Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 366

Chapter 366

Star King Chairman's Office.

Father Quan was watching the entertainment news. He sighed as he turned off the television and called his secretary over the intercom, "Tell President Quan to come see me."

"I'm sorry Chariman Quan, President Quan isn't in the office..." the secretary replied cautiously.

Father Quan held his chest subconsciously; he was so angry he could barely breathe, "Send someone to find him immediately. Hai Rui has requested Quan Ye appear at a press conference at 3pm, we can't let this piece of trash damage the interests of Star King."

"Yes, Chairman Quan."

The secretary hung up the phone and immediately contacted Quan Ye.

But, the man involved did not show the slightest bit of regard towards the situation. He sailed out to sea as planned, wrapped his arms around as many models as he could and completely flaunted the life of a rich heir.

At this moment, Quan Ye was out at sea drinking with his lousy group of friends. The few rich kids raised their of champagne at Quan Ye and laughed, "Hai Rui and your father are looking everywhere for you. You've caused such a huge a mess your father is going to skin you alive when you get back."

"Plus, this morning after the press release of 'Evil Child', President Mo directly said that Tangning isn't familiar with you, meaning the poem you put up has nothing to do with her."

"Bro, don't tell me you are so underhanded as to frame a model? How embarra.s.sing!"

Quan Ye's face changed from red to white and from white to green.

"Let's sail back."

"Are you really planning to attend Hai Rui's press conference?"

Quan Ye smashed his gla.s.s of champagne on the floor and pulled out his phone, ordering for his people to post up the photo he had photoshopped of Tangning kissing Mo Ting (which had been edited to look like him). The caption that accompanied the photo was, "Was the love we shared fake?"

"The heir has released another photo and has admitted to being the man that Tangning was kissing in the photo released not too long ago."

"No way! Does this mean Tangning had a secret affair with him from a long time ago? Does President Mo know of this?"

"What kind of a show is this?"

"Now that I look at it, the man in the photo does look like the heir."

The original photo had been completely removed by Hai Rui's PR, whereas the photo that circulated afterwards, was the one that Quan Ye photoshopped. So, there was a huge percentage of people that believed it.

With the addition of Quan Ye's personal admittance, it seemed, Tangning and Quan Ye's relations.h.i.+p was pretty much confirmed by observers.

Was Hai Rui going to present evidence?

He couldn't wait to see what evidence they had.

After returning from the seaside to Star King, Quan Ye directly threw open the doors to his father's office. Father Quan glared at him coldly and said in a deep voice, "I am already old, how much longer do you want to clown around? You obviously know the difference between you and Mo Ting, must you insist on provoking Hai Rui?"

"In your heart, am I always wrong?"

"Over the years, apart from causing trouble and flirting with girls, what results have you achieved? Have you made a single penny for Star King?"

"Do you know how many people have their eyes on your father's chair?"

"I can't live for a few hundred years and I can't take care of you for a few lifetimes!"

Quan Ye was struck by Father Quan's words. His eyes opened wide as he yelled back, "I am determined to cause trouble for Mo Ting!"

Seeing his son couldn't be saved, Father Quan pointed his finger shakily at the door, "Get out!"

"Also, you created the problem. Hai Rui has asked for you to attend their press conference at 3pm. If you don't want me to cast aside my so-called CEO son, you better not drag Star King down with you."

After hearing this, Quan Ye left the office without turning around.

So what if he played around? Wasn't this world a rich person's playground? She was just a measly model that had slept with multiple men. Couldn't he insult her a little bit?

He completely did not understand why Mo Ting would put a wedge between the two companies over a simple model...

So, he decided he was going to go to the press conference. Why wouldn't he?

After all, in his father's eyes, he was a good-for-nothing brat.

The scandal continued to escalate and discussions became more heated. Mo Ting simply wanted to draw a line between Tangning and Quan Ye, yet Quan Ye refused to let it happen...

So, just before 3pm, Fang Yu finished preparing the press conference with a serious expression. Of course, he had got his hands on extra evidence, since Quan Ye had just made another disgusting move.

Underneath the stage, neat rows of reporters were seated. Their expressions were filled with excitement.

Originally, they thought Mo Ting's words were final. Who would have thought, Quan Ye would once again throw out a counterattack.

Right now, one man simply said they weren't familiar with nothing to show, whereas the other claimed they were in love with evidence to support. The truth was now dependent on the evidence Hai Rui was about to put forward.

"It's almost 3pm but Quan Ye hasn't arrived!"

"I doubt the heir will show up."

"Who knows? I heard someone ran into him taking some beauties out to sea."

Fang Yu watched as the reporters chatted amongst themselves. His face didn't contain much emotion. He knew today's press conference wasn't merely aimed at making Star King pay, Mo Ting was also going to painfully criticize these reporters below the stage.

Unfortunately, for the sake of preparing this press conference, he did not have the time to even escort Huo Jingjing to the airport; he let her leave on her own. Thinking about it made him feel like an incompetent boyfriend.

3pm on the dot, the press conference commenced. However, there was still no sign of Quan Ye. It seemed he really did not have the intention to appear. But, Fang Yu did not care. If Quan Ye appeared, it simply meant the revelations that were about to unfold would be more spectacular.

Fang Yu signaled for silence and the entire hall was quiet. All that could be heard were the sounds of camera shutters.

Fang Yu scanned the audience, gave a slight bow and began, "Firstly, I would like to welcome our friends from the media. By now, you are probably sick of seeing me. After all, I am the one that represents Hai Rui at every single press conference no matter big or small. But, I have no choice, who told me to be so good looking?"

The reporters laughed.

"OK, let's return to the main focus and let's talk about something serious." After speaking, Fang Yu turned around to look at the huge projector screen behind him. But suddenly, there was a commotion around the doorway of the hall; Quan Ye appeared from the crowd wearing a black coat and blue

"How could you start without me?"

Fang Yu looked at Quan Ye with a smirk, "Welcome, President Quan."

"What? Am I the only one brave enough to come? Where's my precious Tangning and President Mo?" Quan Ye smiled provokingly.

Fang Yu suddenly smiled, stood up straight and replied, "Our Tangning said she is disgusted at the sight of you. As for our President, he has no need to drop all his work and waste his time on a spoilt heir."

As Fang Yu said these words, his tone wasn't very friendly; releasing the powerful anger he had concealed inside him. 

Of course, he also held Quan Ye accountable for preventing him from seeing Huo Jingjing off at the airport.

"What did you say?" As a spoilt heir, Quan Ye had never experienced such an insult. So, he too, released his anger...

"Compared to what you have done, what I have said to you can be considered as polite."

"That can't change the fact that Tangning and I are in a relations.h.i.+p."

Fang Yu couldn't be bothered to look at Quan Ye. He directly pointed the remote at the screen behind him and began to present the evidence...