Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 464

Chapter 464

After Bei Chendong withdrew from 'Hidden Expert', the production crew had no choice but to stop filming.

In reality, they could have just replaced him. But...this was a film made specifically for Bei Chendong. So, other actors on the same level refused to pick up after him.

Their other option was to replace him with a newcomer. But if they were to do that, the film would lose all value and meaning. As a result, any further investment would just

sink to the bottom of the ocean



After all...not everyone had the ability to sell tickets like Bei Chendong!

Over the course of two days, the rumor about Tangning keeping ghosts, slowly disappeared. The hype had been overshadowed by news of other celebrities.

Meanwhile, under the pressures of Hai Rui, the police eventually found Xiao Xia, the person in charge of inspecting Tangning's harness.

Xiao Xia admitted that she had indeed received money from someone, but she had never seen the person in real life. When the police traced the calls she received, the calls ended up leading to public phones.

As for the money she received, it was all in cash and was picked up at a designated location.

It was clear to see that the instigator was rigorous and cautious. Above all, their methods were skillful like an experienced offender.

A little while later, Hai Rui and the police released a statement explaining the entire incident. Although their leads ended at Xiao Xia, the police used their most severe tone of voice to warn the public that they would continue in the search for the true culprit.

As soon as the statement was released, the media and netizens were in shock. As for the rumor that Tangning had to pay for using witchcraft was completely debunked. 

This was practically the first time since Tangning's comeback that she had directly revealed the unseen darkness of the industry to the public.

Mo Ting's motive was simple, he wanted to tell those that were wary of Tangning that she was framed and did not partake in any wrongful acts.

Of course, he no longer cared if other's wanted Tangning in their films or not, because 'WH' was already quite a masterpiece...Plus, disaster movies like this were always the best genre for improving an actor's skills.

He also believed Tangning would spread her wings after the release of the film.

"Tang Xuan should be thankful that she has a smart a.s.sistant!" Tangning said as she put down her scribble-filled script. She then turned and looked at Mo Ting, "Actually, we could follow her a.s.sistant."

"Right now, your main priority is to prepare for your film. Don't let small things like this bother you...our days are aplenty," Mo Ting temporarily put down his doc.u.ments and looked at Tangning meaningfully. 

"Her actions completely show how envious and afraid she is of me. I should be happy that my every living day is torture for her," Tangning stared straight ahead for a moment before she turned back to the script in her hand, "I will be extra careful from now on."

Mo Ting wanted to teach Tang Xuan a lesson on the business stage, but, her business was the Tang Family's business. If he was to make a move, Tangning would feel guilty and become more forgiving towards Tang Xuan.

However, he didn't need to worry, because 'someone' was bound to make a move first.

With this thought, Mo Ting returned his attention to the doc.u.ments in front of him.

That evening, sitting atop Tang Xuan's office desk was information that her a.s.sistant had gathered.

It was none other than clues found from investigating Elder Tang's lawyer.

"President Tang, when you put all this information together, it appears Elder Tang has written his will," Tang Xuan's a.s.sistant said as he stood at the foot of her desk, "Plus..."

"Plus, what?"

"According to my friend at the law firm, Elder Tang has decided to hand the entire business to Tangning," the a.s.sistant revealed after a moment of hesitation. The reason for his hesitation was because his friend had warned him not to take the wrong side; he should consider that Tangning was going to take over the business sooner or later. Although his friend was only hinting it, it was clear to see how sneaky Elder Tang was.

After hearing from her a.s.sistant, Tang Xuan scrunched the paper in her hands into a ball.

"Here I was doing my best after becoming the Acting President, meanwhile, grandfather had actually decided to hand everything over to Tangning. In what way do I not compare to her?"

"President Tang, what are you going to do now?"

"What am I going to do? Of course I can't let someone else take over," Tang Xuan said as she clenched her fists. "Since I'm here, why do we need her? Tangning has already married into her dream family, why must she fight over the Tang Family business with me?" 

"Do you have a plan?" the a.s.sistant asked.

"Let me think about it."

The incident with the harness had already been discovered. If she wanted to harm Tangning again, it was practically impossible.

So, the person she truly needed to deal with was actually Elder Tang; the Chairman of the Tang Family business; her grandfather!

"Let me go home and chat to grandfather."

"You are the Eldest grandchild, it is only natural for you to be the successor of the Family business. No matter what, I will remain by your side and a.s.sist you," her a.s.sistant took the opportunity to reveal his loyalty.

Tang Xuan nodded her head. It seemed, in this entire world, this man was the last remaining person she could trust...

...even though he was merely an a.s.sistant...

Late into the night, Tang Xuan returned to the Tang Family home. As she entered the front door, she spotted Mother Tang. After giving her a sharp glare she headed straight for Elder Tang's study room, "Grandfather, it's Xiao Xuan. I want to have a chat with you."

"Your grandfather's not in the study room," Mother Tang said in a cold tone.

Tang Xuan turned towards Elder Tang's bedroom, but after a few seconds of careful thought, she suddenly turned to Mother Tang and said, "Over the years, you have indeed been good to us. But, this does not change the fact that you stole someone's husband and secretly gave birth to Tangning. You are shameless and your daughter isn't any better."

"Xia Yuling, did you think your daughter is aloof from the world? In actual fact, she is the sneakiest person I know. She tricked grandfather into writing in his will that he would hand the entire Tang Family business to her."

"Let me tell you. As long as I am here, I will not let the two of you live in peace - even if Tangning is married!"

At first, Mother Tang was a little angry. But after hearing Tang Xuan's words, she smiled in relief and sneered. Because deep down, she knew that Tangning would never do something tricky in secret.

So, that meant, in Elder Tang's heart, Tangning was still the only hope for the family.

"I once thought you had a slight temper, but now I've finally realized you are simply evil."

After speaking, Mother Tang returned to her bedroom like she had made a decision about something.

Previously, she was still hesitant to do what she wanted to do because she still had an ounce of sentiment for the family. But now, she finally knew what was most important to her.

After returning to her bedroom, Mother Tang held in her tears as she gathered the courage to pick up her phone. She then called her best friend, "Xiao Jie, can you help me with a favor? I need to book a hall and I want to invite the media. I want to put an end to some old family matter!"

"We'll talk about it in person."