Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 419

Chapter 419

2:30pm. Yu Feng officially held his wedding at COMO hotel. On the grounds of the hotel was a luxurious palace-style gothic cathedral where all the guests were gathered. 

At this time, Ling Ziyi was seated at the lower left of Tangning. Every now and then, she would glance over at Tangning with a sense of hatred and hostility. However, Tangning smiled the entire time under Mo Ting's protection.

After the wedding ceremony finished, it was time for the wedding reception.

At an event like this, it was the perfect opportunity for managers to find resources for their artists.

However, for superstars like Tangning and Huo Jingjing, they no longer needed to suck up to people in the same way.

Unfortunately, because of her absence from Fas.h.i.+on Week, Tangning became the talk of the modeling industry. Apart from discussions about the possibility that she was in 'Stupid', there were also discussions about how she managed to seduce the Big Boss of the entertainment industry.

It seemed, no matter where she went, she couldn't avoid being the target of gossip.

Inside the beautiful fountain-centered European-style ballroom, Mo Ting weaved through the guests with his arm around Tangning's waist. However, a little while later, Mo Ting pulled out his phone and leaned over to say, "I need to pick up an important phone call."

Tangning nodded her head. Dressed in a long white sleeveless gown, Tangning waited patiently by the doorway as she held onto her handbag. At this time, a couple in their early fifties led a roughly 70-year-old man into the room. 

As soon as she saw the middle-aged woman, Tangning froze. It was Han Yufan's mother; the woman that had married a famous director.

Who would have thought they'd cross paths here...

Tangning looked over and nodded her head politely, but the receiving party did not seem accepting of this gesture.

Mother Han looked Tangning up and down before turning to her husband and sneering, "I've just spotted a disgusting person..."

"What's wrong?"

"That's the model that ruined my son's career and ended up rising to the top!" Mother Han pointed her chin towards Tangning, "The world sure is small when it comes to enemies!"

"Do you want me to get revenge for you?"

"Not right now. Let's hold back for the sake of Yu Feng," Mother Han scoffed, preventing her husband from making a move.

Actually, it was normal for Mother Han to to despise Tangning. After all, Han Yufan's current state was all because of Tangning.

Tangning also felt extremely uncomfortable. She hated the fact that she always seemed to see people that she didn't want to see at events like this.

Seeing that Mo Ting wasn't around, the black suit clad Lan Xi decided to approach Tangning. She grabbed two of champagne from the pa.s.sing waiter and handed one to Tangning, "Would you like a drink?"

"I didn't think politeness still existed between us," Tangning received the champagne but returned it to the waiter.

Lan Xi laughed at her own ridiculousness and shrugged her shoulders, "There's one thing I really want to ask you. When did you and Mo Ting start dating?"

The twinkle in Tangning's eyes were concealed beneath her dense eyelashes as she replied calmly, "It seems, you really want to become a joke."

"In other people's eyes, aren't you also a joke?" Lan Xi smirked. "You must know, no matter how many blessings you receive from your fans, the people within the industry will still have their doubts about your relations.h.i.+p."

Tangning listened but did not respond.

"You have Mo Ting protecting you right now... so, naturally, no one dares to do anything to you. But, cherish it while you can, because who's to say, when you wake up tomorrow, you won't be left with nothing." After speaking, Lan Xi emptied the gla.s.s of champagne into her mouth and left.

Doubts about their relations.h.i.+p...

Hearing this, Tangning felt chills down her spine.

But, a moment later, she simply smiled. Regardless of whether they had their doubts or not, she was already Mo Ting's wife.

Tangning lowered her head and regained her composure. As she lifted her head again, she saw Lu Che walking towards her, "The President needs to make a series of phone calls, so he asked me to introduce you to a few important business partners while you are waiting."

"Do I have to?" Tangning did not like the vibe in the room. She was well aware that many of them looked at her with their judgmental eyes.

"Just relax!" Lu Che shrugged his shoulders and handed Tangning a gla.s.s of champagne, "Let's go."

From directors, to past clients, to successful professionals; Tangning met them all. Eventually, Lu Che led her over to Mother Han and smiled as he introduced her, "This is Mr. Zhang Qingping; honorary president of the film a.s.sociation, a top national actor and director and a set judge for the Fei Tian Awards."

It turned out, Lu Che wanted to introduce Tangning to the older man...

Mother Han and her husband sat on the two sides of the old man. As soon as they saw Tangning, their expressions turned sour.

Tangning ignored the couple. She simply raised her gla.s.s towards the old man, holding it with both hands, "Mr. Zhang, it is an honour to meet you. Could I please give you a toast?"

The old man glanced at Tangning without responding. After quite some time, he finally said, "As if a mere model has the right to drink with me..."

The old man's words were loud and powerful, putting the ballroom into a stunned silence.

Everyone turned to look at the old man's direction. After they noticed the scene that was playing out, they felt a little bit sympathetic towards Tangning.

Actually, his reaction was quite reasonable. Zhang Qingping was an older generation artist and Mother Han was his G.o.ddaughter. So, after he found out his G.o.dgrandson had been destroyed in the hands of Tangning, he of course wanted to get back at her.

Tangning's gla.s.s remained frozen mid-air, creating an awkward atmosphere...

For quite some time, life had been quite relaxing for Tangning because of Mo Ting; it must have been quite some time since someone dared to be rude to her. Who would have thought, at a grand event like this, she would offend an important person like this.

Everyone waited to see if Tangning could still continue being arrogant.

And most importantly, they wanted to see how Mo Ting would react.

Tangning continued holding onto the gla.s.s in her hands, but she did not get upset nor angry. Just as she was about to pull her arms back, someone took the gla.s.s out of her hands and said to the old man, "Then, do I have the right?"

The old man looked up and realized the man that had appeared beside Tangning - was Mo Ting!

"She represents me. If she doesn't have the right...then no one else present has the right to drink with you."

The old man's expression changed as he growled under his breath, "Mo Ting...I am still older than you..."

"Elder Zhang is at most a senior that bullies his juniors," Mo Ting said straightforwardly.

"Must you speak to me like that because of a mere model?"

"Yes, she's just a model, but she belongs to me and she represents me. If anyone is rude to her, they are being rude to me. Even if it's you Elder Zhang, I will not let it off lightly." After speaking, Mo Ting hooked his arm around Tangning's waist. As they walked off, he added, "Since you are in film, you should focus on film."

In other words...

...Mo Ting was telling him: "Keep your nose out of my business!"

"And keep your hands off my people!"