Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073

His manager stood behind him, helping him pack his stuff. As she walked past behind him, she asked curiously, "Why are you suddenly interested in Tangning?"

"Now that she's left Superstar Media and Hai Rui, where do you think she's gone?"

The manager held onto a thick stack of information as she stretched out her hand to touch the man's forehead, "Are you sick? You've never asked about a woman before."

"But, I'm interested in this woman..."

"There's no point. She's already married and is giving birth to her third child," the manager ridiculed. "If you have time, you should be focused on your newest project instead, my dearest Master Han."

"Do you think she would be interested in someone with the surname Han? After all, her first boyfriend was called Han Yufan."

The manager rolled her eyes and shook her head, "I reckon she would be disgusted by it. Either way, Tangning is a long stretch from us. You better not go looking for trouble. Focus on your newest project instead."

"You talk too much...Help me investigate where Tangning is right now."

The manager was shocked. Was this man for real? Was he planning to seduce a married woman?

Putting Tangning's willingness aside, if anyone was asked to pick between him and Mo Ting, everyone knew who to choose.

So, to avoid unnecessary troubles, the manager did not do as requested. What a joke! He was trying to ruin a happy family! She would never partake in something so immoral. So, the manager did not listen to the young master.

But, if he really wanted to know about Tangning's latest news, it wasn't hard.

He simply had to find a member of the paparazzi and everything would be clear.


While staying in the hospital, Tangning spent most of her time looking through scripts and remotely monitoring the post production of 'The Ant Queen'. Every now and then, she would read the entertainment news and check on the progress of Superstar Media to see if Long Jie was handling things smoothly.

Tangning did not allow anyone from Superstar Media to visit her. They were all famous people, so she couldn't allow them to be enveloped by scandals because of her. More importantly, now that she had temporarily retreated, she wasn't going to let the public report on her anymore.

But, Elder Mo did visit once during this time.

The grandfather and grandson chatted happily when they saw each other.

"I've already heard about your matter through the news. You're not to blame, of course." The traditional-clothed old man sat down and waved his hand, "Back in the days, I was also sick of all the scheming and deception, that's why I handed my business over to Mo Ting. The rascal likes dealing with stuff like that."

"Grandfather, do you watch sci-fi films?"

"Oh, you haven't given up yet?" the old man was a little stunned by Tangning's willpower. "I thought you'd give up after Qiao Sen's death."

"The domestic market is currently lacking in well produced sci-fi films. I hope I can fill this void and create a masterpiece."

Elder Mo scanned his eyes across Tangning and eventually placed his eyes on her stomach, "You are currently pregnant, so you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself. But, since you're so determined, grandfather will definitely help you. Let me see if I can find any talented people in this field."

"OK," Tangning nodded.

"Now that I think about it, you're quite right. There are so many companies overseas that have pulled further and further away from us. If no one does something about it, how humiliating would it be?"

After taking another glance at Tangning, the old man left in an unrestrained manner.

It seemed, he would always be cool like that.

Tangning smiled, when suddenly, her head felt heavy, her heartbeat increased and her ears began to ring...A moment later, she fainted.


Mo Ting was still in the middle of a meeting when he received a phone call from Tang Yichen. Seeing her name appear on the caller ID, he immediately stopped the meeting and left the office.

No one could ever cut in when Mo Ting was doing something. Tangning was the only exception because she was always his main priority.

On the phone, Tang Yichen was calling to tell him that Tangning had fainted.

Mo Ting immediately ended the meeting and drove to the hospital.

"How is she?"

"She's not in any danger," Tang Yichen replied.

"What happened? Is something wrong with Ning's body?"

"It appears to be gestational hypertension. This is the first time she's experienced this," Tang Yichen replied. "This can be both serious and light-hearted. If it's serious...mother and child can die together."

"How do we fix it?" Mo Ting furrowed his brows. "She's always followed the nutritionist's orders and watched her diet during her pregnancy."

"I know. But, during pregnancy, it's common for the mother to experience all kinds of symptoms. Everyone is different. It can't be controlled...and scientists are still trying to find the reason. Although I guaranteed to help her reach full term, there may be a possibility that she'll have to still give birth prematurely. I think that is the safest option for both her and the child."

"I never thought I'd slap myself in the face like this."

"Is there a way to reduce the damage?" Mo Ting asked after a moment of careful thinking.

At that moment, he was no longer the ruthless Mo Ting that everyone knew, he was a husband that blamed himself and a father that felt helpless.

"I'm afraid of seeing her hurt..."

Tang Yichen looked into Mo Ting's eyes and suddenly felt moved.

How much did a man have to love a woman for him to reveal such a pleading look?

Tang Yichen froze for a second and replied, "The current treatment options are very advanced; it's not as scary as you think. Although your child isn't even 8 months yet, we can still guarantee its safety."

"But...a premature birth is likely to affect the child. The probability exists, so you need to be prepared."

"There's no need for preparations. Tangning is the most important."

Tangning's pregnancies weren't very smooth. Even when she gave birth to the two rascals, she also had complications.

But, giving birth for a woman was sometimes a gamble with death.

"When Tangning wakes up, you can speak to her about this...She needs to agree first."

Mo Ting held onto Tangning's hands and nodded his head. After quite some time, Tangning finally awoke.

Although Tangning didn't know what had happened, one glance at Mo Ting's expression and she could tell that she had frightened him again.

So, she looked at Mo Ting and smiled, "What's with your expression? Didn't I wake up in the end?"

Mo Ting drew Tangning into his arms needily, "If I knew that having a child meant that we'd have to sacrifice your health, I wouldn't have wanted any."

"What's wrong?"

"Tang Yichen said that you have gestational hypertension, will still need to have a premature labor."