The Troubled Princess

State: Completed

Author: 繁塵

Tags: #historical #martialarts #romance #shoujo


She is the eldest daughter of Rui w.a.n.gfu, the state of Chu is a product princess. One-year-old literacy, three-year-old martial arts, four-year-old began to read military, five-year-old medical double repair, seven years old when the first genius. Eight-year-old father died, She plead. Ten years Frontier, Ten years of Wei. and, on the heartless Tusigoupeng … “If there is an afterlife, I will be deceived by the people of the Palace of pieces, let them pay blood!” G.o.d Favors, Once reborn, She became the lowest maid of the palace. But,Hunted, bullied, What if she doesn’t have the right to kill anyone? Answer: Find a bigger backer! Qing Qian: I’ll save you. Do you have a thing for me? Mo Jun Yan: what? Qing Qian: Let me follow you. Later,after a certain night, a man and a woman recall their first meeting. A man sincerely asks: “The first time you see me, do you want to eat me dry?” A woman: Unable to lift the claws … (Who “ate” who?)

Table of Contents