Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 431

Chapter 431

After the rumors got out, the entire production crew and cast looked at Tangning differently. They also started discussing about her in private.

"Tell me, how do you think Tangning can continue acting with all that's going on?"

"The entertainment industry has always been this realistic. People break up quicker than lightning. Now that President Mo is marrying someone else, doesn't that mean Tangning will return to nothing?"

"Shhh...Not so loud."

A few of the extras sat together and chatted, but they didn't realize, their voices were already really loud. Even Lin Sheng, who wasn't sitting too far away overheard them. So, he sat beside Tangning and asked, "What's going on?"

"What do you mean?" Tangning asked back confusedly.

"The news about your breakup and President Mo marrying someone else," Lin Sheng said straightforwardly. This was the first time, outside of acting, that he cared about someone else's personal life.

"It's just a rumor, we are fine," Tangning's response to the hot rumor was simple.

"Since that's the case, then don't let the rumors affect you. Focus on acting."

"Yes, Sheng Ge!" Tangning replied in seriousness as she lifted her head. During this time, Lin Sheng had practically become her acting teacher; he had truly taught her a lot.

"I'm going to go film my part now."

Tangning nodded her head. Regarding the rumors that were going around, she completely ignored them.

Although Xiner, who was following Tangning around, also felt angered by the rumors, she did not act impulsively like Long Jie. Instead, she logically a.n.a.lyzed the situation, "I feel that the person that started this rumor is a little stupid. Regardless of the fact that you and President Mo are already married, even if you weren't, according to how much President Mo cares about you, there's no way he'd give up on you for a business transaction."

"President Mo doesn't need to do such a thing!"

Tangning burst out laughing.

"What are you laughing about?"

"I'm laughing at the difference between you and Long Jie. If Long Jie was around, she would definitely scold the culprit a million times before she'd settle." Tangning closed up the script of 'Hidden Expert' and stood up before saying to Han Xiner, "It seems, the only reason she likes to eat, is so that she has the energy to scold people."


In conclusion, Tangning didn't seem the slightest bit affected even though the people around her looked at her sympathetically. Tangning simply couldn't be bothered to explain herself. Since they were about to announce their marriage, the truth was merely just around the corner.

But, once the rumor started spreading, it couldn't be stopped. In order to get first hand information, the reporters did all they could to force themselves onto the set of 'Stupid'. This ended up slowing down the progress of their filming.

Regarding this, Coque directly said to Tangning, "Since you've only got a few scenes to film, why don't you go home and rest for a few days. Once the rumors have dampened, you can come back on set."

Tangning nodded her head. She was actually thinking the same thing.

"I just saw Tangning leave. Doesn't she have a scene to film tonight?"

"At a time like this, how could she film anything?"

"Poor thing. No wonder people in the ancient times used to say that 'Accompanying a husband is like accompanying a tiger'. Accompanying the Big Boss of the Entertainment Industry is no different; yesterday you may have been his treasure, but aren't any better than a prost.i.tute."


It was fine if they wanted to gossip. But to compare Tangning to a prost.i.tute? Han Xiner couldn't contain her anger. So, she turned around and said intimidatingly, "What did you just say? I dare you to say it again."

There was no way the gossiping extra was going to let a mere a.s.sistant question her. So, as she got fired up, her words became extra harsh, "I am merely speaking the truth. Right now, the rumors are circling like crazy. Everyone is saying that Tangning's been dumped by President Mo because he needs to marry an heiress."


"Xiner," Tangning held Han Xiner back before turning to face the woman and saying, "I am still on set. When you speak, you should hold back a little for the sake of others and yourself. Otherwise, for the rest of your life, you will only be an extra and won't improve at all."

After speaking, Tangning turned around to leave.

Just as the woman was about to argue back, Mo Ting's car arrived and stopped right in front of Tangning, like he had done it on purpose. After getting out of the car, he directly walked over to Tangning and wrapped his arm around her, personally escorting her to the car.

Everyone on set saw it. As for the woman that had been gossiping earlier, her face was now bright red.

"Didn't they break up? Why did President Mo personally come to pick her up?"

"Must be a false rumor. Look at them, they are showing off their affection like they always do."

Of course, getting on the Boss' bad side couldn't possibly end so easily. It's just, they were to face their fate a little later. With problems like this, Mo Ting simply had to make one phone call and they'd be guaranteed to never act again.

"Did everyone on set treat you like that?" Mo Ting asked on the way home.

"No, just those two," Tangning replied.


As she turned her head, she noticed Mo Ting's darkened expression, so she immediately asked, "What exactly happened? This incident..."

"Can you not ask about it and simply leave it with me?" Mo Ting asked back. He really didn't want to tell Tangning that the person who had stabbed her in the back was from the Tang Family; her own family.

Tangning looked carefully into Mo Ting's eyes and somewhat understood what was going on, "Even if you don't tell me, I would still have my a.s.sumptions and opinions. I know not many people know about this matter. Plus, with the timing, even if you weren't to say it, I could roughly guess who's behind it. After all, this isn't the first time something like this has happened."

Mo Ting did not forget how smart Tangning was. His heart simply ached because she was too smart for her own good, "Why can't you be a little more dopey. You would be happier that way."

"If I had the choice, I would still choose to be smart. Because that way, you won't be so tired. At least I could share your troubles with you," Tangning said firmly as she held tightly to his hand. "I'm 80-90% sure that this has something to do with my siblings."

"In order to prevent me from returning to the Tang Family, they've sure exhausted their methods."

"If that's the case, then I've thought of a great way to get back at them for you," Mo Ting's ink-black eyes suddenly glowed, "Of course, since this incident also involves Miss Chi, we will kill two birds with one stone."

Han Xiner listened intently from the back seat and felt a sense of admiration; the couple seemed like they could read each other's minds. With one simple glance, they were able to understand each other. Not everyone could be this in sync.

Most importantly, it didn't seem like words were necessary between them; trust was all that was needed.

After returning to Hyatt Regency, Mo Ting helped Tangning into bed and then gave Fang Yu a phone call, "Try and get in contact with Elder Tang for me."

"What do you plan to do?"

"You will soon find out." After speaking, Mo Ting hung up the phone.

Previously, Tang Xuan had come looking for Tangning simply because Elder Tang had mentioned her. It seemed, he had the intention of taking her back in. With this in mind, it seemed he had no idea of all the backstabbing she had received. So, perhaps, Mo Ting could give him a little hint...