Drunken Exquisiteness

State: Completed

Author: Shi Si Ye 十四夜

Tags: #historical #romance


After her perfect-seeming romance is shattered, Ning Wenqing inadvertently activates the “nine turns linglong*” and travels to an ancient era, turning into Feng Qingchen, daughter of Tian Dynasty’s Feng clan and female court official. Here, she is inextricably drawn into the Jianghu** and the imperial court struggle. A riddle around the death of an emperor, the confusion of bloodlines in the imperial family, an ancient sorcerer clan guarding a treasure… myriad threads arise and interweave. Ling w.a.n.g’s*** coldness, Xi w.a.n.g’s steadiness, Zhan w.a.n.g’s elegance, Ming w.a.n.g’s charm, Eleven’s talent, Twelve’s wildness—facing different kinds of emotions, what will Qingchen choose, and will she fight alongside Fourth Prince Ye Tianling until the end? When “nine turns linglong” is activated again, will fate subvert reality once more? * linglong = lit. exquisiteness; can also refer to the clink of jewels ** Jianghu = lit. rivers and lakes *** w.a.n.g = first-rank prince

Table of Contents