Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 144

Chapter 144

The Tianyi 'Brothel' incident had become excessively viral. Even though Tangning had stepped in at a reasonable time to give a response and make PR efforts, she couldn't get the other people involved to cooperate. So, within the complex entertainment industry, her statement quickly got lost and forgotten.

Not long after, Tianyi Entertainment released a simple apology letter. However, the letter was useless; not only did it not recover the company's image, it even made the incident drag on for longer.

As for the shows that Tangning was currently negotiating, the clients decided to replace her with other models. As well as that, all the endors.e.m.e.nt events she had already agreed upon suddenly lost contact.

"Tangning? Aiya! Sorry, but we don't dare to use you, we've already replaced you."

"Tangning, I don't think your image suits us. Sorry, but we will have to replace you."

"Since you're not afraid of climbing into other's beds, why would you be afraid of losing an advertis.e.m.e.nt?"

These few clients were considered polite, there were a few that cursed straightforwardly.

Long Jie put down her phone and looked helplessly at Tangning. Tangning gently pat her on the shoulder, "It's OK, just don't let Mo Ting know about this."

"Do you think Big Boss doesn't already know?" Long Jie sighed. She understood this industry was all about fame and fortune and the reality was too frightening. "I'll continue to call, as long as there is still hope," after speaking, Long Jie phoned the next number. Surprisingly, they agreed to meet Tangning in person to discuss.

However, when Tangning turned up, they asked for her to be a nude model.

"You are being too offensive..."

"You've already done worse...what's the point of keeping your dignity," the man looked at Tangning sleazily. Between his thin eyelids was a look of disregard and mockery.

Tangning did not speak. She simply took one look at the man's name card and imprinted the name in her mind. The man felt slightly threatened by Tangning's icy cold gaze as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

"Long Jie, help me find out if, amongst the media, there is a reporter that is familiar with Li Yu," Tangning suddenly instructed Long Jie on the way home. She thought for a bit and continued, "Look at the agreement between Han Yufan and Li Yu, the first condition is to release Mo Yurou. This must mean Han Yufan already knew about their relations.h.i.+p..."

"But, the most important point is, when did he find out?"

"Han Yufan's birthday," Tangning carefully searched through her memory and remembered the phone call she had received from Han Yufan. That day was the first time he had asked her to return to his side, "Long Jie, go find Han Yufan's secretary, she will probably know something about what happened that day..."

"Also, keep looking into Li Yu."

"During the awards ceremony, I already told Mo Yurou we were even. I originally planned to let her go, but...who would have thought she'd go and ruin herself. If that's what she wants, then we'll give it to her then."

"We might as well send Han Yufan and Li Yu off to keep her company…"

"Tangning…" Long Jie was a little surprised.

"Sorry, my mind has been elsewhere lately, I almost forgot this was an industry where you have to depend on yourself. The mockery from the man just then was like a wake-up call - I’m now fully awake. I know now that if I don’t work hard, I may have to start all over again, or even worse."

"I can’t believe, in people’s eyes, I have now stooped as low as a nude model…"

Long Jie looked at Tangning, her eyes were wise and calm; it seemed she was no longer lost and had regained her confidence. When someone gets knocked down, don’t they just get back up again? The worst case scenario was to start again...

Online, people were still putting forward their arguments regarding the incident; for example, some people argued the date and time the agreement was signed was not long before the awards ceremony, so there was no way Li Yu had time to convince the judges to give Tangning an award. However, others responded by saying, just because the agreement was signed at that time, didn’t mean Tangning hadn’t already gotten in touch with Li Yu prior to that. The most direct evidence was when they sat next to each other at the Bright Night Gala and even walked the red carpet together...

Tangning had a look at the discussions, but they didn’t matter to her as much as what had just happened.

She knew she would be able to make these angered people feel embarra.s.sed by the words they were spewing today.

After returning to Hyatt Regency, Lu Che was waiting for Tangning at the front door, "Madam, President has asked me to escort you."

"Are we going to Hai Rui?"

"No, he wants to have lunch together."

A little while later, Han Yufan arrived at a restaurant curiously to find Tangning sitting all alone inside. Han Yufan looked at himself and realized how out of place he was; he couldn’t help feeling self-conscious. He realized Tangning looked comfortable and relaxed in this type of setting.

The woman that once stood by his side, was now elegant and dignified; she was once someone he disregarded, but now she was like a s.h.i.+ning pearl that he couldn’t even get close to.

"You’re here…" Tangning took a simple glance at him.

"Of course, I had to come see who your new husband is. I really didn’t expect you’d do something so stupid under impulse."

Tangning lifted her head and looked at Han Yufan’s serious expression; she couldn’t help but let out a laugh, "Han Yufan, you really overestimate yourself."

"Don’t tell me your husband is really so tolerant that he can endure all the widespread scandals that are currently going around about you? Even I couldn’t help but suspect that you slept with Li Yu. I really doubt he had no reaction at all!"

"You’re not worthy of being compared to him," Tangning responded in a cold tone. "Han Yufan, do you know what I’ve been thinking every day since marrying him? I’ve been thinking about all the years we spent together and how although it has already happened and is set in stone, I still regret it deeply."

"Even if you regret it, you can’t get rid of it…"

Tangning’s lips twitched; she was about to respond, but…at the entrance to the restaurant, a silhouette had just appeared...

Han Yufan recognized the figure straight away, the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment. Who would have thought he’d run into Mo Ting here.

He was well aware of his difference in status compared to this man; Mo Ting could crumble him to pieces without lifting a finger. At that moment, he remembered how Han Ruoxue had previously offended Hai Rui, so he lowered his head and avoided eye contact; even he didn’t understand why he felt this way...

Looking at him, Tangning could tell - what he was currently feeling was inferiority.

Han Yufan pretended to be looking at Tangning to cover up his awkwardness, while Tangning sneered inside. She then greeted Mo Ting with a gentle smile, "I’ve already ordered your favorite: steak."

Mo Ting made his way in front of the two people while Han Yufan stared at him in shock. He gently leaned over and placed a kiss on Tangning’s forehead before sitting down beside her, "Have you waited long?"

"I also just arrived."

"From now on, I will try my best to be earlier than you." Mo Ting stroked Tangning’s hair apologetically. Meanwhile, Han Yufan sat still wis.h.i.+ng he could dig a hole for himself to hide...

Compared to this man, he was like a poor and disgusting beggar!