Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 512

Chapter 512

Originally, it had been agreed that Tangning could go home at night . But, with the old man deliberately trying to make things difficult, she could only instruct Song Yanshu to tell Mo Ting what was happening on set . Mo Ting never interfered with her decisions, but, he knew exactly who this old man was!

The old man would have to wait and see: the amount of suffering his wife was experiencing now, Mo Ting was going to let him have a taste of it later on . However, at present, it was more important to let Elder Mo learn about Tangning .

So, he could only tell Song Yanshu to write down all that Tangning had suffered; every little incident down to the finest detail .

That night, Tangning was to have a scene with Bai Qiusheng . Perhaps it was because of the old man's nagging, Bai Qiusheng noticed that Tangning's acting had changed .

As she changed careers from a model, Tangning had talent but a lack of experience . Most of the time, she tried to amplify her strengths and avoid her weaknesses . But now, had she learned some technical skills?

The scene they were filming was of them pa.s.sing by on the streets . Bai Qiusheng's character was aware that Tangning was looking for him, but, after finding out that Tangning's character was a police officer, he had no choice but to leave her .

Seeing the panic in Tangning's eyes, Bai Qiusheng fell into a daze for a moment . Wei An noticed this, "Cut! What's wrong Qiusheng?"

"I'm fine director, let's go again," Bai Qiusheng drew back his focus, but felt like he was caught in a predicament . He was once again unsure if he should get Tangning replaced .

Elder Mo also came to watch Tangning on set . In the end he gave a scoff, "At least she has potential . "

On the surface, the old man seemed to be making things difficult for Tangning, but in reality, he couldn't deny that she was his granddaughter-in-law . He was allowed to bully her, but it didn't mean other's could . He was a typical Mo Family member .

The next day, Tangning looked a little pale . Seeing this, the old man decided to have a nap .

Tangning took this opportunity to also lie on the table for a little while before stumbling out to the set with the old man to watch others film .

"Everyone has their own strengths when it comes to acting . Even if one is playing a small character, they should not disregard their existence . Sometimes, even a small character could make or break an entire film," the old man explained to the people around him .

In reality, he was actually saying this to Tangning .

As a result, Tangning carefully watched each person act and took note of everything worthy of learning from .

Whilst filming, Bai Qiusheng lifted his head to look at Tangning and the old man . After contemplating a little, he decided to give his plan another go .

So, his a.s.sistant made contact with the old man and the old man agreed to meet with him that night . As Tangning had filming to do at night, the old man naturally did not bring her along .

Inside the private room of a hotel restaurant, Elder Mo waved the fan in his hand as he asked Bai Qiusheng, "Be straightforward, what do you want to talk to me about?"

"To be honest Elder Hei, I would like to make Gu Heng the female lead of this film . Since you also dislike Tangning, can you get her replaced? We can negotiate a price," Bai Qiusheng asked the old man bravely . He a.s.sumed the old man's disgust towards Tangning was a given .

The old man took one look at Bai Qiusheng and laughed as he closed up his fan, "Do you think that I dislike Tangning?"

"I at least believe that you like Gu Heng more . . . "

"Who told you that?" Elder Mo's protective instincts jumped into action, "I previously mentioned that Gu Heng was consistent with her acting, but, I have not yet pointed out her faults . "

"I thought you already learned your lesson from the car scene . "

Bai Qiusheng's expression changed . Because Tangning no longer mentioned the incident, he had almost forgotten about it . So, how did this old man know of it?

"That . . . that was . . . " Bai Qiusheng tried to explain .

"Enough . The only reason I asked Tangning to be my a.s.sistant, is because my expectations for her are high . On the other hand, I have no expectations for the rest of you because I simply don't care," Elder Mo said disdainfully . "I believe G.o.d will eventually punish those with evil intentions . "

After speaking, Elder Mo stood up to leave, but Bai Qiusheng suddenly erupted in anger, "Did you think you are almighty just because you are an investor?"

"If I'm not almighty, would you be standing here before me?" the old man directly refuted . "Tangning let you off, so you should appreciate it . If you try to do anything tricky again, even G.o.d won't be able

be able to save you . " After speaking, the old man walked out proudly .

Bai Qiusheng was left behind, trembling in anger .

He really wanted to know what this old man's true ident.i.ty was .

How dare he look at everyone with disdain?

That night, after returning home, Bai Qiusheng had no appet.i.te . In the end, he gave his a.s.sistant a phone call and instructed him to handle some matters . . .

As a result of what he had done, the next morning, the production crew began to receive phone calls from the media asking if Tangning was being bullied and if an investor had done something indecent with her!

The media called repeatedly, trying to confirm this information . So, Wei An had no choice but to brush them off by saying there was no such thing happening . However, this did not prevent members of the crew from leaking information .

Information like photos of Tangning was.h.i.+ng clothes and cooking for the old man .

This time, the rumors once again spread like wildfire! In fact, people started to say that Mo Ting knew of this and it had affected his marriage with Tangning .

After seeing the news, Elder Mo sat down with Wei An and sighed, "This Bai Qiusheng hasn't learned a thing . "

Bai Qiusheng's scheme this time was quite ruthless . He thought, by leaking information to the media, everyone would a.s.sume the information came from Tangning . His intention was for Tangning and the old man to be at odds with each other while he sat to the side and reaped the benefits .

"Elder Mo, what do you think of this matter?"

"We can't let him stay," Elder Mo replied straightforwardly as he waved his fan .

"Why don't you reveal your ident.i.ty?"

"No rush . . . " Elder Mo held him back . "Let him play his game until the end before we give him a huge faceslap . If we defeat him so quickly, it's too easy on him . Meanwhile, find someone to replace him . The candidate can have an att.i.tude, but can't have bad intentions . "

"Yes, I understand," Wei An replied . In reality, even if the old man had not instructed him to do this, he still would have done it .

He believed, even if the film was a success, but the male lead was a dark-hearted person, it would be a stain on his production . There was no way he'd let that happen .

Initially, he was going to give Bai Qiusheng a chance if he changed for the better . Who would have imagined that the evil desire in his heart would be reborn . In that case, Bai Qiusheng could not blame them for what they were about to do .

"To be honest, the rascal's acting is not bad . . . " Elder Mo suddenly mentioned, "If he didn't have to take over Hai Rui, he probably would have become an award-winning actor . "

"President Mo can act?" Wei An was suddenly interested .

"There's nothing he can't do!" this was something Elder Mo had always been proud of .