Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 95

Chapter 95

As her status wasn't the same as before, Mo Ting could no longer be seen entering the airport with Tangning. Even though the temperature was hot, Tangning wrapped herself up tightly. However, before she stepped out of the car, Mo Ting gently patted her on the head as he spoke, "There are a lot of fans at the airport, if they see us together it will cause you trouble; I will wait for you in the first cla.s.s cabin. You are currently on the rise, you can't have any scandals."

Tangning lifted her head to look at Mo Ting with an apologetic look in her eyes. In reality, she was Mo Ting's wife, but they could never be seen in the public together; sometimes they even had to act like complete strangers. But, she also understood, Mo Ting didn't want her hard-earned achievements to go to waste.

Thinking of this, Tangning gave a rea.s.suring smile as she held onto Mo Ting's hand, "Wait for me...Wait until I am on the same level as you. I will personally announce to the world that we are husband and wife; an invincible married couple."

Mo Ting wrapped his hand around her neck as he pulled her in for a kiss. His eyes twinkled like a vast sea of stars, "You should get going..."

In reality, Mo Ting really wanted to keep Tangning hidden away in his home, that way only he could come in contact with her beauty. However, Tangning was born for the runway; her superstar aura couldn't be denied. So, sending Tangning to the pinnacle was his mission and aim in life...

This feeling...made him feel helpless, but also happy.

Tangning stepped out of the Lincoln Limo, changed into another luxury car and headed to the airport with Long Jie and Lin Wei. Because the Oriental Trend was a big hit, there was no way the airport would be as peaceful as when Tangning first arrived, so Mo Ting organized for 4 bodyguards to follow her.

"'s Tangning..."

The screams of the people coming from inside the airport could already be heard from the sidewalk outside.

Tangning unconsciously started walking faster. Deep down she sighed, how could these people have such good eyesight? She wrapped herself up so tightly, yet they still recognized her.

"Tangning, things have really changed," Long Jie sighed behind her. "You have the option of taking the VIP entry to avoid the fans, do you want to do that?"

"Of course not," Tangning immediately rejected the option. "If I can't even handle this, how many fans would be disappointed? My fans are supporting my career, there is no reason for me to avoid them," Tangning decided to hold her head high as she headed into the airport. Upon seeing her, fans and reporters all flocked to her side. Mo Ting's bodyguards quickly formed a human barrier and escorted her pa.s.s the security checks into the waiting area.

"Tangning...can we get your autograph?"

"Tangning, we really like you, you need to keep going..."

"Tangning, you are always welcome to come back to the US."

Tangning maintained her smile. When she came across smaller groups of people, she would generously give them an autograph. After entering the terminal, she took multiple photos with fans. Eventually, Lin Wei had to intercept and regretfully turn them away by telling them Tangning hadn't had much rest lately because of work, hopefully they could understand.

While sitting in the terminal, Tangning glanced around for Mo Ting. Finally, in the middle of the seating area, she spotted Mo Ting sitting peacefully with on as he flipped through the latest issue of Secret. The old American lady next to him noticed the magazine in his hands and smiled as she asked, "Young man, after you're finished with that, may I take a look? This magazine has been so popular lately, I haven't been able to buy it anywhere."

Mo Ting nodded gently, "Of course."

Tangning sat two rows behind Mo Ting and stared at his handsome back. She really wanted to ask him how he felt holding onto his wife's magazine. In reality, Mo Ting had the choice to sit in the VIP lounge and wait, but in order to accompany her...

Tangning's eyes welled up as she pulled out her phone and typed a few words, "Your back looks good."

Mo Ting handed the magazine in his hands to the old lady and took a look at his phone. The corners of his mouth curved up as he replied, "After we return home, get Lu Che to change the person holding your hand in the front cover to me. There won't be zero mentions anymore, right?"

"You can't do that President Mo! If you do that, then no one will notice me anymore."

The smile on Mo Ting's mouth increased as a thought crossed his mind; he wanted to enlarge Tangning's solo photo in the magazine and hang it all over their bedroom.

"I really want to turn around and look at you..."

Seeing those words, Tangning's heart ached. At this time, the airport announced their flight was ready for boarding. Tangning stood up and walked to the front. Following closely behind, Mo Ting also got up and walked behind her. Like this...he wouldn't need to turn around to look at her.

During the boarding process, many people gradually recognized Tangning. They wanted to move forward to talk to her, but, not knowing if Mo Ting was doing it on purpose, he kept standing in front of them, until Tangning finally headed into the first cla.s.s cabin...

She was his wife...of course he would take care of her and protect her...

At least, within his sight, he had to do that.

At the same time, a very entertaining photo started spreading through Beijing's online community. The B-grade model, Mo Yurou, who gloriously went overseas, was meant to overcome all obstacles and rise to a new level in her career. After all, after going overseas, she compared herself to many famous supermodels, used the fact that she was an Asian model as a gimmick and secured a few endors.e.m.e.nts. However, as soon as Secret's magazine was released, Tangning became a legend, whereas she became a joke.

'Zero Attention' became her nickname. But, all the ridicule from the public wasn't enough. Early in the morning, an extremely long meme was posted up online. The meme consisted of 10 photos of models she had previously been compared to; the model's photos were on the left, her photos were on the right. Their photos were from all different shows, whereas her photos...consisted of the same photo...

...the photo of her kneeling on the ground...

After this meme went viral, it grabbed the attention of many famous online personalities; they all began to ridicule her.

This devastating result would have never been predicted by Tianyi. Also, because of Mo Yurou's defeat, all her previous scandals started resurfacing; humiliating her once again.

This was how the entertainment industry was like; the winner takes all...

"Yurou, how about you stay in the US?" Han Yufan was worried she wouldn't be able to handle the blow and it would hurt her pregnancy.

"No need. I want to see how Tangning plans to step on me." Most importantly, the final selection for the Top Ten Model Awards was in 4 days. She wanted to make a gamble...since she didn't get good results, all she could do now was...look for the judges...

"Fine then, we will go home as soon as we get off the plane," Han Yufan responded. He had no idea at this moment what Mo Yurou was planning.

However, even if they were to head straight home, they still had to leave the airport. At this time, paparazzi were lurking; they had their eyes set on them for a long time. Their cars surrounded them and started chasing them.

After seeing the humiliation online, Mo Yurou finally started crying in the car...

She had failed too miserably and fallen too painfully!