Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 489

Chapter 489

Under the suppression of 'Stupid', the crew of 'Devil Shooter' began to fight back. All the main actors from the film stopped all their current projects to partic.i.p.ate in nationwide promotions and every event was packed to the brim with fans.

One of the actors even tried to coerce his fans into supporting his film by venting about the suffering he experienced from being categorized as a zero acting ability actor.

As a result, fans began to dislike and boycott 'Stupid'.

In order to support their idol, some fans even visited professional film review websites to rate 'Stupid' with negative points and gave it appalling reviews.

But Mo Ting did not react to any of this.

Faced with one attack after another, he remained calm from start to finish.

He had simply become accustomed to it. This was how the film industry was like. If someone blocked another's path to fortune, they would become an enemy and deserve to be annihilated!

"President, there are two newcomers in the 'Devil Shooter' cast who claim that the madam's acting isn't as good as the actors in their cast," Lu Che had reprogrammed his brain to report all news he saw about Tangning to Mo Ting. Other news, Mo Ting did not care about at all.

In the ever-changing entertainment industry, only Mo Ting remained steady in his position.

As for Lin Sheng, he was already cla.s.sed as one of the top actors, so their rival did not dare to make comparisons with him.

"Don't worry President, Luo Xing has already refuted against them and got his fans to destroy them," Lu Che laughed.

Who would have thought, there would actually be a day when Tang Jingxuan could protect Tangning.

"I guess Tangning didn't dote on him for nothing," Mo Ting replied calmly.

"But President, we need to be cautious of the real estate tyc.o.o.n. He's a sneaky character; I'm sure he has other tricks up his sleeves."

"I have it all under control. Tell Fang Yu to keep an eye on his artists," Mo Ting instructed as he held onto the thick script in his hands. He had selected a script that he thought was best for Tangning, but...he was worried Tangning might get injured.

Tangning entered the study room with a gla.s.s of milk. Seeing the hesitant look on Mo Ting's face, she raised an eyebrow and sat down beside him, "What's the matter?"

Mo Ting was still focused on the script in his hands.

Tangning followed his gaze and saw that the script was t.i.tled, 'The Lost Relative'.

Genre: crime/action.

This meant the film would involve a large amount of fight scenes, chase scenes and shooting scenes. When filming films like this, it was often for the actors to suffer injuries, big and small.

"You want me to act in this film?"

Tangning flipped through the script and saw the general synopsis. It was about a police wife who's husband went missing for many years. While working on her daily cases, she continued to search for her husband on the side. In the end, she stumbled across a huge crime committed by her husband. It turned out her husband was a wanted criminal before they got married.

Tangning's character this time liked to fight.

She didn't like solving matters verbally and always resorted to violence.

" quite a challenge," Tangning suddenly laughed, "But it should be quite thrilling and exciting. I like it."

When a.s.sessing a script, the first thing Mo Ting looked at was a strong storyline. Apart from that, he accepted all kinds of genres for Tangning. This was because he knew Tangning would be able to handle it. She wasn't like other actors, she did not need to repeat the same genres over and over again. As for the reason why he did not accept any television series roles, it was because films did not take as long to complete in comparison. Films were a quicker way for Tangning to gain experience.

"But, you will most likely get hurt..." Mo Ting said as he closed up the script, "Let me look at the others first..."

"What else are you looking for? Since you've chosen it, it must be the best. There's nothing else to consider, I'll do it!" Tangning exclaimed. "I know it's difficult, but I like it. This will be my last project before I prepare for a child, I want to give my fans a surprise."

Mo Ting wrapped his arms around Tangning. From his body language, it was clear to see that he couldn't bear to let her do it.

Car racing, guns, fighting and escape scenes; all of them made him anxious.

"I'm your manager, I'll decide. Plus, 'Stupid' hasn't been officially released yet, once it's officially released, you will receive even more offers."

Tangning understood that Mo Ting was worried, so she did not insist. She simply smiled and handed him his gla.s.s of milk, "Drink this first. You're almost 33, you need to take note of your calcium levels."

Mo Ting turned his head and saw Tangning's smile. He suddenly closed up his laptop and carried her in his arms, "Let me show you my hip strength!"

Late at night, inside a quiet manor, a 40-something-year-old man was playing a game of Chinese chess with his friend when his a.s.sistant suddenly appeared in front of him and said, "Chairman Zhou, she's arrived..."

A girl in her early 20's followed closely behind the a.s.sistant. She looked in a panic and was slightly trembling.

"Miss Xia Jingyi, please have a seat," Chairman Zhou said as he remained focused on his game of chess.

"I...I came out without my manager knowing. I...I don't have much time," the young girl explained.

"So hasty?" Chairman Zhou lifted his head and adjusted his, "But you are currently the most promising new female singer at Hai Rui and I am quite interested in you..."

"We have no grudges against each other. Why did you touch my brother?" Xia Jingyi asked.

"Yes, we indeed have no grudges against you, but...we have a grudge against your President. It wasn't easy for me to invest in a film. But, not only did he compete against us, he even suppressed us by controlling the minds of the public and the industry. So, don't you think we should hold a grudge against him?" After speaking, he placed down a chess piece. "I actually don't need you to do much. It's quite simple. Everyone knows how much Mo Ting cares about Tangning. I simply want to know the latest news about Tangning."

"I...I don't have the ability to get close to people of that caliber," Xia Jingyi waved her hands.

"Yes you do!" Chairman Zhou laughed. "None of you know this, but Hai Rui's Luo Xing is actually called Tang Jingxuan, he is Tangning's brother. Since you co-operate with him often, don't you think he would know everything about Tangning?"

"How did you find out about this?" Xia Jingyi asked in shock.

"This is a business matter, you don't need to question it. I want to know what Tangning's doing. If Mo Ting dares to stand in my way again...I'll make a move on his precious Tangning. He better not think that I can't see through his schemes..." Chairman Zhou scoffed. "Hadn't he heard before? An old ginger is spicy."

The compet.i.tion between 'Stupid' and 'Devil Shooter' was originally something unspoken...

Of course, it was still unpoken, but one couldn't avoid another person's underhanded schemes.