Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058

It was apparent that Mo Ting's abilities could not be underestimated.

"President Mo must be calling because I invited your wife to some coffee and tea today," the old man said straightforwardly.

"I heard that Elder Fan wants to find a business partner. I'm pretty sure Elder Fan has no interest in my wife's small scale projects. Why don't you work with me instead?"

After hearing this, Elder Fan could tell that Mo Ting wasn't easy to go up against; he was obviously giving a word of warning.

"A woman's view of the world has always been innocent and beautiful. So, I want to keep it that way. There are some things that we, as men, can resolve on our own without dealing with it in the open. Otherwise, both of us will suffer. What do you think, Elder Fan?"

"Since President Mo has already said this, what else can I say? I can barely move anymore. This is already a world for the young people..."

Mo Ting did not say another word as he hung up the phone.

However, over at Grandfather Fan's end, President Fan was sitting right next to him.

Although Grandfather Fan didn't show any emotions on his face, he was, after all, insulted by Tangning in the morning and then challenged by Mo Ting at night. Unable to control his temper, President Fan said to the old man, "Why are you tolerating this? It's not like we can't win against them!"

"Who do you think you are? Did you think that Mo Ting relied on violence to create Hai Rui? Think carefully, rascal. Mo Ting's methods are more frightening than yours."

"Hmmph, I would like to experience it," President Fan humphed. "If he was really that frightening, would he allow a woman to step all over him?"

"That's what you call wife doting!" The old man didn't agree with spoiling a woman too much, but he wasn't against it.

"Either way, I don't believe he's that scary. Grandfather, rest well," President Fan said before he left the old man's bedroom.

Although Mo Ting's public image had always been stable and the average person didn't dare to provoke him, it was possible that it was like a bubble, waiting to be popped. So, President Fan wanted to see how powerful Mo Ting really was.

However, this wasn't something that President Fan had to initiate, because Mo Ting had already lost patience for him.

In the quiet of the night, Mo Ting ended up giving Lu Che a phone call, "There's something I need you to do immediately."


Without realizing it, it had been a while since Tangning distanced herself from the industry...

However, Superstar Media's artists were currently hot and s.h.i.+ning.

Xing Lan was the most impressive of all. In one go, she took home multiple top music awards and practically every song chart had her name on it. She was even invited to perform and write the closing song for a film. Whenever one mentioned the new diva of the singing world, Xing Lan, practically everyone simultaneously thought of Tangning.

Meanwhile, both Luo Sheng and Luo Yinghong continued to exceed in their own fields while a familiar face reappeared in the film industry.

This was Superstar Media's 'traitor', Xia Hanmo.

She actually relied on the rich man backing her to return to acting. Although her reputation within the industry wasn't very good, she was still liked by the producers because she brought money to the production and only vied for supporting role. Who wouldn't like that?

Coincidentally, this time, Xia Hanmo was to play the supporting role in Luo Sheng's film.

However, Luo Sheng despised traitors and had expressed his dislike towards Xia Hanmo openly at multiple public events.

Yet, Xia Hanmo returned to the industry like a completely different person to her previous innocent self.

In private, she wore thick makeup and even smoked.

Luo Sheng saw her like that twice, but he simply furrowed his brows and walked away in disdain.

However, the last time he saw it, Xia Hanmo actually smoked right in front of him.

"I don't think you should act. You should go home and smoke instead. After all, you have someone to support you at home."

Everyone looked a little awkward, but Xia Hanmo did not care.

These days, she had already lost respect for herself.

"I did something wrong by Tangning, so I guess I deserve this kind of treatment."

"The person you wronged was Lin Qian," Luo Sheng corrected. "I don't know what att.i.tude you've come to this rehearsal with, but I'm sure you must have heard that I'm the male lead of this film. You really shouldn't appear in front of me..."

"Luo Sheng, you should leave things in the past."

Afterwards, Luo Sheng mentioned Xia Hanmo's current state to Long Jie. However, Long Jie simply shrugged her shoulders in disdain, "Simply focus on your acting. Don't let personal feelings affect you and don't let others hold onto your weaknesses. It's not worth it."

"OK, Long Jie, I will try my best to control myself."

Luo Sheng hated having to work with someone that had personality issues.

But, was Xia Hanmo really that bad? Not really. However, this was exactly the problem. She wasn't completely bad. So, her fake exterior actually made people look down on her even more.

It didn't take long before Tangning found out about the cooperation between Luo Sheng and Xia Hanmo. When it came to Xia Hanmo, there was nothing she could say.

A few days later, Tangning received an invitation.

She was quite surprised that this person still remembered her.

The invite was from TQ's editor, Lin Weisen: he was getting married!

Attached to the invite was the cover of TQ's October issue that she had appeared on. When she saw her own face on the cover, Tangning almost felt like it was from another lifetime.

Although their friends.h.i.+p had long faded, this man had still helped her in the past. This was something that she would never forget.

"I heard this is his second marriage..."

"You're so nosy," Tangning said to Mo Ting. "It's been a long time since I've stepped foot in the fas.h.i.+on industry..."

"Does that mean you'll definitely attend this wedding?" Mo Ting laughed as he hugged Tangning. "Actually, you should attend. After all, Lin Weisen had spoken up for you in front of everyone in the past."

Tangning nodded. But, she did not expect that this event would almost cause her to get into an accident...

In reality, the reason why Lin Weisen invited Tangning wasn't just so she could witness his happiness, but also because he knew that she was trying to perfect a sci-fi film and he happened to have a friend that was exceptionally professional in this field. He thought that if he introduced him to Tangning, he would be able to help her.

His intentions were good. Unfortunately, too many people from the industry were​ attending.

Sometimes, the entertainment industry felt like it was really big. But, in reality, apart from newcomers coming and going all the time, everyone else pretty much knew each other. After all, they were all faces that often appeared in the media...

And amongst these faces, was President Fan...