Estrus Gymnasium

State: Completed

Author: Kawasaki Kanare 川崎かなれ

Tags: #schoollife #smut


Admitted into a prestigious boarding school where boys of Alpha supremacy study, Yuzuki’s body is suddenly a.s.saulted. His body which should have been an Alpha had changed into an Omega. In the midst of estrus, the sweet honey (pheromones) that overflows from him induces the Alphas’ l.u.s.t, his cla.s.smates run their tongues all over his body, play-biting and naturally taking their l.u.s.t out on him. Even though he should hate it, feeling their caress, the hole on his b.u.t.t throbs and not knowing who’s p.e.n.i.s it was, just as it was about to be inserted, he is rescued by his Beta dormitory roommate, Albert. However, Yuzuki’s body has yet to settle down from estrus. In an abandoned clock tower, his arousal pushes Albert into teasing out Yuzuki’s seductive voice as he inserts his arousal into him&h.e.l.lip; V! (Victory sign) As his heated body is appeased, Yuzuki and Albert are attracted to each other. But it appears that Jeremy, an Alpha and head of the dormitory who looks at them with disdain is actually Yuzuki’s [fated pair]?

Table of Contents