Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 147

Chapter 147

Get lost...

Hearing these two words, Han Yufan was startled; Tangning had never spoken down to him like this, especially from so high.

Han Yufan felt like a clown: revealing the most humiliating side of himself to Tangning, whilst unknowingly being proud of himself and thinking he was invincible.

The thing that was even harder to accept was that he had once called Tangning a sl*t, however, this word seemed to have rebounded off her and slapped him in the face with a burning pain.

Han Yufan wanted to retaliate, but seeing Mo Ting's hand intertwined with Tangning's, his mouth opened, yet no words came out. All he could do was helplessly get up off the floor and leave the restaurant in front of everyone's amused gaze.

After leaving the restaurant, he found a secluded spot and punched the wall angrily. But, even though he had his regrets, he could no longer turn back; not only had he lost his status and reputation, he also lost his self-esteem...

This was the consequence of cheating and having an affair; it was a choice that he had made and karma followed closely behind him.

Not long after, Mo Ting and Tangning also left the restaurant. After holding back for a moment, Han Yufan couldn't help but run after Tangning. However, he was stopped, "Haven't you given up yet?"

He had almost forgotten, Tangning and Mo Ting were already a married couple, what was the point of him chasing after her? Tangning had already married the best man in Beijing and this man could give her everything she wanted!

"I just want to make up for all that I've done to Tangning, I can do anything..."

"No need," Lu Che said coldly, "With our president around to protect her, there is no way madam will suffer, please do not make yourself sound on the same level of importance as our president!"


"Lu Che."

Tangning seemed to have heard their conversation as she called Lu Che over. After listening to the couple's instructions, Lu Che turned back to Han Yufan and asked, "The madam wants to know when you discovered there was something going on between Mo Yurou and Li Yu?"

"Champagne Hotel, Room 3029. I caught them in bed together. The hotel has security footage."

"Thanks." After responding with one simple word, Tangning closed the car door. She didn't take another single glance at Han Yufan, nor did she turn back.

Hearing this reply from Tangning, made Han Yufan feel like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders as he finally relaxed.

Why did he have to get to this point to realize how great Tangning was?


Han Yufan watched as Mo Ting's sports car drove off into the distance, his gaze followed Tangning. However, he gave up all hope, because he knew, there was no way he could steal her from Mo Ting's hands.

The truth was, Tangning thanked Han Yufan out of politeness, like she would to a stranger. Most importantly, she wanted Mo Ting to understand where she stood regarding this matter: it was all over and she was going to continue moving forward with Mo Ting by her side.

"Mo Ting..."

"Don't feel regretful, this is all a part of your past," Mo Ting saw through Tangning immediately as he gently touched her cheeks, "If you can't find relief, then find yourself an excuse: all the suffering you went through, was so that you could meet me."

Tanging let out a laugh; Mo Ting's words cheered her up, "President Mo, thank you for being so good to me."

"Mrs. Mo, you are being too polite," Mo Ting tilted his head and kissed Tangning gently on the ear.

Tangning relaxed in Mo Ting's embrace, not worried at all that Han Yufan would reveal their relations.h.i.+p. Apart from knowing no one believed in Han Yufan's words anymore, Mo Ting had already taken precautionary action.

Even though Han Yufan was now defeated, Tangning was still stuck in a difficult position.

She was still the 'bed-climbing sl*t' on everyone's lips, whereas Mo Yurou and Li Yu had escaped implication.

Didn't Mo Yurou always think highly of herself? For the sake of advancing in her career, she would do anything. If she found out Tangning had married Mo Ting, how would she react?

Mo Yurou spent most of her life playing tricks and stealing things, yet in the end, she was left empty handed.

Maybe because Han Yufan had finally found his conscience, he left Tangning a clue; telling her where he had caught Mo Yurou cheating. However, before Tangning reacted, Mo Ting was already one step ahead, "Lu Che, send someone to investigate Champagne Hotel, I want all the records of Li Yu's stays."

At the same time, Long Jie also made a new discovery, "Tangning, I found a reporter that's been following that jerk for the past 6 months, he has lots of evidence of Li Yu breaking the rules. You will be able to clear your injustice very soon."

"Let's take one step at a time."

Tangning didn't want to get ahead of herself because no matter how much evidence she found, she would still not be able to prove she had received her award fair and square.

She still needed time to work on it. However, while she was stressing over this, the organizing committee of the Annual Model Awards released a statement.

Firstly, they admitted that Li Yu had indeed violated the rules by partaking in under-the-table operations and The Top Ten Model Awards had accepted fake votes, allowing Mo Yurou to receive an award instead of another model. Towards all this, the organizing committee were extremely apologetic and regretful.

Secondly, they wanted to address the Special Contribution Award. The organizing committee listed all the judges involved in selecting the winner; Li Yu's name was not on the list. Most importantly, the award was based on real data and actual influence.

Tangning's Oriental Trend indeed remained on the top of search rankings in the US and stirred up the public.

Data like this could not be destroyed. Even anti-fans couldn't deny it.

Not only did the organizing committee release a statement, at 7pm that night they also held a press conference to answer any questions about the incident.

Although the organizers had already stepped out to clear the situation, Tangning knew she was still missing one final piece of evidence.

Her innocence and award; she was going to prove both to the public. She was going to prove that all she depended on was her own hard work...

"The reason why this incident has become so viral is not only because it was scandalous, but also because there was someone fueling it secretly," Mo Ting said as he looked at the reports given to him by Lu Che.

He was clear which media sources Hai Rui had control over and which ones his compet.i.tors had control over.

"Look at all these media companies, they are all under Cheng Tian Entertainment. From the looks of it, your show in France really created enemies for you. But don't worry, your innocence will be proven sooner or later."

Tangning leaned on Mo Ting's body, it was warm and comforting, "In that case, do you still want me to go to Cheng Tian?"

"Of course. The only reason why this incident was so difficult to deal with was because you didn't have your own team. Ning...if you want something, would you be afraid to fight with Cheng Tian for it?"