Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 414

Chapter 414

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"Has Kathy been good lately?" Tangning suddenly thought of the cheeky little monster.

Coque held his head in pain as he shook it, "I don't know what to do about her... Someday, when you are parents, you will know what I mean."

Tangning's face turned red as she turned to look at Mo Ting with slight antic.i.p.ation. Mo Ting also looked at her; it seemed they were thinking the same thing. 

Originally Mo Ting was supposed to return to Hai Rui as he still had a lot of work to do. But, as she remembered what Coque had said about being a parent, as soon as they returned to the hotel, Tangning grabbed onto Mo Ting's hand and asked suggestively, "Are you still returning home so late at night?"

Mo Ting lowered his head and looked at Tangning as he gently stroked her hair, "Were you moved by what Coque said today?"

Tangning pursed her lips and nodded her head, "Can you stay and keep me company tonight?" 

Mo Ting had always fulfilled all of Tangning's requests, so accompanying her wasn't difficult to do. He immediately stood up and gave Lu Che a phone call, canceling all the video meetings he had scheduled for the night. 

Tangning's heart warmed up; she was well aware of how busy Mo Ting was. He must have had a lot scheduled, or else he wouldn't have needed to go. But, Tangning wanted to do something reckless for once...

Most importantly, Mo Ting supported her recklessness; no matter when and where.

Upon seeing Mo Ting remove his jacket,

Tangning immediately moved aside and cleared half the bed for him. Mo Ting took the opportunity to lay on the bed and hook his arm around her, pulling Tangning into his embrace...

"Tell me, do you want a child?"

Tangning leaned into Mo Ting's chest and nodded her head, "For a moment I really felt that a family of three would be perfect; a gentle father, a strict mother and a well behaved child."

Mo Ting also felt that would be perfect. In fact, he had dreamed it many times. But, Tangning wasn't even 27 yet. If she was to become a mother now, she would no longer have time to herself. So Mo Ting leaned in and planted a kiss on Tangning's forehead, "Not just yet, I haven't doted you enough."

"I was simply thinking about it. I know it's impossible to achieve right now," Tangning sat up and climbed on top of Mo Ting's body. She then leaned over and gently undid a b.u.t.ton on his s.h.i.+rt with her mouth...

Mo Ting's ink-black eyes suddenly filled with desire. So, he reached out his hand, lifted her chin and gave her a violently pa.s.sionate kiss. It was not until they were both out of breath that he finally parted from her lips. He then whispered in her ear, "I'm really happy..."

Tangning's heart raced as she hugged him quietly. She knew deep down what Mo Ting was happy about.

Most of the time, she respected and depended on Mo Ting. Even though she loved him deeply, she was always clear minded.

But, just a moment ago, she had

had asked for him to stay... She let go of everything to ask him to stay by her side.

Mo Ting hugged Tangning tightly. In this moment, he was so happy that he was no longer himself...

Two heated bodies intertwined together. They both used their most instinctive desires to express the pa.s.sion they felt for each other. But, just as Mo Ting grabbed the condom provided by the hotel, Tangning stopped him. She blushed and said, "Just come in like this, it is currently the safe period..."

" you know what you are saying?"

When it came to protecting Tangning, Mo Ting always controlled his urges.

In this aspect, her body was always the most important. No matter how pa.s.sionate they got, he had never left a single mark on her body. But, tonight...

Tangning actually asked for him not to use protection.

"Of course I know what I'm saying. I want to truly be one with you..."

Mo Ting's eyes darkened a few shades. In the end, he grabbed her left hand and held it above her head...

Tangning gave a gentle moan of desire as she lifted her head requesting for a kiss...

After they finished making love, Tangning calmed herself down in Mo Ting's arms. She then turned her head and asked, "Have I caused you trouble?"


"The book," Tangning reminded him. "I know you don't have much spare time, so did I make a silly suggestion? Did you know? In the end credits of the movie, I would really like to see your name next to screenwriter?"

Mo Ting did not respond. He simply examined her body to see

to see if he had left any marks. He then said, "Hurry and go to sleep. You need to start filming early tomorrow."

Tangning agreed with a gentle grunt as she leaned into Mo Ting's embrace and fell asleep. But, she had no idea, what she casually mentioned, would end up giving them an opportunity to team up in the future.

Mo Ting lulled Tangning to sleep before he got up out of bed and typed a few words on her laptop...

Under the dim lighting, Mo Ting looked at the sleeping Tangning. He suddenly felt like he owned the entire world.

After J-King was taken in by the police, Star Art released an official apology on behalf of Yue Shanshan and announced that she would be temporarily retreating from the acting stage.

The violent fan incident slowly quietened down, while guesses that Tangning would appear in 'Stupid' increased.

Fans were undoubtedly happy for Tangning, after all, they were supportive of everything she did. But, film fanatics weren't so pleased.

"Our country has so many great actresses; Hai Rui can't be so stupid as to use Tangning. I heard 'Stupid' is very important to Mo Ting. Hopefully he won't make a bad decision."

"I don't want to see a model doing a catwalk in the middle of the film, you guys know what I mean?"

"If Tangning is to really appear in the film, then I will have to say goodbye because I can no longer antic.i.p.ate such a production."

It was obvious to see how high of an expectation they had. Even when it came to big Hollywood productions, in their eyes, it wasn't

eyes, it wasn't hard to point out flaws...

Because of this, Lu Che decided to do a second round of surveys for 'Stupid'. He discovered that after Tangning was suspected of taking part in the film, the antic.i.p.ation levels had decreased.

"President, we need to find a way to recover interest a little," Lu Che said worriedly to Mo Ting. "Because of the madam's ident.i.ty as a model, film fanatics aren't being very nice with their words."

"It's still early. Let them say all they want!" Mo Ting replied without lifting his head; his eyes remained focused on the computer in front of him.

"I don't understand..."

"You don't need to understand," Mo Ting's voice cooled a few degrees.

"President Mo is trying to say that it's OK for these guys to make a.s.sumptions? That it's OK for them to be prepared for the worst so that when the film is finally released, they will realize how impressive Tangning actually is," Fang Yu held onto some reports as he knocked on Mo Ting's office door and cleared Lu Che's confusion. "Those film fanatics think they are experts in film, so they are extremely judgmental towards actors. Right now, they are just like people chasing down someone for owing them money with the expectation that they wouldn't be able to pay them back. Only to find, they are paid back double! That's how pleasantly surprised they will be..."

"Do you understand, now?"

"When the time comes, even if Tangning has her flaws, they won't be too harsh on her. Because, no matter what she does, it would exceed their expectations!"