Unscientific Beast Taming - Chapter 919: 919 Kill Until No One Dares to Fight (3)

Chapter 919: 919 Kill Until No One Dares to Fight (3)

919 Kill Until No One Dares to Fight (3)

Was this human threatening them?

At this moment, all the fire-element overlords with battle power above top-notch overlords, especially the Lava Beast and the Fire Dragon King, had mocking smiles on their faces.

This human had only eaten one Undying Fruit. Wasnt he too arrogant?

Did he really think that no one dared to kill him?

So what if a human revived into a totem? It was just the weakest totem.

For invincible overlords like them who could resist ordinary totems, resisting was really not a problem.

At this moment, after Shi Yu went up, many top-notch overlords were tempted.

Although Shi Yu had defeated a top-notch overlord alone, the guardian overlord of the preliminaries was only the weakest top-notch overlord. Many of the overlords present had the will of overlords, energy values above 80 million, and the enhancement of Beast Tamers. They were confident that they could instantly kill the guardian overlord of the preliminaries.

Therefore, when they saw Shi Yu appear, they wanted to meet him first.

At least this guy was much easier to deal with than invincible overlords like the Fire Dragon King.

As long as they could freeload on the Flame of Life once, it wouldnt be a loss.

At most, when they encountered stronger experts next, they would directly admit defeat.

At the thought of this, many fire-element creatures jumped up excitedly.

In the west, an Undying Bird covered in blue flames suddenly flew towards the arena.

In the south, a lion covered in flames ran towards the arena.

They all had a young Beast Tamer on them, but their master and servant identities were obvious.

Shi Yu looked at these overlords and his heart turned solemn. Their energy levels were all above 80 million. There was also the will of overlords and even legend Beast Tamer servants Their energy levels could probably easily erupt to more than 100 million. No wonder they dared to challenge him.



Like Shi Yu, the Flame Dragon King, Punkham, also soared into the sky. At the same time, a transcendent-level dragon might enveloped the sky and earth and directly crushed the Undying Bird and the Holy Flame Lion.

Obviously, it didnt want anyone to beat it to it. It wanted to use its Life Fire first.

Both Shi Yu and the Fire Dragon King wanted to obtain the complete Life Fire.

Therefore, it was impossible for them to let others determine the winner on the arena first, even if was just taking a bit of life fire.

< Name > Fire Dragon King

[Attributes]: Dragon, Fire

[Level of Growth]: Overlord

Energy Points: 96,990,000

Compared to the power of the Undying Bird and the Holy Flame Lion, the dragon power of the Fire Dragon King was clearly more violent.

Under the envelopment of its dragon might, the expressions of the Undying Bird, the Holy Flame Lion, and their contractors changed, and their movements instantly froze.

Their movements froze for a moment, and they couldnt move forward at high speed anymore.

Because their rationality told them that if they continued forward, they might be waiting for the Fire Dragon King to attack first.


The dragon might of the Flame Dragon King, the heir of the demigod faction, the Dragon Empire, enveloped the world. Its strong body seemed to be made of tempered red steel. Its scales were like molten iron water water watered by flames, and the color was dark red and golden. Its entire body was extremely hot, and the end of its dragon tail was even burning with dragon flames.

Not only its body, its neck, head, long tail, sharp claws, and fangs, its four strong feet, as well as its pair of fire wings, were all extremely domineering images. Just looking at them, they contained supreme power.


In the distance, the Fire Dragon King flew over. On its body, a man in red armor was like an unconscious puppet. As the Fire Dragon King arrived, he actually turned into a red light and fused into the Fire Dragon Kings body.


In an instant, a layer of reddish-brown armor appeared on the already very strong body of the Fire Dragon King. Moreover, the aura of the Fire Dragon King rose steadily, reaching an even more ridiculous height.

Energy Points: ???

Shi Yu looked at the flying Fire Dragon King with a burning gaze. He was very impressed by the Dragon Empires technology of nurturing hybrid humans. This legendary servant of the Fire Dragon King could actually transform into battle armor and equip the Fire Dragon Kings body.

As for the Beast Tamer of the Thunder Dragon General, he had the reverse fusion talent. He could also integrate himself into the Thunder Dragons body.

They were all beasts as the main body.

[If we want to defeat this guy, we might have to pay a relatively high price.]

[However, at the same time, as long as we defeat this guy, the cost will be made up.]

Since this Fire Dragon King was unwilling to give him face, Shi Yu would not show mercy.


The Fire Dragon King in huge armor landed on the fire arena.

At this moment, the Boar God narrowed its eyes and looked at the Flame Dragon King.

Dragon race

Also, is this the Beast Taming Talent?

Its indeed very interesting. Youre very strong.

Even the god from the Mythical Era praised the overlord-level Flame Dragon King when it saw its aura.

In the Mythical Era, not all of them were Mythical creatures. At that time, there were also many overlords, monarchs, and even commanders and transcendent.

In the eyes of the Boar God, the current state of the Fire Dragon King was considered the second tier of the overlord level even in the Mythical Era.

As for the first tier, it was those Mythical race overlords.

After all, the laws of the Mythical Era were very complete. And now, this Fire Dragon King could achieve such an achievement in the era before the Mythical Era revived. In the eyes of the Boar God, its talent was indeed alright.