Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 416

Chapter 416

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Tangning gave a gentle grunt of agreement before hanging up the phone and waiting quietly for her filming to start. During this time, she also opened up her phone to view the recordings from the runway of some of the biggest brands at Fas.h.i.+on Week.

Long Jie was sitting to one side chatting to Lu Che on the phone. As soon as she saw Tangning looking at news from Fas.h.i.+on Week, she couldn't help but feel slightly upset. If she hadn't chosen to come film 'Stupid', Tangning would have been a hit at Fas.h.i.+on Week. With her results, it wouldn't have been hard for her to get a part on the Victoria's Secret Fas.h.i.+on Show.

Long Jie decided to take a photo of Tangning from behind and send it to Mo Ting, "Boss, how could you be so heartless..."

As soon as Mo Ting saw the photo, he felt a sharp pain in his heart, but he didn't reply; this was a matter between him and Tangning.

How could he truly bear to let her give up on modeling?

Fas.h.i.+on Week was indeed important, the outside world, was he a qualified manager if he couldn't give her the best consideration for her future?

Unfortunately, there were some things outsiders didn't need to know.

Even so, his heart couldn't help but ache for Tangning. So, as soon as he finished work, he grabbed his car keys and headed straight for the studio.

Over the past few days, the crew had already gotten used to seeing Mo Ting appear on set, so they were no longer surprised. However, no matter how many times one looked

at this G.o.d-like man, they would still feel extremely pressured...

"h.e.l.lo, President Mo. Tangning is in the change room."

As soon as he heard the staff, he immediately strode towards the change room. The makeup artist was currently painting bruises and hickeys on Tangning's body. Mo Ting knew straight away that she'd be filming the bed scene today.

Tangning lifted her head and saw Mo Ting walk in. She subconsciously tried to hide her back, but Mo Ting stopped her, "I already saw it."

"I'm preparing for the bed scene later," Tangning explained awkwardly.

Mo Ting stood behind her and leaned over to whisper ambiguously in her ear, "Even I haven't left marks like this on your body...seeing this makes me slightly jealous."

"President Mo, why don't we create a more life-like effect?" the makeup artist bravely suggested, "It would look a lot more convincing!"

"Is that a good idea?" Tangning's cheeks burned red...

"Step out for a bit," Mo Ting stood up straight and didn't say anything else. After the makeup artist left, he drew Tangning into his embrace and said, "The marks on your body can only be left by me.' After speaking, he sat down and pulled Tangning onto his lap.

Tangning was a little surprised as she gasped. At this time, Mo Ting had already pounced upon her back and was sucking on it with all his might...

After he was pleased with his creation, he covered Tangning with a s.h.i.+rt and hugged her, "Just sit here quietly for a while. Don't move around. Otherwise, I don't know what I might do."

Tangning leaned against Mo Ting's body as she blushed, "Uh huh."

"Do you feel regretful for not

not attending Fas.h.i.+on Week?" Mo Ting asked gently as he placed his chin on top of her head.

"A little bit..." Tangning didn't expect Mo Ting to be so attentive towards her feelings, so she had no choice but to reply honestly.

"Did you think I'd allow a superstar to suffer a fall?" Mo Ting smiled, "There is no way I'd let my woman make a useless sacrifice..."

"But, I've never felt that I'm making a sacrifice," Tangning responded with a sense of seriousness.

The couple hugged each other lovingly until Mo Ting finally regained his composure. Afterwards, the makeup artist returned. Upon seeing the marks on Tangning's body, she concluded that she would not need to do any more work on her.

That night, as the bed scene started, Mo Ting was seated on set...

With the thought of the presence of this ice-like figure, the actor that was acting with Tangning was extremely tense. As a result, he failed the scene multiple times. If he was to kiss the King of Entertainment's woman, would he be asking for trouble? 

In the end, he asked the director, "Can we play with the camera angle to make the scene look real?"

Coque looked at Mo Ting and nodded, "Sure...Get ready."

Tangning couldn't help but laugh at Mo Ting's reaction. The infamous President Mo was indeed hard to deal with when he turned black belly.

Ultimately, the bed scene ended up being dependent on editing. At this time, the thing that surprised everyone the most...was the hickey on Tangning's body.

The production crew all praised the makeup artist on her improved skills...

But, the makeup artist simply looked at them helplessly... She wanted so badly

so badly to tell them the truth.

However, President Mo was sitting right there. So, she didn't make a sound.

After the filming was completed, Tangning and Mo Ting returned to the hotel. Mo Ting waited for Tangning to wash herself off before he got a chance to tell her, "In 2 days time, Yu Feng will be having his wedding. I've already taken a day off for you."

Yu Feng was an evergreen in the music industry and had been with his girlfriend for over a decade. Now that they were finally getting married, it was a considerably big event for everyone in entertainment.

"But, the reporters will definitely question why I didn't attend Fas.h.i.+on Week," Tangning said worriedly.

Mo Ting reached out his arms and pulled her towards him. As he looked into her eyes, he replied, "Don't worry, you have me, OK?"

"I'll leave it with you then."

Meanwhile, because of her popularity at Fas.h.i.+on Week, a young Asian newcomer model attracted quite a lot of attention in the Western and Eastern markets. She was a model from Cheng Tian. It seemed, Lan Xi had finally recovered and was using her resources in the right place.

However, the entire modeling industry felt it was quite a pity for Tangning; didn't she want to use such a great opportunity to become an international supermodel? Worst of all, this suddenly discovered small-time model created an unseen threat towards Tangning; the media couldn't help but compare them in every aspect they could think of.

Above all, the industry was ever-changing at a fast pace and there were too many fresh faces. Some people even started predicting that the small-time model would sweep

model would sweep over the industry like a typhoon and Tangning would get lost within the winds of change... 

Fans started to feel anxious, so they rushed over to Mo Ting's social media account and started leaving messages. Where was he hiding Tangning? Was she acting? Why couldn't he give them a proper answer? A newcomer was already threatening them on their doorstep...

This newcomer model everyone spoke of, was called Ling Ziyi. 

After Tangning read about all the gossip, she felt quite amused. It was normal for newcomers to come out of nowhere. But, it didn't phase her, so what were these reporters worried about?

"Stop looking at that rubbish. I'm sure Boss is hiding you for a reason. I refuse to believe he would ruin your career because of his selfishness," Long Jie said as she ate some dessert.

Towards the gossip, she could only scoff.

"However, I heard the newcomer model will also be attending Yu Feng's wedding. Not only that, it seems you may cross paths with Lan Xi again. I'm expecting quite an exciting scene to unfold. After all, Lan Xi was once interested in Boss. This will be your opportunity to put her in her place."

"Nice suggestion," Tangning felt Long Jie said something useful for once.

So what if there was a newcomer?

The miracles Tangning had already created, could not be replicated and wasn't something a newcomer could compare to. Above all, she was signed to Hai Rui...

Even if she wanted to apologize for anything...the people at Hai Rui wouldn't allow it.

"Don't worry. On that day, your powerful presence will be felt once again," Long Jie guaranteed in seriousness as she finished her dessert.