I Favor The Villainess

State: Completed

Author: Inori. いのり。

Tags: #comedy #fantasy #romance #schoollife #shoujoai


“I am the heroine of an otome game, so is it wrong to like the villainess?” Corporate slave OL, Oohas.h.i.+ Rei, reincarnated as the heroine Rei Taylor in the world of the otome game 「Revolution」. Her preference isn’t capturable princes, it’s the villainess, Claire François. She merrily accepts Claire’s dislike. With the protagonist’s involvement, it’s the beginning of a unique romcom. To make it worse, the villainess’s love became directed at Rei, what does Claire’s future hold? It’s my second series with a screwball villainess. A little different from ordinary… I hope you can enjoy the villainess who’s just a little different.

Table of Contents