Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 350

Chapter 350

"If you have the ability, show us some evidence."

The man couldn't resist, so he actually posted up a photo. It was the photo of Tangning kissing Mo Ting outside the manor. In the photo, Tangning's face wasn't in high definition, but her features could be identified. As for Mo Ting, because his back was facing the camera and he was blocked by a car, it was impossible to tell who he was.

Most importantly, Tangning was obviously kissing a man in the photo.

"Just wait and see, there is more to be exposed."

"Expose it, quick, show it to us..."

"Oh G.o.d, is this really Tangning? Can someone skilled find some useful information?" 

"Quick, take screenshots and save the picture, don't let Hai Rui's PR get rid of the evidence!"

The man stopped responding. After posting up a photo, he disappeared.

Originally, only a few people knew of the photo. But, quickly, it spread to Tangning's fan club and ended up on the hottest search rankings.

"Tangning, hurry over and have a look. What is this?" After seeing the photo, Long Jie immediately headed over to sit on the sofa. She then leaned against Tangning and asked, "When did this happen? Was this of you and President Mo?"

Tangning tilted her head and had a look. She then confirmed, "This was when we were at the manor."

"The photo seems to have been taken from a difficult angle," Long Jie a.n.a.lyzed the photo. "President Mo's manor is extremely secure, it's impossible for a stranger to have gotten inside. So, how did this photo happen? Were you stalked by paparazzi?" 

Tangning shook her head, "I'm not sure."

"For them to have hidden this information away for so long, they must have other plans. Why did they decide to make a move now?"

Hearing this question, Tangning once again shook her head, "I'm not sure about that either."

"Then what do you plan to do?"

"Fang Yu will naturally handle matters like this. You shouldn't stress about it. Help me pack my luggage instead, I need to go to France," Tangning was unaffected by the photo. After all, the man in the photo was Mo Ting, not someone else. If someone was to use this photo to defame her, sooner or later the truth would be revealed. However, after a short moment, Tangning turned to Long Jie and said, "Use your contacts to investigate where this photo came from."

"I have no idea. It seems the public hasn't had enough and hasn't suffered enough pain from Mo Ting."

"If we give this issue too much attention, our opponent will win. Let's not waste any more time on it."

10am. Star King's CEO's office.

Quan Ye sat at his office table acting serious as he signed some doc.u.ments. The pen in his hand casually scribbled on each of the doc.u.ments before he closed them back up. He looked bored as he flipped through the details of some of Star King's artists. If he had known earlier that he'd lose to Mo Ting and face a consequence like this, he would not have challenged him. 

"President Quan..."

"Come in," Quan Ye replied impatiently to his a.s.sistant.

Quan Ye's a.s.sistant approached him with a phone and presented it to him like he was presenting some precious treasure, "President Quan, this will make you happy."

"What would make me happy?" Quan Ye grabbed the phone before seeing a photo of Tangning kissing a man, "What is this?"

"Right now, the public is rapidly spreading the rumor that Tangning's private life is a mess. They say she's cheating on multiple men at the same time and has made President Mo wear multiple green hats. Previously, although Tangning was rumored to have climbed into beds, there was no solid proof. Now, something has finally been posted up," his a.s.sistant explained happily. "If Tangning is really as they say and Mo Ting continues to be her manager with an ambiguous relations.h.i.+p. Don't you think the anger inside of you will be relieved?"

Quan Ye remained quiet the entire time.

He simply stared at the phone in a daze, "Did you think something like this would make me happy?"

His a.s.sistant was stunned as his face turned red.

"When I said that there was something wrong with Mo Ting's s.e.xual preference, people believed it because it came from my mouth. However, I was seeking trouble. But, what is this?" Quan Ye threw away the phone, "How is this solid proof?"

"But, the rumors are spreading like crazy..."

"It's normal for Tangning to be defamed!" Quan Ye laughed, "Based on Mo Ting's capabilities, he will definitely solve the problem quickly. I need to increase the difficulty."

"What does President Quan plan to do?"

"Let's take note of Tangning's latest schedule. I want to create an unexpected encounter with her," Quan Ye started to cheer up. Since Tangning's private life was already rumored to be in mess, he might as well add to it. Just the thought of Mo Ting's reaction made him jump in joy...

"Does President Quan want everyone to a.s.sume the man in the photo is you?"

"You're pretty smart! How long has President Mo ruled over Hai Rui? I wonder if he would be able to handle a blow like this." After speaking, Quan Ye suddenly felt the doc.u.ments in front of him weren't so annoying; and the models that depended on talent for a living were no longer that disgusting.

"But, Tangning's schedule isn't easy to get a hold of!"

"Go and think of an idea. Contact customs and tell them to take note of Tangning's name. As soon as she leaves the country, let me know."

His a.s.sistant understood there was no changing his mind. So, even though he was put in a difficult position, he could not refuse. All he could do was bow and leave the room.

He had gone seeking for trouble himself. He had never expected Quan Ye to use this exposure to attack Mo Ting. He simply wanted to cheer him up so work could continue to progress.

It wasn't that Quan Ye was unskilled, he simply enjoyed the freedom of the outside world too much and didn't care much about power.

Worst of all, he brought his playful att.i.tude with him to the agency.

Since Star King still had the elders standing guard, he hoped to continue playing around.

When Mo Ting heard about the photo, he had just come out of a video conference.

Fang Yu entered Mo Ting's office with the information he had gathered. Not only did he have the photo and accompanying news article, he had even found the IP of the person that released the photo and already had a few suspects.

After seeing the information, Mo Ting's expression darkened. He put down the papers and pressed his fingers against the table, "These suspects, follow them and investigate them. Find out how they got the photo."

"I've already instructed people to handle the matter. But, by the time I receive the results, you and Tangning will already be in France," Fang Yu explained.

"First, help me find out who did it," Mo Ting once again held up the photo as he thought back on the day of the kiss. That was the day he had to return to China.

Who would have thought there'd be such a brave paparazzi...

"Most importantly, investigate Hua Rong studio," Mo Ting remembered Tangning had said that she ran into Editor Lin multiple times.

"I've never heard of them before," Fang Yu thought carefully.