Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 1032 Please Move Aside?

Chapter 1032 Please Move Aside?

"I asked you here today because Director Lin mentioned twice in our board meetings that he wants to shut down Superstar Media. I want to know what you think about that. After all, you created Superstar Media with your own two hands."

After hearing this, Tangning stared firmly at Director Lin for about 10 seconds before she replied, "Before I give a response to your question, can I first explain how this issue came about?"

Mo Ting did not say a word, but the other shareholders nodded their heads.

After receiving approval, Tangning began to explain, "I think the issue between Director Lin and I should be considered as a personal grudge."

"Our problems started when Director Lin's brother-in-law began to show interest in Superstar Media's artist, Luo Sheng. So, he tried to invite Luo Sheng to partake in his IP drama. But, as everyone knows, Director Lin's brother-in-law is involved with some ill-reputed television channels and is battling some copyright issues. So, Luo Sheng ended up rejecting the IP drama."

"Consequentially, I ended up offending President Fan. During one of our conversations, he even told me that his brother-in-law is a shareholder at Hai Rui and told me to be careful with my decisions. But, what's wrong is wrong. I'm not going to do something immoral just to avoid offending someone."

"I think this is the reason why Director Lin has been clinging to me. Someone must have been implanting ideas into head in bed."

"Hmmph, we are currently discussing whether Superstar Media should be shut down," Director Lin tried to change the subject, "Why are you bringing up personal grudges?"

"Because today's issue wouldn't have come about without personal grudges," Tangning struck back. "Just because you don't like me, you're trying to suppress Superstar Media. But, what right do you have to do that?"

"Don't forget that everyone here approved to the forming of Superstar Media. Superstar Media has stuck to its boundaries and only done what it should. Why should you be making such a fuss? If it's not because of personal grudges, what other reason could you have?"

"Let me repeat myself: we are currently discussing whether Superstar Media should be shut down."

"If President Mo tells me that Superstar Media is no longer needed, I am more than happy to give up my ident.i.ty as the CEO of Superstar Media..." Tangning replied.

"I said it before, the shareholders will make the decision. If the majority agree that Superstar Media should be shut down, then we will follow fit. I always stick to my words," Mo Ting said. "But, after we solve the issue with Superstar Media, we will also discuss the matter with Director Li."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting nervously, but, Mo Ting wrapped his arm around her shoulder and gestured for her to not worry.

"But, President Mo. I am someone that's been at Hai Rui for a long time."

"Since you no longer respect my authority, it doesn't matter if you've been here for a long time. It's time to express your opinions: write down your two answers on a piece of paper and hand it over."

Seeing the seriousness on Mo Ting's face, the other shareholders understood that they had to come to a conclusion today.

"Director Lin, I don't mean to criticize you, but do you really think it's worth ruining your relations.h.i.+p with President Mo for the sake of your brother-in-law?"

"Exactly. Superstar Media's existence has no impact on us, so why must you cling to them and not let go?"

"President Mo already gave you a chance last time. You should have cherished it. Do you really want to leave the board of directors?"

Under everyone's persuasion, Director Lin began to feel moved.

Actually, he was already feeling regretful when Mo Ting started being serious. Unfortunately, he had already trodden too far.

Since he had already gotten to this point, there was no turning back.

At least Tangning and Superstar Media were going down with him.

"Hurry and voice your opinions."

Soon, Lu Che picked up the opinion box and the shareholders placed their slips of paper inside.

Then, it was time to reveal the results.

"We will first announce the results of Director Lin's fate in the board. This is something he has agreed to."

After hearing Mo Ting's instruction, Lu Che nodded his head and began to reveal the results.

Director Lin didn't believe that the shareholders would actually disregard their years of friends.h.i.+p.

He obviously didn't understand that Mo Ting was hinting for everyone to stand together.

"President, I have the results here with me. Over half the votes are in favor of Director Lin's dismissal from the board of directors..."

After Director Lin heard this, his hands began to tremble. He never expected this result.

There were actually so many people waiting for him to be kicked out of the board.

But, it didn't matter. He was going to sit back and wait for Superstar Media to join him.


...when Lu Che revealed the next results, Director Lin almost lost his mind.

"Votes in favor of Superstar Media's closure is only 30% of the total votes, so the proposal will not take effect."

"You cheated!" Director Lin cried. "Mo Ting, you planted a trap for me to fall into."

Mo Ting looked coldly at Director Lin, "Tangning has acted according to the contracts. There was never any need for the board to cast a vote. I've already given you enough face..."

"For the sake of a woman, you've hurt the interests of the shareholders." 

"I've told you before that hurting my wife in public is inadvertently the same as digging my heart out," Mo Ting replied calmly. "From today onwards, you have been kicked out of the board. So, just focus on being a simple shareholder."

"This is all I will say today. Since you love your brother-in-law so much, I will specifically cause trouble for him from now on. I would like to see when President Fan will end up getting caught for all the illegal things he's been involved in. I can already calculate how many years he will need to spend in jail!"

"How dare you compete with me? (You're fate is yet to come...)"

Of course, Mo Ting did not say the second half of what he was thinking. But, Director Lin and President Fan really needed to tread lightly.

The other shareholders would never provoke Mo Ting's authority just because they had been in Hai Rui for a long time. All they cared about were profits and they were well aware that only Mo Ting could present them with the most profits. So, it was no big deal to lose one director.

In fact, most of the shareholders could tell that Director Lin was causing trouble because of personal reasons, without realizing that Mo Ting wouldn't fall for it.

Everyone knew that Mo Ting doted on his wife, yet Director Lin dreamed of winning against his love.

He deserved what happened to him!

"Today's meeting will end here. The meeting is dismissed."

After speaking, Mo Ting escorted Tangning out of the meeting room.

He did not care about the hatred in Director Lin's eyes. After all, there were plenty of people that hated him. He would never sacrifice Tangning's interests just because the opponent was hard to deal with. Mo Ting was the perfect example of how a man protected a woman. In fact, he would protect her for the rest of her life.

"Is it really OK for you to protect me like this?"