Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 462

Chapter 462

"My Chen Chen sure is cool..."

"Chen Ge, I believe in you!"

"Are you kidding me? My Chen has never spoken so much in the entire span of his career! So, of course I believe him!"

"I'm glad he's withdrawing. The set is so dangerous. What would happen if he got hurt again?"

"Bei Chendong would never slander someone for no reason; he couldn't be bothered to do such a thing...haha. So, I believe Chen; I believe the crew tried to avoid responsibility by throwing the blame on an innocent woman. How disgusting!"

After his press conference, Bei Chendong immediately left the scene, dragging Han Xiner behind.

Han Xiner followed behind him and dutifully blocked the media.

Seeing Han Xiner's seriousness as an a.s.sistant, Bei Chendong realized he had been missing a helper like this all along. Perhaps he could directly ask Tangning for Han Xiner and not just use her temporarily?

"Dong Ge... Hurry and get in the car."

Bei Chendong glanced at Han Xiner and noticed she was trapped within the crowd. Suddenly, he reached out his hand and pulled her into the car with him and disappeared from the sight of the media. After leaving the scene, he scolded her, "You're supposed to help me stop the media, not become a human barrier."

"I don't have much experience..." Han Xiner ran her fingers through her hair awkwardly. After seeing Bei Chendong's expression change, she changed the subject, "Is your hand OK?"

"It's fine," Bei Chendong replied before looking out the window.

Han Xiner thought he didn't want to talk to her. So, after a few moments of silence, she finally said, "Where are we going now?"

"Since I don't need to film, I'm obviously going home."

Bei Chendong was actually wondering how he was to trick Han Xiner into his home without her knowing.

On top of that, what excuse could he use to negotiate with Mo Ting for Han Xiner to stay?

Because Bei Chendong's whereabouts had always been a mystery, not many people knew where he lived. Even though Han Xiner was quite switched on, even she did not take notice of how many turns and how many estates they pa.s.sed through. As they reached the seaside, Han Xiner finally had a thought: could it be possible that Bei Chendong lived on a private island?

"Dong Ge...I guess I won't be going with you. After all, I'm sure you have plenty of staff at home to take care of you..."

"There's no one, I live there alone," Bei Chendong replied before he quickly added, "Plus, with one arm, I can't possibly take care of myself."

Han Xiner was a little surprised before she responded with a simple, "Oh." But, she didn't know why she suddenly felt like she was being kidnapped. Was she about to go to a deserted island?

Bei Chendong did indeed live on a private island. But, he wasn't completely secluded from the world, because right across the water was the most beautiful night view of Beijing.

After stepping foot on the island, Han Xiner was completely stunned. Bei Chendong did not like the typical enclosed manor, so his home was made mostly from gla.s.s...

"Help yourself. I need to go make a phone call."

After opening the door with his fingerprint, Bei Chendong headed straight for his bedroom and left Han Xiner in the living room.

He couldn't wait to negotiate with Mo Ting on a way to keep Han Xiner by his side and not let her go.

Mo Ting picked up his phone on the way home from the c.o.c.ktail party. After hearing Bei Chendong's intention, he replied, "There is definitely a way..."

"Just tell me what I need to do."

"You said it..." Mo Ting's lips curved upwards. "I want you to partic.i.p.ate in a new film I just invested in. As like before, you will be working alongside Tangning. will do it for free."

"Deal!" Bei Chendong agreed happily.

"Aren't you afraid I'll make you partic.i.p.ate in a rubbish film?"

"If you were willing to let Tangning act in rubbish, you wouldn't have pushed her towards 'Hidden Expert'," Bei Chendong was confident about this. Regardless, even if Tangning wasn't in the film, he knew Mo Ting would never invest recklessly into something of low quality.

"Although it's not a bad film, the director is a newcomer...So, we will definitely use your name as the main marketing tactic."

All this, wasn't a big deal. Bei Chendong wasn't signed to any agency, so, as long as Bei Chendong agreed, Mo Ting could market him whatever way he wanted.

"Email me the script later tonight."

In reality, this wasn't the first time Mo Ting had invited Bei Chendong to take part in a film. When it came to something like this, Bei Chendong definitely didn't agree as quickly as when he agreed to withdraw from 'Hidden Expert' (after all, his cousin-in-law was being bullied). But, who would have thought, one Han Xiner was enough to make him surrender. Han Xiner's importance to Bei Chendong definitely couldn't be underestimated.

A while later, Mo Ting returned home to find Tangning had just finished looking through the script.

She never imagined An Zihao's film was about a disaster.

After reading through the script, Tangning sat in silence for quite some time, until Mo Ting finally sat down beside her.

"What do you think?"

"It's very heavy," Tangning replied seriously, "But, I think it's worth a try."

The film was called 'WH' A.K.A 'Weird Husband'. Based in a world 20 years from now, the film was about the spread of a terrifying virus. Once infected, the person's entire body would deteriorate. The main characters were a husband and wife duo. During their daily lives, the wife slowly discovers some weird changes in her husband.

The story starts in the village of the main characters, where the first outbreak of the virus began...

As a doctor, the husband spent his lifetime helping others. But, in the end, he became patient 0 for a new virus...

"This genre is lacking in the domestic market. Although others have tried, nothing notable has been created..."

"Who will be the male lead? A movie like this requires a high degree of acting skill, do you really think that I can do it?"

Mo Ting glanced at the script in Tangning's hand and smiled confidently, "I have a feeling this film will be the cornerstone of your acting career."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting seriously before grabbing onto his hand, "I'll do it!"

"As for the male lead, you don't need to worry about it. He is good in this genre..." Mo Ting said with a deeper meaning. "This time, we will not reveal the cast to the public and the entire filming will be kept a secret. Only when we reach halfway will we start promoting."

"I'll focus on filming. As for promoting, you are the expert." After speaking, Tangning suddenly realized there was still a slight problem. The wounds on her body hadn't completely healed and she couldn't ignore the pain. "When will we start filming?"

"I must say, I've underestimated An Zihao. He has been making preparations a long time ago. As soon as he has enough funds, filming can start. It could commence as early as the end of the month."

"OK..." Tangning nodded her head. In that case...apart from preparing herself, she was also going to resolve a few issues over at the Tang household.

"By the way, the wife in this film is part of the military. So, the martial arts you learned in 'Hidden Expert' will be a good foundation. I must say, G.o.d sure loves you."

Tangning smiled; she couldn't deny it, "I don't believe in G.o.d. But, I do believe in you..."

"You felt bad that I had suffered so much so you deliberately changed the wife's career, didn't you?"

Mo Ting was a little surprised. He had been discovered...

"So, what was the wife's original career?" Tangning asked.