul Sect members in the next couple of days.

The Soul Sect had also issued an order to seal the sect, which meant that he couldn’t move against them for now either.

Having arrived at a desolate region a few hundred kilometers away from the Black Soul Mountain Range Yun Che sat down. But instead of immediately meditating to recuperate, he took out his Sound Transmission Jade:

“Miss Ruyan, could you do me another favor? Lei Qianfeng should have many of his children in the branch sects. Could you help me confirm their movements and locations? Then tell me the location of those closest to me.”

Very soon Ruyan came back to him, “The closest branch sect is the Darkya City branch, Lei Qianfeng’s youngest son Lei Guangmo is one of the vice sect masters.

“Lei Guangmo is Lei Qianfeng’s official wife’s second son and is also his favorite. He has always been by his side until just last year when he was sent to the Darkya branch to gain more experience. Although he’s the vice sect master in name, he’s actually quite the good for nothing. A large portion of sect resources were spent on him before he barely stepped into the Divine Origin Realm. He used to return to the main sect quite often but during this period because of what’s been going on, he’s been in Darkya City all this while and hasn’t been back at all.”

“Such a big matter has occurred in the main sect. The atmosphere in the Darkya branch has also grown more solemn but Lei Guangmo is still engaging in sensual pleasures. With Sir Ling Yun’s ability, moving against him should be very easy.

Yun Che had just merely asked using a single sentence but Ji Ruyan’s answer wasn’t just speedy, it was also detailed beyond measure.

Ji Ruyan’s first impression of Yun Che was that he was mysterious, hot tempered, and exceedingly strong. As for Yun Che, he was quite biased against her owing to her relations.h.i.+p with the Black Feather Merchant Guild. These days however, several secrets and information that ordinary people wouldn’t know had found their ways into the ears of Ji Ruyan, and Yun Che time and again witnessed the resourcefulness and information that Ji Ruyan could provide. Add on the fact that they had a common enemy, a certain level of trust was slowly being built.

“Alright. We’ll start with him first… In one day’s time I’ll return to Darkya City. Help me keep track of Lei Guangmo’s whereabouts, especially his nightly activities. Besides Lei Guangmo, there’s an even more important matter. I’ll need you to help me find the names of doctors in the lower and middle star realms. Those who are famous but whose whereabouts are unknown, particularly secretive doctors. The more secretive they are, the better. It’d be best if they’re extremely famous wandering doctors yet rarely seen in public.


Black Soul Divine Sect.

Members of the Soul Sect had found Lei Kuangfeng. By the time they brought him back to the sect he was on his last breaths.

“Kuangfeng, what exactly happened?” Lei Qianfeng grimly asked.

Lei Kuangfeng was covered in blood and his voice was growing thin, “It was Ling Yun…”

The moment this name was mentioned, everyone’s expressions changed.

“He wants me… to tell Sect Master… he wants Sect Master… to… to.. within… three days… to personally cripple your profound cultivation and limbs… if not… if not…”

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Lei Qianfeng flew into a rage. He had been the overlord of the entire Darkya Realm for so many years yet no one had ever threatened him like this. “I will mince him into a thousand pieces!!”

“Sect Master, you don’t need to take to heart the ramblings of that little idiot. Kuangfeng, what level of cultivation is Ling Yun at? Did he really single handedly kill Qinglie and put you…” Great Elder Lei Qiandu frowned and asked.

“Ling Yun’s.... profound strength… second level of the Divine Soul Realm…” Lei Kuangfeng’s voice was weaker than ever. He spoke intermittently, but his words still left everyone stunned.

“The initial news we got from Darkya City also stated that he was in the early stages of the Divine Soul Realm…. But how is this possible!?” Everyone found this hard to believe.

“Ling Yun’s profound strength… although strange… but in a frontal clash… he shouldn’t have been our… match… but… but…” as if he recalling an extremely frightening matter, Lei Kuangfeng’s body couldn’t help but shudder uncontrollably, “His mental power… is fearsome… really fearsome… you must… must be… careful… urrgghh…”

Lei Kuangfeng went silent as his life finally left him.

“Sect Master, traces of Ling Yun almost immediately disappeared, leaving his whereabouts a mystery but he left behind a lot of blood which means that his injuries aren’t light. If we do a blanket search, I’m sure we’ll get results quick,” Lei Tiangang remarked.

“You want me to cripple my own cultivation and limbs? Heh!” Lei Qianfeng gave a cold laugh, “I want to see with my own eyes, what you can do in three days’ time.”


As his injuries stabilized, Yun Che returned to the exterior of the Darkya City. Just as he was about to enter the city, he received a sound transmission from Ji Ruyan.

“Sir Ling Yun, I’ve just managed to consolidate the information you requested on the doctors. In total I have the names of seven doctors which best fit the requirements you listed.”

A large merchant company indeed, it wasn’t just for show. Their information gathering prowess was incomparable. Ji Ruyan gave Yun Che all that they had gathered; the names, aliases, backgrounds, achievements, and recognizable features of the seven doctors.

Yun Che listened to her silently as she finally finished. He pondering for a moment before asking “The fourth person you mentioned, the one nicknamed ‘Poison Saint Blackheart, is his ability to create antidotes strong?”

“Based on the information, it’s indeed so,” Ji Ruyan replied. “Poison Saint Blackheart so far hasn’t used his medical skills to save anyone, or at least never based on our information but his ability to create poisons and antidotes is rumored to be unparalleled. Rumor has it that no matter how strong a poison is, he can cure it with a flip of his palm. The rumors even go as far as saying that there is no poison in all the realms that he cannot find the antidote to. As for the ‘Blackheart’ portion of his name, this comes from him charging an exorbitant price when it comes to detoxifying poisons. If you cross him in any way making him unhappy, he won’t hesitate to kill using poisons. His use of poisons to kill people far exceeds him curing poisons. An additional point is that when he gives an antidote, the other party must immediately consume it, this could probably be attributed to him not wanting the formula of the antidote being reverse engineered.”

“What does he look like?” Yun Che mulled over the information and asked another question.

“Our information on his features is limited but one recurring piece of information that keeps popping up when we researched him is that every time he appears, he’s always seen wearing large overalls. He’s not only tall, his upper body is considerably long as well. Another rumor is that owing to him being a pract.i.tioner of the poison arts, his face has been disfigured and so seldom shows his true appearance to anyone.

“Poison Saint Blackheart started being famous around three thousand years ago but due to him making several enemies over time, he started to travel across the different larger star realms. Finding him is extremely difficult. The only recent information I have on him is a few decades old. In fact, on his birth star, rumor has it that he is already dead.”

Yun Che stopped for a moment to think and replied, “Miss Ruyan, from tomorrow onwards start subtly spreading information that Poison Saint Blackheart has been sighted in the Darkya Realm. Don’t go about spreading it furiously, be as subtle as possible and if it can directly reach the ears of the Soul Sect, that’d be even better.”

“This…” Ji Ruyan couldn’t help but have some misgivings, “Sir, what do you intend to do…?”

“Very simple.” Yun Che didn’t hesitate to give her his plan, “I’m preparing to disguise myself as Poison Saint Blackheart and give Soul Sect a really big present!”

“Ah!?” Ji Ruyan couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise after hearing what Yun Che had said. “Sir, you definitely can’t do this! Although there shouldn’t have been anyone in the Soul Sect that has ever seen the Poison Saint, they’re definitely not that easily hoodwinked. Their methods are sinister and they’re thorough in how they do things. If not, my Black Feather Merchant Guild wouldn’t be subject to their control. Moreover the level of existence of such an individual as ‘Poison Saint Blackheart’ is too difficult to pa.s.s off. Trying to pa.s.s off the ability of creating antidotes is as hard as crossing the heavens in one step… If you get unmasked, you’ll be in great danger.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not taking them to be fools,” Yun Che calmly replied. “I definitely have my means to make them believe who I am… And not just believe, a belief beyond any shadow of a doubt! You’re right, impersonating such a level of existence is difficult… however if the impersonation is done well enough, similarly, it’ll be difficult to disprove the ident.i.ty.”

“...” Ji Ruyan was speechless for a while. She couldn’t imagine how Yun Che would go about this “impersonation” and furthermore how he could make them “believe beyond any shadow of doubt.”

“Your Black Feather Merchant Guild should regularly send men beyond the city to purchase items. Today you can send three men outside the city, anyone of your choosing. As long as they carry five million profound stones and you inform me of their route.”

“This isn’t a problem… but what are your intentions?” Ji Ruyan asked suspiciously.

Yun Che replied, “While on the way to their destination, they’ll get bitten by the ‘Black King Cobra’. According to what I know, the Black King Cobra’s venom has no antidote in all of the Darkya Realm. As long as one is below the Divine Tribulation Realm, they’ll definitely die from the venom. The three of them will lie there dying from the poison and just as they are on their last few breaths and at their wits end, they’ll suddenly meet ‘Poison Saint Blackheart’. With all of the profound stones on them as the price, he’ll detoxify the poison in them and thereafter, the name of ‘Poison Saint Blackheart’ will start to spread in the Darkya Realm. All it takes is just a little push on your part.”

After finis.h.i.+ng the sound transmission, Yun Che put away his transmission jade. He held up two ink black slithery bodies; they were snakes that were around a foot long. He had specially captured these snakes just as he was leaving the Black Soul Mountain Range.

On his first day in the range, he had saved those men from the Jade Sword Sect they had yelled to him that once bitten, death was certain. It could be seen from this how deadly this poison was.

“Once I finish with this matter, it should be time to leave Darkya City.” Yun Che muttered to himself. He raised his head and gently let out a sigh, “He Lin, the me right now is too weak. Even with all my effort, I can only accomplish this much. Two years from now, if I’m lucky enough to enter the Eternal Heaven Realm, I’ll think of a way to meet members of the Eternal Heaven Realm and inform them of what has happened to your Wood Spirit Race. In time, hopefully I’ll become strong enough… that no one in this world will dare to bully the Wood Spirit Race any longer.”

Yun Che took in a deep breath and calmed himself. His left hand reached out and a reddish poison glow slowly appeared in the middle of his palm.

Poison from the blood of the ancient horned dragon!

He slowly applied layer after layer of the poison on the Sound b.u.t.terfly Blade. After looking at it for a while, he released his profound energy dozens of times to dilute it before putting it away.

As for what to do next, everything would go smoothly according to Yun Che’s plan.

As planned the three men sent by Ji Ruyan were bitten by the Black King Cobra as they were pa.s.sing by the forest. Just as they were about to die, a man dressed completely in black and calling himself “Poison Saint Blackheart” appeared. His price for saving their lives was five million profound stones. They didn’t believe him initially but in their despair they no longer cared about the profound stones. After paying the price, they received three green colored pills from that “Poison Saint Blackheart”. When they took them, the poison was immediately detoxified.

The rumors of “Poison Doctor Blackheart” appearing in the Darkya Realm would then spread.