Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 505

Chapter 505

Everyone thought Tangning would appear small next to Gu Heng . . .

. . . and would have the presence of a supporting character . Instead, her usual calmness and impressiveness on set created a clear comparison . So, in just two days, she was able to convince the majority of the production crew .

Especially when Tangning and Gu Heng were in character, Tangning's​ presence completely overshadowed Gu Heng . Everyone felt she was undoubtedly the Queen of the set .

Gu Heng also found herself subconsciously feeling this way as her uncertain heart began to lean towards Tangning .

No matter how dirty or messy the set was, as long as the director arranged it, Tangning would agree to act in it without worrying about her image .

This wasn't something that every actor could do, let alone an actress .

Moreover, she never used a stunt double in any of her dangerous scenes . The director would simply explain the scene to her and she'd go home to practice it with Mo Ting . Then the next day, she'd return on set and complete the shoot in less than two takes .

But, most impressive of all, were her fight scenes . . .

Even Gu Heng couldn't deny that her seriousness deserved praise . Just because she didn't know how to pull off a move now, didn't mean she wouldn't be able to do it in future .

Meanwhile, Mo Ting continued to visit on set every time Tangning had a dangerous scene; the production crew had gotten used to it . Whenever Wei An became overexcited on set, he would turn to Mo Ting and exclaim, "President Mo, I've never met a more versatile actress, she adjusts so quickly . . . "

At this time, Mo Ting would always nod his head and say, "I know . "

"Train her well . . . don't let her talent go to waste . "

"Dinner for everyone is on me tonight . . . " Mo Ting's lips curved upwards as he rewarded the crew .

Gu Heng stood to one side patiently waiting for her shoot . Everytime she saw Mo Ting on set, she would involuntarily fall into a panic . This was because she was afraid Mo Ting would discover she once had bad intentions towards Tangning .

Meanwhile, whenever she looked at Bai Qiusheng, she would feel extra guilty . She wasn't sure if he'd given up on their original plan or if he'd been doing things in secret .

At this time, she suddenly received a message from Bai Qiusheng, "Wait a little while longer . . . "

Gu Heng's heart skipped a beat . She wanted to respond to him, but she was afraid someone would discover what she was doing, so she decided to talk him out of doing something stupid next time they were alone together .

"President Mo is paying for dinner tonight . Let's all have dinner together," Wei An announced .

Hearing this, Gu Heng felt even more afraid . Because she knew, every second together would pose another opportunity for Bai Qiusheng to make a move on Tangning .

So, as Tangning pa.s.sed by in front of her, ready to get changed, Gu Heng suddenly called out to her, "Hey . . . "

Tangning stopped in her track and turned to look at Gu Heng . This was the first time she had tried to initiate a conversation with her .

"You know . . . this film has a lot of fight scenes . You need to take note of your safety . "

"Thank you Gu Jie, I understand," Tangning smiled . On the surface she appeared indifferent, but in reality, she definitely took these words into consideration . However, there was no way Gu Heng would be able to tell .

"Ning Jie, what are your thoughts?" Song Yanshu asked as she followed behind . She had spent everyday in fear that someone would do something against Tangning . But Tangning had remained calm the entire time .

"She's understood that there's no benefit in hurting me, so she's trying to get on my good side instead," Tangning replied quietly, "Since she's given us a warning, we should be extra cautious . "

"OK . "

"Mo Ting's birthday is coming up, I want to resolve everything as soon as possible and not make him worry," Tangning continued, "So I have no choice but to initiate an attack . "

"Ning Jie, what are you thinking . . . ?"

After filming ended that day, everyone headed to the restaurant in the hotel . On the way there, Tangning deliberately stayed back and gave Wei An and the a.s.sistant director a lift to the restaurant .

"Tangning, I hope you don't mind that I had my opinions about you in the past . I've wanted to say this to you for a while, but I haven't had the chance . "

Tangning shook her head and smiled, "It's normal to have your doubts when we haven't worked together before . I understand, Director Wei . "

"But Director Wei, I remember I still have a car drifting scene with Bai Qiusheng . Can we bring that scene forward? I want to place all the dangerous scenes together so Mo Ting doesn't have to come back and forth so often . Will that be difficult to do?"

"That's not hard to do . We can film it tomorrow . We simply need to adjust the schedule a little," Wei An nodded .

"Thank you Director Wei," Tangning smiled .

"No need to thank me," Wei An actually felt slightly guilty because he had made a promise with Elder Mo . In two days, Elder Mo would be heading on set to throw difficulties at his granddaughter-in-law .

So, he was secretly hoping that Tangning made more requests . . .

That way, the guilt he felt would be reduced .

Not long after, they started walking into the restaurant . Everyone had already arrived except for them .

Tangning and Song Yanshu sat down . Afterwards, they sweeped their gaze across Gu Heng and Bai Qiusheng . As they both weren't big talkers, they were extra quiet at events like this .

Wei An did not immediately notify everyone of the change in filming schedule, instead, he waited until the dinner was almost over before he mentioned it briefly .

After being notified, Gu Heng's expression changed as she subconsciously looked at Bai Qiusheng . Tangning noticed this action .

Tangning looked at the two without a word as the corners of her lips contained a trace of a smile .

After the dinner finished, Tangning and Song Yanshu stood up to leave . But, Gu Heng suddenly ran over and said, "I heard the drifting scene will be done at a real location . Be careful . "

"Yes I will, Gu Jie . "

"I'll come on set tomorrow and demonstrate what to do . I've done many of these scenes in the past . "

"Thank you in advance then, Gu Jie . "

Gu Heng smiled as she shook her head, but she was too afraid to look directly into Tangning's eyes . She was worried her guilt would show through .

Afterwards, Tangning watched as Gu Heng left . She then turned to Song Yanshu and instructed, "Go speak to the set designer and find out more about the location and props that will be used . Most importantly, help me find out which car I will use . "

"Don't worry . "

"Although I don't want to think too much into it, Gu Heng's consistent warnings make it hard for me not to be cautious . "

"If there really is something going on between them, Bai Qiusheng might try to get rid of you for the sake of his lover . After all, if you get into an accident, Gu Heng will naturally replace you . "

"He can try . . . " Tangning sighed . In this world, it was hard to differentiate between good and bad . But, many times, an adult's actions were influenced by the possibility of benefits .

She had said a long time ago, she'd be nice to the nice and mean to the mean .