Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 379

Chapter 379

"Today, I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to interview two beautiful oriental beauties. Welcoming Tangning and Mo Yurou!" the reporter used fluent English to greet the two. At this moment, Mo Yurou had to take a moment to listen to the translator in her ear before giving a response. However, she could only respond in Chinese. On the other hand, Tangning's English was as equally fluent as the reporter's, so she easily conversed with her. In an instant, the reporter felt a closer bond with Tangning.

"I'm aware the two of you have gained a lot of popularity due to your upcoming 'battle'. I want to know, regarding this collaboration, what are your thoughts?"

After hearing the reporter's tricky question, Han Yufan was worried Tangning would say something negative, but, Tangning maintained her smile as she replied, "I respect every job I do...that is my att.i.tude towards things."

"Me too," Mo Yurou followed Tangning, easily escaping the need to answer.

"OK, what are your opinions towards each other?"

Another extremely tricky question. Han Yufan could feel himself breaking out in a cold sweat, because at this time, if Tangning was to step on Mo Yurou like she did at the stage event recently, he would have no way to stop her. But, who would have expected, after thinking for a moment, Tangning finally replied with one word:


To most people, this would sound like a compliment, but in reality, Tangning was actually mocking her. As Mo Yurou always thought greatly of herself, she thought Tangning was seriously praising her. Her expression became more proud as she looked down at Tangning. In this type of situation, does Tangning have the choice not to behave and accommodate?

Han Yufan let out a sigh of relief. The reporter looked at Mo Yurou. She originally thought she would answer in the most appropriate way, however, her response shocked everyone, "The Tangning in my eyes, isn't very humble..."

Isn't very humble!

Han Yufan's heart dropped, he had to hold himself back from running on to the stage. Did Mo Yurou bring her brains today? Or had she been praised so much lately that she thought she could do whatever she wanted? They had compared her to others because they knew she wouldn't have the chance to work with them, hence no chance to make a comparison in real life, but Tangning was different; they were about to partake in a photo shoot together - everyone would be able to see the results instantly. How could she not hold back a little and leave herself a chance to retreat in case something went wrong?

Everyone was surprised by Mo Yurou's response.

Not only had they never seen such an arrogant model, they also felt she had an almost non-existent EQ.

In comparison, Tangning's confident response was well thought out and meaningful.

The reporter froze for a moment, not sure how to recover the conversation. At this moment, Tangning smoothly continued talking and saved the awkward moment, "Miss Mo even appeared in the same news article as Senior Huo, I am definitely not that capable - there's still a lot for me to learn."

The Senior Huo that Tangning spoke of was the infamous supermodel Huo Jing Jing who had previously appeared on the Victoria's Secret runway - the reporters were all familiar with her. At the same time, the reporters could tell Tangning was only being polite, because...if Mo Yurou was really that great she wouldn't be appearing in a simple 3rd-cla.s.s publication.

Mo Yurou continued to smile confidently. After she was praised by Tangning her expression was smug.

"From what you're saying, Miss Mo must be very impressive." The reporter looked at Tangning thankfully as she followed her lead and praised Mo Yurou.

It was a short 20-minute interview, but Han Yufan's heart almost jumped out of his chest while standing on the sidelines.

He was originally worried about Tangning, but today, Mo Yurou had completely disappointed him.

"Yurou, why did you step on Tangning during the interview?" After the interview ended, Han Yufan questioned Mo Yurou angrily.

"Yufan, why are you sticking up for Tangning? This was our opportunity to pull her off her high horse, of course I wasn't going to let it go to waste. I've already received so much abuse from her, I had to get revenge."

Not too far away, Tangning was watching the argument between the two with a smirk on her face. Upon seeing her expression, Han Yufan felt uneasy.

"Don't tell me, deep down you actually think I'm not comparable to Tangning or Huo Jing Jing."

Han Yufan had no choice but to comfort Mo Yurou as he placed his hand to his forehead. Mo Yurou was smart sometimes, but at times like this, she was extremely stupid - especially after getting praised by people. That's why Tangning had stated Mo Yurou was confident.

"OK, it's time to prepare for the photo shoot. This battle, you must win, there's no room for losing, or will have no chance at the Top Ten Model Awards," Han Yufan reminded Mo Yurou.

"Don't worry..." Mo Yurou was filled with a determination to win.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Tangning received a phone call from Mo Ting, "The interview just now, I was watching it...I asked Lu Che to pa.s.s a copy on to Huo Jing Jing. Huo Jing Jing didn't care too much after seeing it, since she's used to being compared all the time. So we directly pa.s.sed it on to the legal team..."

That's right, Huo Jing Jing was currently signed with Hai Rui.

The husband and wife were completely in sync. Why couldn't the B-grade model be more humble? Since she didn't know how to stop and was determined to hold herself so high, then there was no choice but to put her in an unexpected difficult position.

"Did you really..."

"Since she had the courage to bully my wife, she will definitely have to face the consequences...Tangning, apart from being nice towards you, I am not easy to deal with."

A man who could control the life and death of the entertainment industry was definitely not an average character - Tangning knew this a long time ago.

"You only saw her bullying me," Tangning was speechless, she had already pushed Mo Yurou to the brink of no return, why didn't this man say anything about that?

"Later, when your photo shoot is over, I will come pick you up," Mo Ting laughed gently; to him, everything his wife did was right and deserved support!

Tangning also laughed as she nodded her head...she couldn't refuse Mo Ting's thoughtfulness.

Afterwards, accompanied by Lin Wei and Long Jie, Tangning entered the waiting room to get changed. As the front cover featured two people, Tangning and Mo Yurou's clothes and makeup were very similar - this magazine shoot was destined to be a challenge of skills.

Deep down, they both thought about making the other into their backdrop, but how they were going to play their cards...

...depended on their abilities.

As usual, before any shoot, Tangning was graceful and quiet - she didn't say much at all. This made Mo Yurou appear extra confident. She felt Tangning was this way because she knew she wasn't good enough. Meanwhile, she thought of herself as having complete control over the set...

As the theme was 'Oriental Trend', the two models both wore traditional two-piece costumes. On top they wore a beautiful high collared s.h.i.+rt, b.u.t.toned at the neck with a detailed pattern on the sleeves. From the waist up to the collarbone, there were delicately embroidered orchids blooming magnificently. On the bottom, they wore an elegant long skirt. Like the s.h.i.+rt, the skirt also had a stunning display of embroidery. After putting on the clothes, Tangning's expression was blank like a white piece of paper; she was still in her containment stage.

Meanwhile, at this time, Mo Yurou was already flaunting the feminine vibe of a woman from the ancient times...