Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 473

Chapter 473

After hearing Elder Tang's last word, Tang Xuan finally stood up, "All of you want me to die, don't you?"

"Your life is your own... If you still plan on threatening me with your life, then go ahead!" Elder Tang's voice was cold.

Tang Xuan looked at the composed Tangning who was sipping her tea and looked at her siblings as she sneered, "Even you guys are on Tangning's side?"

"We simply want a peaceful and harmonious family, not one filled with compet.i.tion and fighting. Plus, Sister Two and I can clearly see that Sister Three has no interest in the Tang Family business, yet you continuously try to provoke her. You even planned out an entire accident to hurt her. Big Sister, you really aren't as great as you think you are..."

"The only talent you dominate in, is the talent of jealousy," Tang Jingxuan said calmly. "Since you're already married, you should focus on your family. Stop causing trouble and making things difficult for everyone."

"By the way, have you not noticed that Sister Three has been holding back on you all along? She's been able to beat down so many people to get to where she is today in the entertainment industry. Did you think your schemes hold any weight in comparison? She's simply been going easy on you..."

"So, you can think whatever you want, Sister Two and I don't care. Because we think that the current result is best for everyone."

After speaking, Tang Jingxuan sat back down in his seat. It was obvious to see that he and Tang Yichen had long been unhappy with Tang Xuan.

They always knew deep down, the kind of person Tang Xuan really was...

So they couldn't be blamed for being cold-hearted. After all, Tang Xuan only ever cared about gaining benefits for herself.

After hearing Tang Jingxuan's words, Tang Xuan nodded her head in sadness. In this moment, the entire family had turned their backs on her; no one wanted to side with her...

So they say, 'an unjust cause finds no support'. The scene playing out before Tang Xuan's eyes, was the perfect example.

"There's no point discussing this any further. As soon as we get home, pack your belongings and go!" Elder Tang said before turning to look at his son.

"On another note, there is still one more person in the family that deserves punishment. I never imagined, my son, who is a lifesaving doctor, would do something so disgusting."

"Father...all these years, I have also been living in torment," Tang Qinwen said in a dull voice, "I've always felt sorry towards Yuling. But...I couldn't gather the courage to step out and admit to what I had done."

"I...I should also leave. I should be kicked out on my own like Tang Xuan."


"An adulterer deserves this fate," Elder Tang exclaimed. "From today onwards, the Tang Family no longer has a Tang Xuan or Tang Qinwen!"

"I am satisfied with this result."

After speaking, Elder Tang stood up. A dazed look appeared on his aged face, "I'm old and was almost blinded by lies... Xiao Ning could you help walk grandfather out?"

Tangning looked at her grandfather and nodded her head. She then stood up from her seat and walked over to Elder Tang.

The grandfather and granddaughter headed downstairs together. Much like the scene that had happened not too long ago, it was once again raining and they were once again facing each other inside a car. Elder Tang looked at Tangning and asked in a gentle voice, "Grandfather wants to ask you one more time. Don't you want to take over the family business?"

Tangning looked at her grandfather and shook her head, "Grandfather, everyone is born with a purpose and a path they must lead. So, to your offer, I can only say sorry."

"What is there to be sorry about?" Elder Tang asked. "From a young age, you already went out into the world and experienced the good and bad side of human nature. Grandfather should have known he couldn't force you into something like this. So, forget it..."

"To be honest grandfather, my mom is a trustworthy helper."

"Little brat! Trying to sway my focus towards your mother?" Elder Tang laughed and scolded, but nodded his head, "If one day, both your grandfather and mother can't move anymore, can I hand the Tang Family over to you?"

It wasn't for certain how far in the future he was referring to...

Tangning remained silent for a few minutes and couldn't bear to reject him any further. So in the end, she nodded her head, "OK, I'll do it."

"It's set then. Dear child, grandfather owes you too much."

In reality, Tangning knew her grandfather had questioned if her heart had ever given up on the Tang Family, but he knew better than that. Plus, as the head of the family, things were too difficult for him to handle on his own.

"Grandfather, all of that is in the past."

"Bring Mo Ting home for dinner some day. Only that rascal has the charisma to be your husband. As for whether the entertainment industry is entertaining or not, grandfather has no say in it." After all that happened, he felt his heart had aged too much. What his grandchildren chose to do from now on...

...was their own matter to deal with.

"OK, I'll tell him to bring your favorite tea leaves," Tangning nodded in seriousness.

Finally, Tangning stepped out of the car. And just like the last time, Mo Ting appeared by her side holding an umbrella.

"Grandfather praised you..."

Mo Ting wrapped his arm around Tangning's shoulder and couldn't help but respond, "In all of Beijing, he won't be able to find another grandson-in-law as great as I."

"President Mo, your skin is getting thick..."

"Let's go, we need to pick up mom."

As they spoke, they turned around to find the Tang Family was exiting the hotel at the same time.

Xia Yuling and Tang Yichen walked out one door, while Tang Xuan and Tang Qinwen walked out the other.

"Brother-in-law..." Tang Jingxuan ran over in a wors.h.i.+pping manner. However, Tangning pushed him aside.

Xia Yuling glanced at Tang Xuan and Tang Qinwen... They were both in a daze... Amongst the rainy weather, they looked extra vulnerable.

Xia Yuling couldn't bear to see her husband in such a pitiful state, so she asked Mo Ting for an umbrella and handed it to him, "Take it."

Tang Qinwen received the umbrella as he looked at her with teary eyes, "Thank you for not giving up on the Tang Family. I am sorry for what I've done to you..."

"We're even," Xia Yuling replied.

"I will return to your side as a new man..." After speaking, Tang Qinwen held onto the black umbrella and left. Meanwhile, Tang Xuan was left glaring angrily at everyone.

"Don't think that just because you kicked me out of the household, I can't do anything... Unless I die, none of you will lead peaceful lives."

"If you want to seek revenge, come for me. This has nothing to do with them!" Xia Yuling protected Tangning and the other two siblings. "Tang Xuan, you should blame yourself for everything that happened. If your heart wasn't so evil, perhaps everything the Tang Family owns would have become yours already."

"Shut up...This isn't over! If worst comes to worst, I'll start all over again!" After speaking, Tang Xuan ran off into the rain and quickly disappeared from sight.

"She's endless," Tang Jingxuan scoffed. He then turned to Tangning and begged, "Sister Three... Can you ask brother-in-law to sign me up as a singer for Hai Rui?"

"Use your own abilities and sign up as a trainee," Tangning replied.

"In that case, how about you get me a job as an extra in your film?"