The Sales Executive's New Love Interest

State: Completed

Author: Wu Wei

Tags: #romance


To Song An Yi, Professor Zhou Mo is just like his name – remote (Mo) and cold. But other than that little flaw, he is one of her biggest clients, rich, and good-looking. If she is not already attached, she would definitely take a second look at him To Zhou Mo, Song An Yi is a warm, talkative, sales executive from the cleaning agency. Normally, he would stay far away from this sort of woman but she is like a ray of sunlight that has s.h.i.+ne into his otherwise dull life. In his recollection, he has only ever seen her smile but one day, she tumbles into his arms, tears streaming down her face. “Hold me.” (she said it as a statement, not question). “I’m in a foul mood and as my friend, surely you would not mind me borrowing your chest for a wee moment right?” His eyes lit up, “I have never regarded you as my friend.”

Table of Contents