Akugyaku no Black Maria

State: Completed

Author: 乃塚 一翔

Tags: #action #adventure #comedy #fantasy #harem #mature #mystery #psychological #romance #seinen


He was publicly a town physician who used healing magic, but an a.s.sa.s.sin undercover. The young man, s.h.i.+zuru who had lost most of his memories seven years ago and was transported into another world, had through the help of a blind woman who helped him, taken that path in life. Surrounded by beautiful women and girls with peculiar personalities for companions – a beautiful black wolf who understands human language, a liquor-soaked demolisher, a sniper with magic eyes, and a young lady with split personalities – the man would mutter even now: “I want to run away”

Table of Contents
Latest Release: Chapter 53 a year ago