Please Give Me Love

State: Completed

Author: Hitonari Tsuji

Tags: #drama #psychological #slice of life


Please Give Me Love summary: “I wonder if my feelings will reach you, who has grown up without knowing love and who has become tired of life. You are not alone anymore.” –so reads the letter Ririka, an eighteen year old who has grown up in an orphanage and who has tried to kill herself multiple times, receives unexpectedly one day after her latest suicide attempt. The sender of the letter, Motojirou’s, honest words strike a chord in her heart, and she decides to write a reply. As they begin to exchange letters back and forth, Ririka begins to slowly open up to the mysterious author of this letter whom she has never even met before, but an unexpected fate awaits the two…

Table of Contents
Latest Release: c6 2 years ago