Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 455

Chapter 455

"Oh my G.o.d..."

"What happened?"

Luckily, they weren't too high up and Bei Chendong was protecting Tangning. So, as the two fell to the ground, Tangning ended up lying on top of Bei Chendong's chest. But even so, Tangning ended up fainting from the shock. As for Bei Chendong's arm, it had been squashed so hard that his injury wasn't minor.

Mo Ting immediately helped the two sit up and said to everyone, "Take them to the hospital straight away!"

Everyone was in so much shock, they had completely forgotten about the existence of a hospital.

Mo Ting carefully lifted Tangning into his car and ordered the director, "Find out why this incident happened. Investigate it properly!"

The director was terrified. Especially after seeing Mo Ting's angry expression, he was in such a panic that he frantically nodded his head, "OK, OK, understood."

As soon as the props a.s.sistant saw this, she immediately stood up and grabbed onto the director's arm, "Director, this has nothing to do with me. Before the wires were hooked up, we did a thorough check."

"You saw what happened though," the director pointed to Mo Ting's car as it drove away. "President Mo was here when the incident happened and the one that was injured was his wife as well as the national treasure actor. Hurry and investigate what happened."

"The person in charge of checking the wires was Xiao Xia, where is she now?" The props a.s.sistant immediately ran around the set to look for Xiao Xia. But she was nowhere to be seen, "What exactly happened?"

"According to sources, while filming 'Hidden Expert', Tangning fell down during an action scene and is currently in a life threatening situation."

"An insider has revealed that Tangning and a fellow actor fell from extreme heights. In order to protect Tangning, this actor was seriously injured and died on the scene!"

"'Hidden Expert's' deadly incident: Tangning ignored warnings and acted recklessly, causing an actor to be seriously injured and left with his life hanging by a thread."

Inside the hospital corridors, Mo Ting had just sent the two into the emergency room when Lu Che ran over urgently with his phone, "President, news has already been leaked. In fact, it oddly feels like this was all preplanned. It's only been half an hour and the rumors are already defaming the madam."

"Stop the news from spreading and temporarily keep quiet about the incident," Mo Ting ordered as he stood outside the emergency room. "Immediately find professional investigators to investigate the truth."

"Yes," Lu Che replied. A moment later, he received a phone call from Long Jie asking him about Tangning's condition.

"Rumors are spreading like wildfire, saying that Tangning fell and was injured. What exactly happened?"

"Yes, it's true that she fell and was injured, but it's not as bad as the rumors say it is. Don't believe a word," Lu Che rea.s.sured.

"What about Bei Chendong? The rumors say he died from protecting Tangning..."

"He's fine," Lu Che's voice turned cold. "Just remain at home and stay out of the mess. If you want to help, use your contacts to find out who leaked this information and who started the rumors."

"OK, I will. But, if anything happens to Tangning, immediately give me a call," Long Jie was still a little worried.

The internet was already in an uproar and Tangning had only been on set not too long.

"Did you guys hear? Tangning was injured in a fight scene and has been permanently disfigured."

"That's not right, I heard she broke her arm and won't be able to appear on the runway or films ever again."

"I also heard she's been disfigured. Oh, such a beautiful face! If she's really been disfigured, her life is over!"

"Tangning, hurry out and refute the rumors..."

"Rumor has it that even President Mo has rushed over. It seems the incident is real."

"Oh my G.o.d, no! This can't happen!"

The internet was in an uproar and amongst the discussions were a few people that called Tangning bad luck and a jinx. The previous news about Tangning being a poison was immediately dug up and recirculated.

At this time, a fortune teller couldn't help but add to the rumors by claiming that Tangning's face was the perfect example of someone with a short life filled with misfortune. Above all, the lines on her palms showed that she would implicate her family and bring disaster to everyone around her.

Although the fortune teller's words were annoying, Tangning had indeed been through multiple struggles since her debut. As for the companies and people she worked with, many of them had suffered unfortunate fates to some degree.

Worst of all, the films she acted in, had experienced all forms of struggles.

Those that weren't superst.i.tious, naturally didn't believe in the fortune teller's nonsense, but in this society and under these circ.u.mstances, even though they didn't believe it they still enjoyed the novelty of it. So, the more people circulated this information, the weirder it got...

Tangning was quickly labeled a jinx!

This label was an obstacle in Tangning's acting path.

Within the industry, this label was something investors avoided at all costs.

Although they said they didn't believe in superst.i.tion, when it truly came to working together, their expressions subconsciously changed.

It was clear to see the motive and vicious nature of whoever instigated the entire incident. They had definitely gone too far.

Along the peaceful corridor, people endlessly walked back and forth. Meanwhile, Mo Ting sat outside the emergency room, more anxious than he had ever been before.

Especially when he thought back on the moment that he saw Tangning fall, Mo Ting felt like his entire world had fallen into darkness. Even his breathing and heartbeat felt like it had stopped.

Who did it...

Who the h.e.l.l did it!

If he was to find out the culprit, he definitely wouldn't let them go.

A moment later, the doctor came out of the emergency room. As soon as he saw Mo Ting, he walked up to him, "The male patient suffered a slight fracture on his left arm, but it isn't too serious. As for the female patient, she has a few slight scratches on her body and a mild concussion. She will need to stay overnight for monitoring. We could consider this as good luck in the scheme of things. Tell her relatives not to worry."

"I noticed the patient is an actress. A small hospital like ours doesn't have the facilities for confidentiality. If you want the patient to get some peace, I would suggest you change hospitals."

"The male patient has already awoken. You can go in and look at him, but don't disturb him for too long."

"Thank you, doctor."

"You're welcome." After the doctor finished his briefing, he turned and left. Meanwhile, Mo Ting immediately pushed open the door to see Tangning. As soon as he saw her sleeping peacefully on the bed, his heart felt like it had been p.r.i.c.ked by a thousand needles.

He wanted so badly to wrap her in his embrace and feel her warmth. He also wished that he was the one that had fallen instead of her.

"She's fine," Bei Chendong said from next door. The two beds were separated by a curtain.

Mo Ting was still worried. Only when he held onto Tangning's hands did he begin to calm down. He then pulled open the curtain and looked at Bei Chendong.

"Thank you for today..." Mo Ting said to Bei Chendong as he looked at Tangning.

"If you want to thank me then send Tangning's a.s.sistant to take care of me," Bei Chendong said as he held onto his arm.

"I'll send her over tonight," Mo Ting sold her off without blinking an eye.

"Someone planned this. Have you already sent someone to investigate?" Bei Chendong asked coldly. It was bad enough that they hurt him, how dare they also hurt his cousin-in-law!