Strange World Alchemist Chef

State: Completed

Author: 羅敗家

Tags: #action #adventure #martialarts #sliceoflife


Wu Xuan is a top-level chef. While seeking rare ingredients, he crossed over into this strange world. He is still a chef in this new world, but his hands have a special power. You asked me if I can create elixirs? Sorry, I don’t. I only know how cook the spiritual fruits and the effect is much better than eating elixirs! You said that alchemist can divide the elixirs among many Xiuzhen practicers! Sorry, I could open a restaurant and feed all that come in for a meal! Give me a top quality furnace for making elixirs? Why not give me some cooking utensils instead? On the road to becoming a strong martial artist, Wu Xuan is a special alchemist chef. The journey of this alchemist chef hence begins.

Table of Contents