War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens - Chapter 4386

Chapter 4386

4386 Duan Ling Tian, the Advanced Supreme G.o.d!

Duan Ling Tian was naturally unaware that Ao Long Yu and Tian Hu were so frightened that they had both paid a high price to hire the strongest prodigies in the Crimson Demons Little World to protect them.

At this moment, Duan Ling Tian was completely immersed in cultivating, losing track of time and everything else

With the help of the divine fountain, his cultivation improved very quickly, and he was drawing closer and closer to the realm of advanced Supreme G.o.ds.

Even the Crimson Demon, who would spy on Duan Ling Tian occasionally, could sense the change and improvement in Duan Ling Tians cultivation base.


This kids cultivation speed is truly amazing. Initially, I planned to open the secret realm after a few years. However, based on the current situation, Ill delay it until he becomes an advanced Supreme G.o.d. The next secret realm will be the final secret realm. Only one person will be chosen in the end. Previously, the secret realm opened ahead of time. This time, Ill postpone the opening. Itll also give the others more time to recuperate

The dozen or so prodigies in the Crimson Demons Little World who survived the secret realm a.s.sumed that the next secret realm would open ahead of time as well. They speculated that it would open again in a few years. However, after a few years had pa.s.sed, they discovered that the secret realm did not open. Then, another few years pa.s.sed, and they found that the secret realm also did not open.

Perhaps, the secret realm will open according to the old schedule?

Many people shared this idea.

However, when the time came again, the secret realm still did not open, causing the prodigies to feel puzzled.

Whats going on? Why isnt the secret realm open yet?

Perhaps, theres a delay because it was opened ahead of time previously?

Something doesnt feel right

Although the prodigies were confused, there was nothing they could do. After all, everything was under the Crimson Demons control in this place.

Among the prodigies, many of them were direct descendants of supreme powerhouses, and those supreme powerhouses had always been willing to help them. Alas, they had no way to seek help from those supreme powerhouses in the Crimson Demons Little World.

A few of them even had life-saving jade tokens, which would help them contact a supreme powerhouse in the outside world but were useless in the Crimson Demons Little World.

Unsurprisingly, all forms of communication were cut off in the Crimson Demons Little World, making it impossible for them to seek help. The Crimson Demon had planned everything meticulously, after all.

Similarly, Ao Long Yu and Tian Hu were also puzzled.

Whats going on? The secret realm hasnt opened yet?

At this time, the duo had healed from most of their injuries. They thought they would have to enter the secret realm injured and did not expect to have the time to heal their injuries before entering the secret realm.

In any case, this is good news for me It seems like Ill be able to heal all my injuries before entering the secret realm again Perhaps, Ill also be able to raise my strength further before entering the secret realm Tian Hu muttered to himself with bright eyes.

Similarly, Ao Long Yus eyes lit up as well as he muttered under his breath, Ive grown stronger I might not be a match for Duan Ling Tian alone, but if I join forces with Tian Hu, itll be very difficult for him to kill us. If Tian Hus strength has improved as well, we might even be on par with him if we join forces. Since the secret realm has yet to open, Ill continue healing my injuries. Once Im completely healed, Ill be able to protect myself better

Duan Ling Tian was the only one who did not pay attention to the opening of the secret realm. He was still immersed in cultivating and left the Five Divine Elements to guard him. If there was trouble, they would alert him immediately.

He was not worried about missing the secret realm since the Crimson Demons voice would jolt him awake even if the Five Divine Elements did not remind him.

While Duan Ling Tian cultivated, he absorbed the liquid from the divine fountain and converted part of it into his Divine Energy. As a result, his Divine Energy continued to grow stronger.

When Duan Ling Tian finally opened his eyes, he had already successfully broken through. His eyes shone briefly with excitement before he quickly calmed down.

How long have I been cultivating? It feels like Ive absorbed most of the liquid from the divine fountain in my possession I have less than half left

After checking his spatial ring, he found that he had three-fifth less of what he had before he began to cultivate; he only had two-fifth of liquid from the divine fountain left.

His eyes widened slightly as he asked the World Cleansing Divine Water, Sister Water, how long have I been cultivating?

Youve been cultivating for 32 years the World Cleansing Divine Water replied.

32 years?! So long? Duan Ling Tians expression changed slightly.

Then, a thought appeared in his mind, and he asked, Why isnt the secret realm open yet? Theres no announcement from the Crimson Demon, right? I couldnt have missed it otherwise even if I was cultivating. Whats going on? Moreover, if I missed entering the secret realm, the Crimson Demon definitely wouldnt let me off so easily. It seems like the secret realm truly hasnt opened yet

Duan Ling Tian was still puzzling out this matter when the Crimson Demons voice rang in the air.

The secret realm will be open after three months

Duan Ling Tian was slightly stunned that the secret realm would open soon after his breakthrough. It was clear that the opening of the secret realm was deliberately delayed. He wondered if it was just a coincidence.

After a moment, he asked, Sister Water, do you think the Crimson Demon is aware of my breakthrough? Were in his Little World, after all.

The World Cleansing Divine Water replied, Of course. As long as he keeps an eye on you, hell naturally be aware of it. Why do you ask?

The World Cleansing Divine Water knew that Duan Ling Tian would not ask such a question for no good reason.

Duan Ling Tian told the World Cleansing Divine Water about the strange coincidence.

Soon after you broke through, the Crimson Demon announced the opening of the secret realm in three months? The opening has also been delayed the longest this time?

The World Cleansing Divine Water thought about it for a moment before she said, If Im not mistaken, its not a coincidence. He must have waited for you to break through into the realm of advanced Supreme G.o.ds. Its clear that he values you. Apart from that, its likely that hell choose the most suitable body to possess this time

The World Cleansing Divine Waters words confirmed Duan Ling Tians speculations. However, he really did not expect the Crimson Demon to choose a compatible body so soon. He asked skeptically, Sister Water, why do you think that hell choose the most compatible body this time? Even if the elimination rate is 50% like before, hell still have a few prodigies left to choose from. Is he going to directly select someone out of the remaining survivors?

I have my reasons for thinking this way, the World Cleansing Divine Water said, Previously, you told me that the death rates have been getting higher and higher each time the secret realm opens. Its clear that the Crimson Demon is growing anxious and cant wait any longer. It seems like he has no plan of undergoing his upcoming once-in-ten-thousand-year Heavenly Tribulation. Moreover, its likely that its coming up soon. Thats why hes eager to possess a new body and use his clans technique to hide and escape from the Heavenly Tribulation

Duan Ling Tian felt the World Cleansing Divine Waters a.n.a.lysis made sense, and his expression turned solemn immediately.

Upon seeing the expression on Duan Ling Tians face, the World Cleansing Divine Water said, Little Tian, you dont have to worry too much. Whether or not this is the final secret realm, the plan has always been to escape during this time, and it doesnt affect our plan at all

Duan Ling Tians expression eased up after listening to the World Cleansing Divine Waters words.

The World Cleansing Divine Water continued to say, If he really waited for you to break through before opening the secret realm, then, he has inadvertently helped you. Now that youre an advanced Supreme G.o.d, we have a higher chance of successfully escaping

With this, a smile appeared on Duan Ling Tians face.

At the same time, the other prodigies in the Crimson Demons Little World also heard the announcement, causing their hearts to tremble.

Its finally here

They had waited a long time for the secret realm to be opened, and none of them expected to wait for 32 years.

Some of those who were severely injured, like Ao Long Yu and Tian Hu, also managed to recover from their injuries during this time.

Not only did Ao Long Yu and Tian Hu completely heal from their injuries, but they also managed to raise their strength. Similar to before, the duo decided to join forces again. With their bond and rapport, they were not any weaker than the respective prodigies they hired to protect them if they joined forces.