Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 34

Chapter 34

9am. Tianyi Entertainment's meeting room. Han Yufan organized a short itinerary briefing for Mo Yurou and Tangning's Secret Magazine shoot in America.

Han Yufan sat at the head of the table, while Mo Yurou and Tangning sat on his two sides. The only change from previous meetings, was the difference in their ident.i.ties; Mo Yurou, the mistress, had successfully promoted herself, kicking the original partner to one side.

As if that wasn't enough, she was even shameless enough to exchange loving looks with Han Yufan. Everyone present couldn't stand watching them.

Lin Wei looked at Tangning sideways. Although she was sitting under the projector, it was hard to predict what she was feeling. However...Lin Wei could sense, at this moment, her eyes had completely blocked out Mo Yurou and Han Yufan.

This was one of the many things Lin Wei was impressed with Tangning about. No matter how hurt she was, she would never reveal her deepest emotions. Nor would she allow others to humiliate her.

"For Secret's shoot this time, I will be personally taking you both to the US. We will also be joined by a translator. As we will be working together for a few days, you should get to know each other in advance, in case it affects the progress of our work," Han Yufan handed out some information about Secret to Tangning and Mo Yurou as he spoke. "Secret was founded 20 years ago and was once all the rage in the US. Although, they have shown a decline in popularity in recent years, their influence is still not to be underestimated. As for this time, their reason for inviting Asian models, is to utilize the Oriental Wave to help them be reborn in the East...therefore, your job, is very important!"

"In terms of fas.h.i.+on, Yurou is more familiar with what is required. So, Tangning, you will need to listen to her opinions and let her take the lead..."

Once the words left his mouth, everyone in the room immediately understood what was happening - Han Yufan was trying to make Tangning step back to highlight Mo Yurou.

Upon seeing Mo Yurou's arrogant look, Long Jie gritted her teeth in anger.

"Yufan, no need to worry, I won't disappoint!"

Tangning did not retaliate. She simply stood up, turned to Lin Wei and Long Jie and said, "Let's go..."

"Tangning, what is the meaning of this?"

Tangning turned around and looked at Han Yufan calmly, "Han Yufan, do you really think my patience would last a lifetime? It's clear to see, with Mo Yurou's reputation as a mistress, it's impossible for her to land a job at this time. Using my name, scrounging off my popularity and asking me to highlight her? Is she...worthy?"

"Tangning!" Mo Yurou yelled in anger, "I dare you to say that again?"

"If you have the ability, then go shoot it yourself!" After speaking, Tangning turned around ready to leave with Lin Wei and Long Jie. However, Han Yufan held back his anger and opened his mouth to stop her.

"Wait...if you are unhappy with something, we can discuss it."

"In the past, I was too easy to convince, that's why I was stepped all over by a jerk and a tramp. Han Yufan, you know how important this shoot in the US is. Even though you act like you are calm...if I don't agree to do it, I'm sure you will be in a panic. Whether you want the shoot to go ahead, it's up to you. After all, it's not the first time you've frozen my career. Let Mo Yurou go..."

As soon as the words left Tangning's mouth, Long Jie almost couldn't stop herself from clapping her hands and cheering.

Lin Wei also couldn't help but sneak in a smile. Were they still dreaming about bullying Tangning? It's time they woke up...

"Also, whether or not Mo Yurou's fas.h.i.+on sense is better than mine, is still to be verified. Han Yufan, don't forget, although my status no longer exists, I am still the only one in Tianyi that has been in a film. Are you sure you want to send this non-advancing B-grade model to the US to lead the way? And...let's not forget to mention, she's a B-grade model that requires a translator."

"Tangning, I'm going to rip your mouth apart!" Mo Yurou jumped up in anger and slammed her hands on the table glaring at Tangning.

"Yurou, what Tangning has said isn't all wrong. This time, you listen to her." Although Han Yufan was angry, for the sake of the bigger picture, he had to endure. When Tianyi makes its comeback, he had no doubt he would be able to put Tangning back in line.

"I don't want to," Mo Yurou rejected angrily.

"It's decided. You have no right to refuse."

Tangning smirked, revealing only one side of her face to everyone in the room. It was from this angle, that Han Yufan realized Tangning had completely changed. She was clear, calm and everything she did, no longer revolved around him. Han Yufan discovered everything was different, Tangning was no longer the original Tangning; he suddenly felt a little upset.

Inside the meeting room, everyone had already left. Whereas, Mo Yurou was still inside throwing a tantrum and smas.h.i.+ng things on the floor, "Han Yufan, I've had enough! Why do I have to listen to Tangning? Didn't you say this shoot was for me? I don't see how it is for me..."

"That's enough!" Han Yufan revealed his temper, "When will you learn to understand things? If Tangning does not attend this shoot, your Top Ten Model Award....don't even dream about getting it. Think carefully."

Mo Yurou was stunned. When had Han Yufan ever yelled at her like this?

In retaliation, she wrapped her arms around her stomach and started crying, "Han Yufan, do you remember I am still carrying your child?"

"If it wasn't because you were pregnant, I wouldn't have to personally go to the US. Everything I do is for you, why can't you control your temper a little - you're always making things difficult for me." After speaking, Han Yufan walked out of the meeting room, leaving behind Mo Yurou and her a.s.sistant.

"Yurou, President Han is right. You've already s.n.a.t.c.hed him over to your side. The most important moment is right now. Endure for a little longer, after you make a comeback and your fame has returned, we won't have to be afraid of Tangning anymore," her a.s.sistant tried to convince her carefully. "Be good, don't let anger ruin your body or else you will lose more than you gain."

"Tangning, I really want to see, whether an outdated model is more professional or whether I, Mo Yurou am better!" After listening to her a.s.sistant, Mo Yurou decided to temporarily suck up the anger she had developed from today's humiliation.

"Mo Yurou must be throwing a tantrum in the meeting room right now...she must be pointing at Han Yufan and yelling at him for not allowing her to be the main lead," Long Jie could guess Mo Yurou's reaction to today's humiliation. On the way home, she continuously imitated her. "However, Tangning, you are developing more and more of a temper...the words you said just now, were so refres.h.i.+ng!"

Lin Wei joined in by laughing, "Tangning, I never expected you had such an explosive power."

"I entered the industry at 17 and became Beijing's Top Model when I was 23. Up to this point, it's been 9 years. What else is there in this industry that I do not understand? That's why I once thought having a lover and getting married was something I could rely on, but now, I've realized, I can only rely on myself." Of course, Mo Ting who was supporting her behind the scenes was an exception.

"It goes without saying, some people have been in the industry all their lives, yet they are still unaware of so much."

"That's because they haven't been hurt and backstabbed..." Tangning was referring to her own experiences. "No matter what, go home and pack your bags. Be prepared for the flight to the US tomorrow..."