Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 538

Chapter 538

The next afternoon, Lu Che was notified by one of his spies that Tangning's doctor was on the move . During work hours, she was discovered ducking out of work sneakily to a nearby cafe . It appeared, she was waiting for someone .

To ensure everything ran smoothly, Lu Che decided to personally follow the lead . He quickly drove over to the cafe in an average looking car and watched over the entrance .

Time slowly ticked by, but the doctor still did not see who she was waiting for . From outside the window, Lu Che noticed the doctor pull out her phone multiple times to check the time with an anxious expression .

Lu Che continued to observe the doctor with interest . Until . . . a blue figure finally appeared .

To ensure he identified the person correctly, Lu Che removed his to have a closer look . After entering the cafe, the figure looked around anxiously before sitting down opposite Doctor Lin . . .

For a slight moment, time seemed to have frozen .

Lu Che's gaze darkened . He thought this person would never appear in front of Tangning again . But, it seemed, she was still as evil as ever .

Meanwhile, Tangning had just started her afternoon shoot . Mo Ting was standing by her side holding a jacket . As she looked over at him, she noticed Lu Che's number appear on his phone .

Mo Ting turned around to pick up his phone . The first thing that Lu Che said was, "President, the culprit has been confirmed, it's Tang Xuan . "

"What else does she have planned? Help me investigate thoroughly," Mo Ting instructed . "Give me a list of everyone involved . I will deal

with them one at a time . "

"As for Tang Xuan, after everything has been clarified, I will decide how to deal with her . "

"Yes, President," Lu Che hung up the phone with a cold expression . He then instructed the paparazzi he hired to enter the cafe and find out what the two women were talking about .

"This is a deposit . Once everything is done, I'll give you the rest," Tang Xuan pulled out some money from her bag and handed it to the doctor . "Don't let anyone else find out about this . "

"Don't worry . I'll handle this well," the doctor rea.s.sured confidently .

The only reason why she was so confident was because the entire operating theatre was in on the plan . They had all agreed to keep their mouths shut for money . Otherwise, from the time that Tangning's report was released to the time of the operation, how was it possible that no one knew something was going on .

"I'll wait for the good news . " After speaking, Tang Xuan stood up and once again looked around before putting on her and walking out of the cafe . As for the doctor, she quickly put the money in her bag and stood up from her seat .

However, just as she was about to step out of the cafe, Lu Che suddenly appeared in front of her and s.n.a.t.c.hed her bag from her hands . He opened it up and emptied out the contents . Money fell out and covered the floor .

Luckily, there weren't many people in the cafe . So the waiters quickly helped the doctor pick up her money . But . . . Lu Che had no intention to let the doctor off easily as he dragged her back to her seat .

The doctor looked around in a panic, wondering if Tang Xuan had already left . Meanwhile, Lu Che sat down and pointed his chin towards her, "Stop looking around, she's gone . "

"Mr . Lu . . . you . . . "

"Doctor Lin, I think you should explain what you were doing with the woman just now . . . "

"That . . . we . . . "

"Why are you so nervous?" Lu Che watched as the doctor trembled and smiled, "Did you think you could get away with it? How about this, I'll give you some time to explain yourself . Let's see how much truth you can tell . "

Lu Che deliberately played around with her . Especially when he saw the doctor's forehead cover with a layer of sweat, his lips curved upwards into a mocking smile .

"What? You can't tell me?"

"No . . . no, that's not it . I don't understand what I did wrong . Why is Mr . Lu treating me this way?"

The air suddenly froze . . .

Lu Che looked coldly at the woman and said in a fierce voice, "If it wasn't a public s.p.a.ce here, your neck would be gone . I'm not here to have a casual chat with you . It's best if you explain everything to me in detail, otherwise, Hai Rui will make sure you return to nothing . "

"Don't test your luck . The person you are trying to hurt is someone that even a king wouldn't dare touch . "

The doctor sensed the danger in Lu Che's eyes and was so frightened that she almost knelt on the ground to beg for mercy .

However, her body did not listen, so she found herself frozen in place .

"You're not going to talk?"

After waiting a few seconds, Lu Che confirmed that the doctor wasn't willing to cooperate, so he stood up and warned, "It looks like you really want to meet Hai Rui's lawyers . "

"No . . . " Doctor Lin frantically grabbed onto Lu Che's sleeves and dragged him back to his seat, "I'll talk . . . I'll tell you everything . "

"A few days ago, didn't you come to the hospital to arrange for Miss Tangning's medical examination? Right after you left, someone approached us and offered a large sum of money to tamper with Miss Tang's results . Also . . . "

"Also what?" Lu Che asked .

"She instructed me to trick Miss Tang into getting an operation . Then, during the operation, I was to claim that there was a complication and use it as an excuse to remove Miss Tang's . . . uterus . . . " As Doctor Lin spoke, she subconsciously took note of Lu Che's reaction . She was well aware that if Lu Che had already discovered the truth, there was no way she could deny it .

Removing Tangning's uterus . . .

Hearing these words made Lu Che so angry, he almost flipped the gla.s.s table in front of him .

He never expected Tang Xuan to be so ruthless .

"How many more people are involved in this matter?" Lu Che asked as he held back his anger .

Doctor Lin found it impossible to defend herself against Lu Che's threatening aura, so she willingly gave him the names of everyone involved . Most importantly, she also mentioned a familiar name: the mastermind behind the entire scheme, Mother Zhong .

"Mr . Lu, please let me go . It was merely a moment of stupidity . "

"Let you go?" Lu Che's gaze was extremely cold . "Of course I can let you go, but you must agree to cooperate and keep this act going . "

"So, as long as I cooperate, you will let me go?" the doctor seemed to have spotted a glimmer of hope as her eyes twinkled .

"Of course," Lu Che replied in seriousness .

However, even if he was to let these people off, it didn't mean Mo Ting would .

"OK, in that case, how do you want me to cooperate?"

How was she to cooperate? He was going to make sure that no one involved would escape!

However, Lu Che did not act recklessly . After dealing with Doctor Lin, he headed to the set of 'The Lost Relative' .

As soon as he spotted Mo Ting, Lu Che hesitated for a moment about telling him the truth . He had never imagined a woman could be so evil . So, he didn't know how Mo Ting would react after hearing the entire story .