Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 412

Chapter 412

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"OK, let's announce our marriage the day that we complete filming."

In front of me, you can do anything you want, he thought to himself.

After returning to the hotel, Mo Ting led Tangning straight into the bathroom. After she finally washed away the tiredness she had built up over the day, Mo Ting pulled her to the bed and wrapped his arms around her, "What time will you begin filming tomorrow?"

"Hmmm...4pm," Tangning replied drowsily.

Mo Ting pulled her closer. As his nose brushed against her hair, he breathed in her unique fragrance.

Tangning subconsciously buried herself in Mo Ting's arms and pressed her face against his chest, "I missed you."

"I'm here now."

Tangning gave a grunt of acknowledgment. Her heart was at peace as she closed her eyes and fell asleep. At this time, Mo Ting sat up and carefully examined her legs for any injuries.

The two falls from earlier were much too painful to watch!

The next morning. As Tangning awoke, she subconsciously reached out her hand to the spot next to her. However, not only was it cold and empty, she discovered Mo Ting standing by the window with a serious expression.

Tangning pulled away the bedsheets and approached him, "You didn't sleep all night? Are you angry?"

Mo Ting did not respond, but Tangning could tell he was upset...

"Why are you angry?"

"I feel I am at fault for not making you cherish your body," Mo Ting replied after quite some time. "It seems I need to buy insurance for your entire body."

Tangning was a little

surprised. She realized her man was black belly to the point where even G.o.d would be shocked. He obviously knew she would feel guilty if he said something like this, yet he chose this method to punish her.

"I've thought about it. Just this once, never again," Tangning vowed as she raised her hand, "However, it is currently 7am, but my filming doesn't start until 4pm..."

"Don't forget, I am your manager. I've already spoken to Coque. Your filming will be moved to the afternoon. Plus, Lin Sheng already said he doesn't mind crossing paths with you. You won't need to film so late at night anymore."

"Using business for your own personal gain?"

Mo Ting couldn't help but brush his hand against her cheek, "It's because my heart ached knowing what you had to go through. Plus, you can go observe Lin Sheng in the morning and see if you can learn a thing or two."

"What about the issue with J-King? What's happening with that?"

"Don't worry about that..." Mo Ting didn't want Tangning to stress over something so annoying. However, there was one thing he wanted to let her know, "Lin Chong seems to have been converted by you. When you have some free time, I'll tell you the entire story..."

Tangning nodded. Afterwards, the couple headed to the studio together.

As soon as the staff saw Mo Ting, they immediately greeted him with respect.

When facing outsiders, Mo Ting never smiled. Because of his anti social demeanor, everyone kept their distance.

Even though he was Tangning's boyfriend, he was still the CEO of

of Hai Rui - this was the undeniable truth.

Lin Sheng was in the middle of filming a scene where he was to be scolded. In this scene, his biological father tries to make him dive into a pool of water.

Lin Sheng was acting as a stupid child. So, he stood by the water in fear as he shook his hands and tried to avoid jumping in. In the end, he made an extremely ridiculous move. He ran over to a chair and hid is head under it as he trembled...

It was hard not to praise Lin Sheng on his acting. He indeed made people forget he was an actor. Because, even at 30 years old, he was able to play a 16-year-old with no problems.

The terrified look in his eyes was especially impressive...

"Pa.s.s!" Director Coque yelled excitedly. Lin Sheng immediately stood up and his a.s.sistant rushed over to wrap him in a jacket.

Lin Sheng wiped his face with a clean towel as he looked outside the pool and spotted Tangning. His eyes looked deep with meaning...

He then said to his a.s.sistant, "Bring Tangning over."

"Yes...Is something the matter?" his a.s.sistant was afraid Lin Sheng wanted to cause trouble. After all, Mo Ting was also present and he was the one that financed the film; he wasn't someone they could afford to offend.

"Just tell her to come over..." Lin Sheng said with a cold expression.

His a.s.sistant nodded his head quickly, "Don't be upset, I'll go get her now."

Afterwards, Lin Sheng's a.s.sistant explained Lin Sheng's request to Mo Ting. So, Mo

So, Mo Ting gave Lin Sheng a quick glance before he allowed Tangning to go over.

Tangning was confused at the request. This top actor had had his opinions about her from the start. So, what was the current situation?

As Tangning approached, Lin Sheng retrieved a stack of books about acting and handed them to her, "You are intelligent, savvy and good at figuring things out on your own. I hope these books can be of help to you." 


"I hope there can be more and more actors, not just celebrities. We are storytellers; I can see this point in you. So, I acknowledge you." After speaking, Lin Sheng went quiet for a few seconds, before leaving back on his chair and continuing, "Don't forget. The thing I acknowledge is your att.i.tude towards acting, not your acting itself. When it comes to acting, you still have a long way to go."

"Thank you..." Tangning smiled.

"You can go back now. Otherwise, President Mo will think I've eaten you up."

Tangning looked at Lin Sheng's emotionless face and turned around to leave. She understood this was the way Lin Sheng handled matters; he had a certain stubbornness towards acting, in fact, it was slightly bordering obsession...

As a result, whenever he saw a rookie that showed interest in acting, he would try to help them.

Tangning returned to Mo Ting's side as Mo Ting looked down at the books in her hands. He gently patted her on the head, "You always have the power to convince people."

"President Mo, I suddenly have a feeling that 'Stupid' will do

'Stupid' will do really well at the box office."

"As long as you've tried your best..." Mo Ting did not want to give her too much pressure.

Midday. Lu Che brought the evidence in his hands to Yue Shanshan. She was shocked at the sight of it.

Hai Rui's revenge had already gotten to the point where her career had practically been destroyed. Wasn't that enough?

Lu Che sat down in a chair and squinted menacingly with his long narrow eyes. He then played the video he had obtained, "Do you know how much the compensation will cost?" 

Yue Shanshan's face turned pale as she looked at the video. She immediately asked, "How did you get this?"

"I came today to give you one last chance... What deal do you have with J-King?" Lu Che put away his phone and sat up straight, ready to listen to her story.

Yue Shanshan looked around awkwardly as she hesitated...

"You must know, if we have this video, we definitely have something even more impressive in our hands..." Lu Che warned.

Yue Shanshan closed her eyes for a moment. She knew Mo Ting had begun making a move...

"J-King abducted my child."

Lu Che's expression tensed up as he stood up and asked, "Do you have evidence?"

"I have a recording."

"Report it to the police!" Lu Che suggested without hesitation. "Only the police can help you with this. Did you think J-King would actually let your child go? He wouldn't do that unless you died! We are talking about abduction; a light sentence would be 5 years and maximum penalty would be life in prison."