I Am A Big Villain

State: Completed

Author: 打字機N號



The sc.u.m’s or villain’s long road of transformation was tentatively set to the world: The abandonment of the educated youth’s wife (Completed) The hidden marriage of the sc.u.m film emperor (Completed) The best brother in the world (Completed) The Phoenix male who destroy the bridge after crossing the river (Completed) The treasonous general (Completed) I’m an honest man (Completed) To become the top scorer in the School of Agriculture (Completed) The soft rice man’s self-cultivation (Completed) The whole world is reborn (Completed) I want to survive on a desert island (Completed) The stallion male who has seized the opportunity (Completed) The perverted self-salvation (Completed) The spring of the loafer (Completed) The misplaced life (Completed) The miser career (Completed) The ghost is out of feeling (Completed) The Queen’s favorite husband (Completed) The vicious girl with her G.o.dfather (Completed) I want to be a good person (Completed) I does not tear up the family (Completed) The perverted common plant (Completed) The Mary Sue’s men (Completed) Every time I was reborn, someone wants to kill me (Completed) The old people’s counterattack path (Completed) The global evolution (Completed) When I became a net red (Completed) For you, good person (Completed) His heart had white moonlight (Completed)

Table of Contents