Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 393

Chapter 393

On set at 'Stupid'.

Filming had only started for a few days and Yue Shanshan had already completed half of her parts. Although she didn't appear much in the film, her role was extremely important.

Director Coque still felt that Tangning was the best option for the female lead, even so, he couldn't help but acknowledge Yue Shanshan's acting skills. Whether it was a crying scene or an angry scene, she pulled it off convincingly. It was hard not be impressed. 

Seeing Yue Shanshan put so much effort into her acting, the male lead, Lin Sheng, couldn't help but comfort her, "Your abilities are clear to see. There is no way you will be replaced by anyone. You don't need to push yourself too hard."

Yue Shanshan was a little surprised. She never expected the usually cold top actor to comfort her in such a way; she felt a little guilty. The only reason she was trying so hard was not because she was afraid her role would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away, but because she was an accomplice to J-King's scheming.

"I'm fine..." Yue Shanshan replied coldly.

Lin Sheng sneered, "I am siding with you unconditionally because we both aren't from Hai Rui. Plus, your role isn't easy to play - especially not for a model."

"Thank you, I am at least confident about this too," Yue Shanshan took a deep breath; the more she spoke, the more uncomfortable she felt.

Inside the changeroom, there were a pile of random magazines. Yue Shanshan spotted the TQ magazine with Tangning on the front cover. She picked it up to have a look and felt that Tangning's eyes seemed to see through to a person's soul...

Yes, Tangning was innocent. But, who wasn't?

Whenever an artist was implicated in a power struggle, they were bound to get their hands dirty...

So, Yueshashan directly threw the magazine into the bin.

Tangning shouldn't blame her...

Milan, Hilton Hotel.

By the time Tangning and Fang Yu settled in, it was already 10pm in Italy.

Tangning made a phone call to Mo Ting to report that she had safely arrived before turning to Fang Yu and suggesting, "Go look for Jingjing. She should be staying in the same hotel."

Of course, Fang Yu already knew where Huo Jingjing was; he also knew Tangning's good intention. So, he did not delay. He simply revealed a smile and replied, "Thanks...don't go running around randomly."

"I will let you know if I go anywhere," Tangning said as she raised the phone in her hand.

Fang Yu nodded; he had complete faith in Tangning. He then pulled out his phone and gave Huo Jingjing a call. However, he did not take note of the reporter that was hiding not too far away.

Hua Rong Studio had a certain persistence when it came to Tangning, especially after agreeing to their cooperation with J-King. Not too long ago, the disagreement between Tang fans and Yue fans online was provoked by them. It was something they had agreed to do for J-King.

With the support of J-King, the small-time reporters worked even harder than before...

"Tangning and the Artists Director have gone separate ways. Should we stay here or should we follow him?" a reporter questioned Lin Chong.

Lin Chong and one of his reporters were currently staying in the hotel room next to Tangning's. They decided to take a risk and place a listening device under her windowsill...

With J-King around, their methods had become a lot more reckless.

"You follow him."

The reporter obeyed his order and quickly followed behind Fang Yu, leaving Lin Chong by himself to monitor Tangning...

Meanwhile, Huo Jingjing had not actually completed her work for the day yet. With 10 interviews in one day, she had absolutely no time to care about anything else. By the time she finished, she looked at the clock and realized it was already 2am.

At this time, her manager finally handed over her phone, "You got a call from Fang Yu..."

A moment ago, Huo Jingjing was still ma.s.saging her temples tiredly. But, with the mention of Fang Yu's name, she immediately grabbed the phone and complained, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"If I was to tell you, would you have dropped everything to go look for him?"

"It's not connecting!" Just as Huo Jingjing was stressing over her phone, a handsome man appeared at the entrance of the set. Without a second thought, Huo Jingjing pounced straight into his arms and asked, "Why are you here?"

"You should ask your manager," Fang Yu hugged her back. 

"Did you wait for long?"

"Not long at all..." Fang Yu glanced at his watch before holding onto Huo Jingjing's hand, "Let's go have dinner..."

"How come you came to Milan? Isn't Hai Rui busy?" Huo Jingjing asked as she followed closely behind him.

"I came with Tangning. She asked to borrow me for 2 days from the President..." Fang Yu continued walking forward. After leaving the set, he led her into the parking lot.

"Tangning knew I hadn't seen you for a long time and knew I missed..."

Before Huo Jingjing could say 'you', Fang Yu pressed her against a nearby car and trapped her between his arms. He then leaned over and laid a kiss upon her lips, "Do you still miss me?"

"Yes..." Huo Jingjing's eyes were in a daze, but her answer was firm.

Fang Yu removed his jacket and pulled Huo Jingjing into his embrace, sweeping her off her feet with a wildly pa.s.sionate kiss. It was not until she was out of breath that he finally let her go, "I also missed you."

Huo Jingjing gave a satisfied smile as they continued to hug for quite some time in the hidden corner of the parking lot. Eventually, a slight grumble echoed from Huo Jingjing's stomach. Fang Yu laughed as he opened the car door, "Let's go eat something good..."

The couple were so consumed in the happiness of reuniting that they didn't take note of the Hua Rong reporter that was following them the entire time. Lin Chong knew how hard it was to capture a photo of Tangning, so he had brought along the most nimble reporter from his studio. But, who would have expected...instead of getting a photo of Tangning, they ended up capturing Huo Jingjing.

Above all, she was caught in such an affectionate moment...

Even after they boarded the car, although Fang Yu wound up all the windows cautiously, the reporter could still make out the level of pa.s.sion between the couple. They were practically a step away from having s.e.x right there in the car!

The small-time reporter returned to the hotel with his findings and presented it to Lin Chong like he had retrieved a precious treasure, "There were rumors about them in the past, but Zhen Manni was suddenly thrown into the mix and distracted everyone. With this, I guess their relations.h.i.+p is confirmed?"

Lin Chong looked at the photos and sneered, "This Huo Jingjing. Wasn't she in love with a man for over ten years? Who would have thought her heart would change so quickly. What a sl*t! Does she think of men as toys?"

"I guess he knew what he was getting himself into," the reporter completely didn't hear the disgust in Lin Chong's voice as he waved his hand casually. "So, what do you want me to do with these photos?"

"Although we are working with J-King, we can't allow him to lead us by the nose. Since we've caught Huo Jingjing red-handed, we should use her to boost our fame. Sl*ts like this should be used for exposure," Lin Chong said with a darkened expression. "As for Tangning, we will work with J-King and deal with her later."

"Wait for a good show..."

"Since Tangning and Huo Jingjing are close girlfriends, they can have their reputations destroyed together." After the reporter spoke, he felt like he wasn't completely satisfied, "Should we make up a story about the couple?"

"Are you stupid? You can't make up anything, all you will do is attract Mo Ting!" The studio had been moving around and hiding from Mo Ting all along; J-King even gave them fake ID's to stay under the radar. If they were to make up something... would be a death wish.