Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1661

Chapter 1661

1661 Somethings Wrong, Break Divine Dao Spire, A Slick Move

Die! Invaders!

The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist cast all kinds of Immortal Techniques and divine abilities, attacking the soldiers and the land they stood on.

The soldiers from the other universe were all annihilated under his wrath.

Even the Arch Gilded general was in awe of his power and was slowly being pushed into a disadvantageous position. The confidence on Arch Gilded generals face slowly turned into fear.


They were both Trinity Flower Arch Gilded Immortals, but the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist was a Peerless Prodigy with outstanding combat capabilities. He was not to be compared with other common Arch Gilded Immortals.

The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist is indeed powerful.

Yeah. Otherwise, how could he have become the strongest Divine Daoist of the Immortal Hall? He only seems lackl.u.s.ter because of Chu Kuangrens oppression.

The others were reminded of how powerful the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist really was.

Without Chu Kuangren, the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist would definitely be the brightest in Pan Gu Universe.

Unfortunately, Chu Kuangrens existence overshadowed all the sky-prides and Prodigies of the same universe.

No matter how talented one was, none could match or rival Chu Kuangrens strength.

Emperor Sky-Shadowing Palm!

The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist unleashed his vast Immortals Core energy, which manifested into a ma.s.sive palm that locked onto the Arch Gilded general. Even the s.p.a.ce around the area was sealed.

Fire Slas.h.!.+

The Arch Gilded general channeled his power to the limit and threw a fiery saber shadow at the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist.

The clash between the two energies tore the s.p.a.ce apart.

The Arch Gilded generals expression turned pale as the collision blasted him away. His Immortal body cracked, and blood spewed from his mouth.


The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist threw out another palm strike, ending the Arch Gilded generals life.

He then rose to the sky, surrounded by Immortal Sparks like a matchless Immortal King.

Everyone, on me! the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist cried and led the rest toward the spire.

On the other hand, Chu Kuangren stood high in the sky, gazing upon the Divine Dao Spire from further away. His eyes narrowed and his brows furrowed as he, too, sensed something was wrong.

Something is not adding up.

The defense of the Divine Dao Spire was incredibly weak, so weak that it caused suspicion.

Other than that, the runes carved on the spires surface struck him as if he had seen them before.

Report. The runes on the spire and the runes on the leyline of this secret realm are the same. They both contained the same energy, Lil Ais voice sounded in his head.

Oh? What about the runes that we saw in the leyline? Do you have anything on that? Chu Kuangren asked.

a.n.a.lysis is completing soon.

Alright. a.n.a.lyze the spire as well and see what it does.

As a strange surge of energy scanned over the tower, Lil Ai discovered that the spire contained tremendously powerful energy.

It was reasonable for the spire to contain such energy since it was said to be a key for an Embodier to pa.s.s through the portal.

It would be strange if it did not contain anything.

Not only that, but the energy seemed to be resonating with the energy in the leyline of that secret realm.

In fact, the energy in the spire was the source of the entire leyline network.

The energy contained in the spire had reached its peak and might explode at any moment.

Explode at any moment?

A sudden thought rushed into Chu Kuangrens mind, causing his expression to turn grim.

If the spire containing such terrifying energy exploded, the damage done would be immeasurable.

No! Somethings up!

Chu Kuangren immediately contacted everyone.

Leave the spire immediately!

The vanguard teams were baffled when they received Chu Kuangrens message.

They were a few steps shy from taking down the Divine Dao Spire, so why the sudden retreat?

His message confused everyone, but Lan Yu, Chu Hong, Ye Zhu, and those who believed in him dared not doubt his order.

The few of them immediately retreated when they received the message.

Hua Xi pondered for a while before she, too, decided to retreat.

She had been troubled by the strange feeling since she arrived at the spire. Now that Chu Kuangren wanted them to retreat, she might as well follow the order.

If the great ones wanted to blame them, Chu Kuangren would be the one responsible.

Leave? Impossible! Were so close to taking down the spire. How could we leave now? Chu Kuangren is overreacting! the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist scoffed.

He also knew that the spires defense was unreasonably weak, but it matched their plan.

If a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal was waiting for them, they would not be able to take down the spire then.


The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist was eager to secure credit for himself, so he ignored Chu Kuangrens order and continued to besiege the spire.

Further away, the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden frowned, but she too decided to retreat.

However, some of sky-prides and Prodigies chose to stay.

As the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist said, they were a few steps away from taking down the spire. How could they retreat on the verge of victory?

To them, Chu Kuangren was just a safety measure to deal with enemies that they could not win.

Now, it seems like Chu Kuangren had no chance to show off.

Chu Kuangren is overreacting! What can these weak soldiers do?

Yeah. When we take down the spire, the credit will be ours!


With the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoists lead, the rest of the cultivators charged toward the spire with indomitable force.

Soon, they arrived in front of the spire.

Following a loud warcry, the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist channeled his Emperor Avatars power to the limit and hurled a palm strike at the Divine Dao Spire.

Meanwhile, at another Divine Dao Spire, after one of the Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals dealt with the bunch of Five Qi Arch Gilded Immortals, he unleashed an attack at the Divine Dao Spire.

The same thing happened to the rest of the Divine Dao Spires.

The moment the Divine Dao Spires were destroyed, blinding light pillars shot up into the sky and shook the entire secret realm.

Further away, a spatial vortex was summoned, and Heaven Maiden You was looking at the blinding light pillars with a smile.

Its over. Weve won this time.

Then, she entered the spatial vortex and disappeared.

When the cultivators of Pan Gu Universe launched a siege on the Divine Dao Spires, the sky-prides and Prodigies from Central Heaven Universe had already left the secret realm.

The moment the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist threw a palm strike at the Divine Dao Spire with his Emperor Avatar and destroyed the spire, terrifying energy erupted from within and exploded outward.

Blue light enveloped the entire area, blasting away all the cultivators from both universes.

Some of them exploded into a cloud of blood mist right away.

Not even a Gilded Immortal could escape.

The Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist was also caught by the blue blast.

Horrified, he immediately pulled out a life-saving item to defend against the energy, but half of his body was severely injured.

If a Peerless Prodigy as powerful as the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist could barely escape the blast, the others had no chance of surviving.

A large number of sky-prides and Prodigies instantly disintegrated.

The scene stunned the survivors.

What happened?

Lan Yu, the Drought Maiden, Hua Xi, Ye Zhu, and the rest who escaped in time were in awe.

Had they not taken Chu Kuangrens order and retreated, they would be the ones facing the blast.

The drastic turn of events stunned and shocked everyone.

At that moment, Chu Kuangren saw six other blue light pillars across the land, and his eyes flickered.

He knew the light pillars represented the Divine Dao Spires.

A slick move indeed, Chu Kuangren muttered.