How Could This Cat Tease Me?

State: Completed

Author: 蒸蒸與上

Tags: #comedy #shounenai


Copy 1: The entire entertainment circle knows that Xia Rong and Su Chi seem to be natural enemies. Same period of debut, same period of increasing popularity, opposing each other in their careers, fans constantly ripping into each other in a frenzy. Xia Rong began with this thought as well, all the way until he found out Su Chi’s secret —— Su Chi could shapes.h.i.+ft?! Su Chi: “The issue of me turning into a cat, help me keep it a secret.” Xia Rong: “Why should I!” Su Chi: “Since you pet me… … for an entire night.” Xia Rong: “… …” Copy 2: Ever since Xia Rong found out that Su Chi could turn into a cat, moreover, shape s.h.i.+ft ignores the location, time, as well as the person in question’s wishes, the other often relies on him to help cover up. Former rivals transform into the obedient cat until the palm, Xia Rong happily rubs the cat: “Hahahaha Su Chi, even you have today! Meow… … Meow meow meow ao?” Surprises always come suddenly. Xia Rong was unresigned: “Meow ow ow ow! Is shapes.h.i.+fting into a cat infectious?!” Su Chi: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll steal cat food to raise you ^_^” Some people appear to be well off, in reality, not only do they have a cat in private, the cat is also their boyfriend =v=

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