Tyranny of Steel - Chapter 837: The Majapahit Delegation ArrivesPart l

Chapter 837: The Majapahit Delegation ArrivesPart l

Standing on the docks of Trieste was a delegation from the Majapahit Empire, which was located in what would be later considered Indonesia and Malaysia. The members of this delegation gazed in astonishment at the German port city. The First Fleet of the German Navy, or what currently existed of it, was on active duty, sailing across the Mediterranean while maintaining German hegemony over the sea.

Thus, the foreign guests had not seen the true extent of the German maritime supremacy. However, there existed several smaller ships that patrolled the bay. These fast attack craft were the boats issued to the German Coast Guard, and they patrolled the coastline to ensure no illegal activity was taking place within German territorial waters.

In the Harbor, overlooking the entire city, was a colossal bronze statue that took the form of a woman who carried a torch in one hand, and a sword in the other. This woman was Germania, who was the anthropomorphic representation of the German Nation.

The Colossus of Trieste, as it was known, had been modelled after both the niederwalde statue from Berengar's past life and the statue of liberty. It was not only a monument of German victory but also a lighthouse which had been commissioned by the Kaiser for the second annual victory day celebration.

The sight of such a monumental statue, along with the myriad of large steel cargo ships coming in and out of the bay, brought a great sense of astonishment to the Majapahit host. Though they had seen these steel cargo ships passing through the Malacca straight for the past two years or so, they had never expected the Reich to have so many of them.

An elderly man who was among the Indonesian delegation quickly spoke up to a beautiful young woman who headed the host. The sights he was seeing intimidated him. Not only was the harbor beyond impressive, but the vehicles in the streets which propelled themselves, made the German Port City another world entirely.

"Princess, what is this place? Have we perhaps entered the city of the gods?"

Despite the fear on the faces of the Majapahit delegate, the young woman referred to as a princess merely shook her head. There was a mix of wonder and awe in the woman's eyes as she observed every peculiar sight and sound that existed in the city of Trieste.

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"It may seem like it, but that is not the case. I think we have just stepped foot in a land that is far more advanced than our homeland... To where I genuinely believe these people rival the power of the gods."

The young woman's words struck an accord with the rest of her delegation. Although only for a moment before, the translator who accompanied the delegation chuckled while expressing his views on the matter.

"If you think this is impressive, wait until you see the train..."

The Indonesian host looked at the translator with curiosity. They did not know what a train was, but they looked forward to finding out. After all; they were aware of his background. The interpreter was a man from the Indian subcontinent who had done trade with both the German and Majapahit empires.

Over the years, he had spent much time learning the german tongue so that he could become a translator for other merchants, a position which was highly sought after and paid extraordinarily well. When the royal family of the Majapahit Empire searched for someone who could translate their words into German, they found him to their liking.

Thus, they eagerly awaited to see what this mysterious device known as a "train" really was. Unfortunately, in the next moment, the Majapahit delegates' hopes were dashed by a tall German man dressed in a formal suit.

"I'm afraid you will have to ride the train another day. The Kaiser's schedule is busy, and he does not have time to wait around all day for your arrival. Thus, I have been tasked with bringing you to the capital in one of his personal vehicles."

The man had an imperial mustache, and a gold sash across his suit vest. As well as a cross pinned to the left breast of his suit black suit jacket. In one hand was a walking cane, and atop his head was a top hat. The man courteously bowed to the delegation before introducing himself.

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"My name is Balthaser Ritter von Stotzer and I am the ambassador who has been assigned to welcome you to the borders of the Reich. On behalf of Kaiser Berengar von Kufstein, I would personally like to welcome you to Germany. Now that my introduction is out of the way, if you would follow me to the airship, we shall set off for Kufstein immediately!"

The interpreter translated the words, and nearly shat himself as he did so. Rumors that the Germans were capable of flight had spread ever since the first victory day celebration. However, nobody had really confirmed them until now. After all, there was a limited number of airships, and aircraft, though currently under mass production, were a closely guarded military secret.

To think that he would be able to ride in an airship as a mere interpreter, it was the ultimate honor for a man who had previously made his living off of selling spices across Asia and Europe. Thus, the Majapahit host was in for an astonishing surprise as they followed the ambassador towards the mooring station where the rigid airship currently lay.

After getting into a series of cars that had been provided by the crown, the Majapahit host travelled to the airship, which they gazed upon with disbelief. It was a massive airborne vessel that was bigger than anything they had ever seen before. Because of this, they had a hard time believing such a thing could fly.

However, after stepping on board, they were even more surprised by the overwhelming opulence that existed within the interior. As if Berengar had designed the Airship as a means of ultra-luxurious travel, the airship was practically a palace in the air, with all the gold accents and marble counter tops to prove it.

Once everyone was inside, Balthaser spoke up to the guests of Kaiser with a wide smile on his face.

"Make yourself at home. Would anyone perhaps like a stiff drink? There's a full bar with a bartender who can mix anything you can think of. If not, perhaps a nice meal? Despite the higher speeds of this airship, it will still take a few hours to reach the Capital. Make yourselves comfortable as we head take off."

After saying this, Balthaser pulled out a vinyl record from a sleeve and placed it on the gramophone that sat aboard the vessel. As the airship lifted up into the air, a song that was famous across the reich, known as the flight of valkyries, began to play throughout the cabin. The Majapahit delegation reacted with shock once more while they searched for the origins of such complex music. This caused the ambassador to laugh as he pointed to the device.

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"A recent invention, by some of our talented scientists. It allows us to play music in the company of our own homes. The Kaiser bought this device for use on the airship, sit back, relax, and enjoy the music as we drift towards our destination."

Despite the friendly tone in the Ambassador's voice, none of the delegates were capable of relaxing. After all, they were flying in the air, and they could not help but gaze out the windows at the Reich below, which continued to shock their brains until they arrived in Kufstein."

After several hours, the Zeppelin arrived in Kufstein, where it was properly brought to a stop. After descending from the aircraft, the Majapahit delegates entered the city's streets, where they were astonished by their sights.

Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the city of Kufstein was truly a sight to behold. Yet another colossal statue stood in their midst as they gazed upon the foothills to see the old Bronze statue of Berengar and his steed, Erwin, which stood as the eternal guardian of the German Capital.

The Majapahit princess, and the other members of her host, had a sudden desire to walk through the streets aimlessly, as they gazed upon the immaculate architecture which existed across the well-planned city. However, Balthaser did not leave them with such free rein, and quickly guided them into another series of cars which escorted them to the palace.

After passing through the gates of the Imperial Palace, the Majapahit Princess gazed in wonder at the members of Berengar's Palace guard, who wore superfluous black and gold uniforms while shouldering G-27 rifles. The men carefully watched the Indonesian delegates as they opened the doors for them, allowing the foreigners access to the most luxurious home on the planet.

As the Majapahit princess stepped foot in the great hall, she saw the magnificent sight of the German Kaiser sitting on his immaculate throne. Before she could even introduce herself, the golden-haired man spoke in a firm, but welcoming tone.

"So, you have finally arrived?"

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