Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 503

Chapter 503

'The Lost Relative' was officially announced to start filming in late July. Initially, Tangning wanted to start filming after Mo Ting's 33rd birthday. But, as her manager, Mo Ting naturally wanted to protect the impression that the crew had on her, so he arranged for her to start filming at the same time as everyone else.

"I know you want to stay by my side. But, when that time comes, I'll come get you," Mo Ting smiled as he brushed his hand through her hair.

"OK," Tangning said as she stood on her tiptoes and placed a kiss on Mo Ting's lips. With his words, she was rea.s.sured to head on set.

Because, to her, the most important thing in this world was still her husband. Whether it was modelling or acting, neither compared to Mo Ting.

For acting, she could give all her strength, but for Mo Ting, she could directly give him her life...

Song Yanshu accompanied Tangning on set. On the first day of filming, they headed straight to the hotel after the incense burning ceremony as Tangning wasn't to shoot her parts until the next day. So, she spent the night thinking about what present to get Mo Ting instead.

That night, after Tangning, Song Yanshu and Wei An finished having dinner together, they returned to their rooms. However, en route, Tangning spotted a pair of familiar figures in the hotel's garden. Although it was just a quick glimpse, she could still clearly identify who they were. Even Song Yanshu stopped in her tracks and exclaimed, "Ning Jie..."

"I saw," Tangning responded.

"Do you want me to investigate further?" Song Yanshu asked.

"Keep it to yourself for now..." Tangning instructed quietly, "Before we confirm this matter, don't tell anyone about it."

Gu Heng would have never imagined that the relations.h.i.+p she and Bai Qiusheng worked so hard to hide, would end up being exposed by Tangning so easily. Even though all she simply saw were their figures suspiciously pa.s.sing by.

"OK," Song Yanshu nodded.

Tangning's response did not mean that she didn't take this matter seriously. In fact, it was the complete opposite. If the male lead and supporting actress were in a relations.h.i.+p, she knew her position as the female lead was extremely dangerous.

"You have a scene with Gu Heng tomorrow. You best be cautious around her," Song Yanshu had heard enough instructions from Mo Ting to know that Tangning's safety was a major priority.

"I know," Tangning nodded before she and Song Yanshu went their separate ways and returned to their own respective rooms.

Mo Ting had told her previously that if she had a scene with Gu Heng, she should give him a phone call.

At that time, she thought he was overreacting, but now...

...she pulled out her phone without a doubt and directly called her husband.

"What's up?" Mo Ting sounded like he was driving.

"Stop the car first and I'll tell you," Tangning was worried about his safety.

Mo Ting chuckled and stopped the car on the side of the road before continuing, "So, what is it?"

"I will be filming a scene with Gu Heng tomorrow. It's during the third set in the afternoon," Tangning replied. "I want you to come..."

After hearing from his wife, Mo Ting's eyes slightly darkened, especially when he thought about Gu Heng's expression at the press release. So, he quickly agreed, "I'll come by in the afternoon. Focus on preparing for your shoot. You don't need to worry about anything...I'm here."

"OK," Tangning replied. "That's all. Get back to doing what you were doing and sleep early tonight. Don't stay up too late just because I'm not around. I'll call later to check on you."

"OK," Mo Ting hung up after giving his response. He could roughly guess that Tangning had discovered something, otherwise, she would not have given him a call with such late notice.

But, since Tangning did not explain any further, he decided not to ask. If she wanted to tell him, she would have done so. This was a part of their understanding for each other.

In the middle of the night...

Inside a quiet hotel room. A couple had just finished an intimate activity on the king-size bed. They were huddled up together as they leaned against the headboard. Gu Heng wrapped her arms around Bai Qiusheng's neck and said quietly beside his ear, "I have a scene with Tangning tomorrow. In fact...there is an intense argument involved. Why don't I make a move on her first."

"You mustn't!" Bai Qiusheng refused, "It poses too much of a risk."

"But...if we wait for your scenes with her, I'm afraid we would waste too much time. Tomorrow, I am required to tug her hair and hit her head..."

"No, you can't."

"Why not? Incidences like this happen often on set. Before you and I became famous, we both experienced it before. I can simply say that I lost control and underestimated my strength."

"Just wait patiently," Bai Qiusheng pressed down on Gu Heng's shoulders, "Listen to me!"

Although Gu Heng did not refute any further, the idea continued to manifest in her mind. In fact, she became more and more obsessed with it.

This was a rare opportunity to injure Tangning and force her to withdraw from the film.

Yet, Bai Qiusheng was being over cautious...

Perhaps she should just act first and talk later.

With her complex emotions, Gu Heng endured until the next morning...

As Tangning was to film some solo scenes first, Gu Heng did not arrive on set until later.

As she arrived, Tangning was filming a scene where she was searching everywhere for a her husband.

However, Gu Heng did not pay attention to Tangning's acting. Because at this moment, she was still battling an internal struggle. In fact, the more she looked at Tangning's head, the more she imagined her withdrawing from the film after receiving an injury.

"Haiz, I must say, there are no words to describe Tangning's acting. She is simply born to be a great actress."

"I know right! She doesn't put up a front and does not cause trouble. She also gets into character really quickly. She's seriously not bad."

Right beside Gu Heng, the staff's discussions about Tangning, made her hatred for Tangning once again increase.

After lunch, the props crew made their final preparations as Tangning and Gu Heng appeared on set.

"Gu Heng, as soon as the cameras start rolling, I want you to grab onto Tangning's hair from behind, drag her to the bathtub and dunk her head into the water. Taking safety into consideration, I made a little change to the scene," Wei An explained. "Gu Heng, you're well experienced. I'm sure you know how to control your strength."

"Yes, I know, director," Gu Heng nodded her head guiltily.

She was supposed to hit Tangning's head against a column, but the scene had now changed to drowning her in a bathtub...

...if that was the case, then her plan would not be able to go ahead.

"Director, we don't need to change it. At that point in the film, the older sister suddenly erupts in anger. I think we should stick to the original setup," Tangning suddenly suggested.

" might get hurt like that!"

"I'm sure Gu Jie is an extremely professional actress and won't let me get hurt, right?" Tangning looked at Gu Heng seriously.

Gu Heng was caught by surprise for a few seconds, before a smile appeared on her face, "Of course, we are both professionals."

"In that case...let's do a quick rehearsal," Wei An responded.