Appraiser's Job

State: Completed

Author: Takayanagi Shinra 高柳神羅

Tags: #action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #mature #romance #sliceoflife #supernatural


“I will appraise all of you” Appraiser Io does his job of appraising everything from monsters brought in to the adventurers guild he’s attached to to examining an ambitious young man’s apt.i.tude for adventuring and the diverse areas in which he’ll succeed. And today, while surrounded by his colleagues of a butcher who believes himself to be the height of physical beauty and a feminine, yet aggressive-looking, guild master, he appraised several items, entertained an adventurer, and ran through the occasional dungeon. And so this is how he his busy days, all while in the corner of his heart he thinks, “One day the time will come where I’ll get to rejoice over the stress of a big job.” Here is an everyday story depicting the adventures of how this anywhere and everywhere sort of appraiser his days.

Table of Contents
Latest Release: Chapter 40 2 years ago