Ukikumo Shinrei Kitan

State: Completed

Author: Kaminaga Manabu

Tags: #drama #mystery #shoujo #supernatural


Ukikumo Shinrei Kitan summary: ‘Once a spirit is exorcised, there can be no return.’ An encounter with the strongest exorcist! Red eyes that can see the spirits of the dead. Here are the roots of the Psychic Detective series! The older sister of aspiring painter Yasohachi is behaving in a strange manner. It seems to be the work of a ghost – there is no way to talk to her. Yasohachi is at a loss regarding what to do and goes to meet a man famed for his ability as an exorcist. The man’s skin is unnaturally pale and he covers his eyes with a red cloth. Entranced by this man unlike any other who can see the spirits of the dead, Yasohachi finds himself wrapped up in a number of incidents.

Table of Contents
Latest Release: Vol 2 Chapter 2 2 years ago