You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman - Chapter 492 (Broken(492))

Chapter 492 (Broken(492))

Chapter 492 (Broken(492))

The two sisters were in disbelief, and said coquettishly, "You scoundrel~"

Lu Hong was so helpless, and in the end, the matter of drawing blood was left to the elder sister.

Serena's technique was much better, as she drew the blood in a jiffy.

After handing the blood to Lu Hong, Serena said in a deep voice, "Lu Hong, don't lie to us."

"Don't worry, I, Lu Hong, will not deceive you." Lu Hong stood up and promised.

The two sisters nodded, feeling relieved. Celine bit her lip shyly and said: "Lu Hong, when will you come to draw blood next time~"[Euphemism for "intercourse".]


Lu Hong couldn't take it anymore and ran out of the bedroom. These two were indeed vampires, thinking about his blood all the time.

The two sisters in the bedroom were helpless.

"Sister, you scared Lu Hong away, again." Serena said depressedly.

Celine pursed her lips and said, "I don't understand why Lu Hong is so afraid of us."

"I hope it's because we are vampires." Serena was very disappointed, thinking that Lu Hong disliked their ident.i.ties.

Celine didn't say anything, she was also very depressed.

Lu Hong, who walked outside, immediately contacted his younger brother. The two decided to meet under the Huanghua Bridge.

Under the Huanghua Bridge, a gust of wind blew. The green and red cloaks swayed, which looked very joyful.

"Brother! Is this the pure blood? I don't think it's any different from chicken blood." Yi Hong looked at the gla.s.s needle and said doubtfully.

Lu Hong raised his hand and smacked the back of his head: "Idiot, all blood looks the same!"



The green and red brothers were stunned.

Lu Hong shouted angrily: "You can't even hold a needle well. Don't you know how difficult it is for me to draw blood?"

What else could Lu Hong do? He had to run back again.

"Lu Hong, why are you back again? Have you figured it out?" Celine said shyly.

Lu Hong looked very embarra.s.sed: "Well, I'm here to draw blood."

"I hate you~ My sister is not here. If I get my blood drawn by you, my sister will be unhappy."

'My sister and I will draw our blood together.'

"No, no... it's a blood draw, the blood from the arm." Lu Hong forcefully explained.

Celine's expression collapsed, she walked to the side silently, drew blood, and then let out a coquettish snort.

Taking the pure blood again, Lu Hong felt safe. It was more important to complete the task of the lord first.

The two brothers met again under the Huanghua Bridge.

Lu Hong decided not to give it to the younger brother this time, it would be safer to hold it in his own hands.

"Has anyone been found?" Lu Hong decided to deliver the goods to the door.

Yi Hong shook his head: "No."

Lu Hong: "..."

"You haven't found anyone, so who am I going to give this tube of blood to?"

"I don't know." Yi Hong replied.

Lu Hong was desperate.

Yi Hong patted his elder brother on the shoulder rea.s.suringly.


The two brothers looked at the shattered needle with dazed looks on their faces.

"Brother, it's not my fault, it's because you didn't hold onto it." After saying that, Yi Hong disappeared. The expression on Lu Hong's face was a bit funny.

"Yi Hong! Just wait for me!" Lu Hong let out a desolate growl.

Lu Hong came to the door of the bedroom of the bar again, trembling.

The door was quietly opened: "Lu Hong, why are you here again?" Serena asked curiously.

The sullen Celine was sitting on the sofa.

"I'm here to draw blood. This time I bought a plastic tube, which won't break." Lu Hong bought one for a yuan just now.

Celine snorted coquettishly: "You despise us being vampires, and yet you still suck our blood."

"Since when did I despise you? You can't talk nonsense!" Lu Hong retorted without thinking.

Celine snorted again: "Then why don't you want to touch us?"

"Emmm, it's too hasty to touch you casually. After all, I'm a serious man."

Serena said softly: "My sister and I are also decent women. We have never let other men hold our hands."

Lu Hong felt that if he didn't take off his skin today, he would definitely not get the third tube. [To compromise]

"Can you draw blood first? How about we talk about this issue later?"

The two sisters sat on the sofa together, and even in the same posture, and said in unison: "No!"

"My little ancestors, don't make trouble. I will make an apology afterward." Lu Hong wanted to grab his younger brother and beat him up. Both times, the tube was broken because of him.

"No!" The two sisters snorted.

'I, Lu Hong, won't obey anyone, but you two.'

"Okay, what do you want?"

Serena said shyly, "Promise us two conditions."

"Okay, you guys say."

"Kiss us first." Serena snorted softly, if you don't kiss us, then no blood for you.

Lu Hong was struggling in her heart. What if they sucked him while kissing?

Even if he doesn't want to, there is no other way. After all, he can't be sloppy while completing Ye Hua's task.


Hearing that Lu Hong agreed, the two sisters blushed a little. They thought that Lu Hong would resist.

He came in front of the two sisters, who had closed their beautiful eyes.

Lu Hong's heartbeat quickened a little, and then his heart skipped a beat!

He hugged Celine and kissed her. It felt good, sweet, and fragrant!

Suddenly, Lu Hong opened his eyes wide!

'A small tongue is actually looking for my big tongue, is it about to be sucked... so miserable... my lord... I'm going to die... come and save me.'

After a long time, Celine let go of the dizzy Lu Hong. She must have sucked a lot of his blood just now.

"My turn." Serena said shyly.

The dizzy Lu Hong had no desire to go through it again, but he could only kiss her.

Serena was still very reserved, and it was just a kiss. Nothing else.

After doing this, Lu Hong felt as if he was drunk: "What else is there?"

Serena pulled her sister to discuss and then said softly: "After all this is done, you have to draw blood again. That kind of blood draw."

'Look, they are already addicted to it. They plan to turn me into a blood-forming stallion. It's so miserable.'

But he could only agree: "Okay, I promise you."

The two sisters were overjoyed and immediately drew blood for Lu Hong.

Standing outside the bar, Lu Hong saw how beautiful the sun was outside. Its rays felt warm and comfortable on his body.

This time, Lu Hong put away a tube of blood carefully, so it doesn't break again. Otherwise, who knows what excessive demands they will make?

Although he was cheated on once, he was also a principled man and not one of those casual types.

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