Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 388

Chapter 388

"I wonder why you didn't investigate this point?" Yue Shanshan questioned J-King, "Of course, this isn't anything worth mentioning anyway. But, when it comes to the fact that Hai Rui knows a lot of secrets and information, it is indeed surprising, yet reasonable."

"This is what sets Mo Ting apart from everyone else. Those that are loyal to him, won't care that he knows secrets about them. In fact, they will feel like they are being protected."

"You on the other hand, all you know how to do is blackmail people...this is the difference between the two of you." After speaking, Yue Shanshan stood up. As she left, she blew a kiss at J-King, "I wish you success and hope you won't die a painful death!"

"By the way, there are people in this world who think they can achieve the same great things as another person when given their power and status. But, reality will prove that a person should understand their position!"

J-King stroked his lips with a cold expression. He had already gotten to this point, why did he still need to consider his position?

All he knew was, all men had wild ambitions; what man didn't like power?

The next day. Tangning accompanied Mo Ting as they slept the entire morning away. She originally wanted Mo Ting to rest for a few days. But after seeing the excitement on his face as he discussed 'Stupid', she no longer felt she had a reason to hold him back.

The only problem she had at present was, their sleeping position last night...slightly exceeded the level at which she was comfortable with. So, as she woke up, her face slightly blushed red.

A certain male organ was still occupying an important part of her body; she didn't think it could possibly be comfortable. So, she tried to help him remove it.

As Tangning stretched out her hand, Mo Ting woke up. However, he didn't let her know because he didn't want his delicate little wife to feel awkward...

After Tangning finished what she was doing and covered him with a blanket, Mo Ting finally wrapped her in his arms and pressed her under his body, "Mrs. Mo, you are extremely virtuous."

Tangning knew he was deliberately trying to tease her, so she shyly covered her cheeks, "You should sleep for a little while longer, there is still a bit of time before we need to go to the airport." After speaking, Tangning freed herself from Mo Ting's embrace and hid in the bathroom.

Mo Ting sat up as he chuckled. If he could be this happy every morning, he would be willing to exchange his life for it.

1pm. The couple were due to board their flight back to Beijing. However, just before boarding time, Tangning received an unexpected phone call. As a result, her expression changed.

"It's Tang Xuan. Come see me when you get back."

The Tang family!

Upon hearing Tang Xuan's voice, Tangning felt like she was talking to someone from a previous lifetime. Who would have thought, with the blink of an eye, 9 years had already pa.s.sed.

In reality, Tangning had already become accustomed to having no family. To suddenly receive a phone call from the Tang family, her first thought was, trouble must be brewing.

Noticing Tangning remained silent for a while without responding, Tang Xuan spoke in a firmer tone, "Are you not willing?"

"I don't think we have any need to see each other," Tangning replied directly. During her youth, she had always felt like she had stolen something from others. But that was because, at 17/18-years-old she was still young and impetuous. However, she was now 26-years-old and no longer needed to hide her true thoughts. Towards the Tang siblings, apart from mutual hatred, she did not feel anything else for them.

"Tomorrow morning at 8am, I will get my driver to come pick you up."

Tang Xuan didn't seem to care about anything Tangning said.

So Tangning couldn't be bothered to continue resisting. In the end, she replied, "I can drive myself."

"Up to you."

As Tangning put down her phone, Mo Ting placed his arm around her shoulder, "What happened?"

"Tang Xuan wants to meet with me. She is the Tang family's eldest granddaughter," Tangning explained. "However, I simply want to live my life with you. I don't want to have anything to do with the Tang family."

Mo Ting kissed her on the forehead as he spoke to her in a heart-aching tone, "I know."

"After I meet with her briefly tomorrow, I'll come straight home. I'm not going to stick around for long," Tangning waited to see if Mo Ting had an opinion.

"OK. Take our best car out for a drive..."

Tangning understood Mo Ting's intention; he didn't want her to be looked down upon by Tang Xuan. However, Tangning didn't feel there was any point in doing something like that; Tang Xuan's deep-rooted discrimination towards her traced all the way back to her mother.

After boarding their flight, Tangning fell asleep quickly because of the indulgent activity from the previous night. Meanwhile, Mo Ting held her in his arms as he thought to himself:

No one can bully Tangning! Not even if they're from the Tang family!

The next morning, Tangning headed down to their garage and spotted the limited edition Maybach parked in the back corner. However, she shook her head and decided to pick the least attention-seeking car of the lot; this was a more convenient choice.

She was to meet Tang Xuan at one of Beijing's most high-cla.s.s private clubs.

9am. Tangning arrived at the club and sat inside the reserved booth to wait for Tang Xuan.

It seemed, even after all these years, Tang Xuan still had the same habit. She enjoyed making others wait for her, so she could highlight her social standing.

But, Tangning did not look bothered. She simply remained seated and leisurely flipped through some magazines.

Surprisingly, out of the 3 magazines in front of her, she appeared on the front cover of 2 of them.

Half an hour later, Tang Xuan finally made an appearance. Faced with the ruthlessly skilled Tang Xuan, Tangning looked like a delicate rose.

Tang Xuan was dressed in a dark red turtleneck sweater, topped off with a black trench coat. Her ink-black hair was styled into voluminous curls which flowed down the back of her body. The makeup on her face was bright but not vulgar and her beauty carried with it a trace of aggressive wildness.

After she spotted Tangning, she immediately pulled out a contract from her diamond-encrusted handbag, "This is a transfer certificate for the shares of my entertainment agency. Have a look at it. If you are happy with it, sign it."

Tangning did not respond. The corners of her lips carried a slight sense of ridicule.

"A moment ago, I was downstairs drinking some tea with a client. I saw the car you arrived in...Although you are currently dating a big shot in the entertainment industry, it doesn't seem like you hold much importance to him. The fact that you don't hold a t.i.tle or special ident.i.ty to him is quite disadvantageous. Sign this contract; it will a.s.sure you don't end up with nothing in the future."

Tangning looked down, picked up the coffee cup in front of her and gave it a gentle sip, "Did you call me out here today for this?"

"A few days ago, grandfather mentioned your name in front of me."

"Are you afraid I'll return to the Tang household?" Tangning finally understood Tang Xuan's motive. Her voice got colder, "If you didn't come to disturb me, I would have completely forgotten about the existence of the Tang family. You can take back the agency. If you don't want me to return, I only need you to follow one condition: Don't ever show up in front of me again!"

"My true wish is for you to retreat from the modeling industry," Tang Xuan spoke in an even colder tone, "You are becoming more and more famous. Every time someone mentions you, they are bound to think of your family background. Although we don't want to admit your relation to us, the media will directly tie us together. I don't want to see the name of a Tang family member appear in any filthy magazines."

"Having our names appear alongside the names of cheap people makes me disgusted."