Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard - Chapter 28

Chapter 28

The touch was so addictive it made one feel like they were being possessed. Mo Ting pushed Tangning down on the sofa and began to unb.u.t.ton her white s.h.i.+rt; this was something he had been dreaming about doing for a long time...

"Ting..." Tangning cried shyly, "It hurts a bit..."

Mo Ting stopped trying to push past her boundaries and instead returned to her lips. The two continued to be intimate in the living room for some time before Mo Ting finally released Tangning from his embrace.

"Tomorrow is an important day for you. Sleep early tonight."

In the bathroom, one of the maids helped her bathe while another dried her hair - all Tangning had to do was close her eyes. Thanks to Mo Ting, she had been sleeping well lately.

The next morning, Lin Wei and Long Jie arrived at Hyatt Regency to pick up Tangning for her event. However upon arriving at the venue, to their surprise, Han Yufan was also there. On the surface, he appeared to have attended to support his artist, but in reality, he was only there to make sure Tangning would remember to clear Mo Yurou's name.

"How could I forget?" Tangning replied.

"Tangning, I know it is hard on you, but...what we have between us is already over. You don't have to be envious towards Yurou, she is innocent."

It turned out, for Han Yufan, completely ending a relations.h.i.+p only took a few days.

"And I'm not innocent?" Tangning responded, "My years of youth and all my sacrifices are worth nothing to you? Even a dog would wag it's tail thankfully when I play with it!"

"Tangning, watch what you're saying," Han Yufan warned Tangning in anger. "We both did it willingly. I never asked you to be so good to me, it was something you wanted to do."

Tangning was silent because, at this moment, the makeup artist knocked on the door. She no longer wanted to see Han Yufan, so she immediately got up to let the makeup artist in.

Han Yufan was also pretty angry as he turned around to leave the room. As he pa.s.sed by Lin Wei, he ordered, "Keep an eye on Tangning, don't let her do anything wrong."

"I will," Lin Wei nodded.

The event was scheduled for 9am and Tangning's appearance was to be at 9:30am. It was customary for the company to send out a representative to start off the event before the guest would be introduced. At this moment in time, the event had already started and Tangning was prepared to go on stage. Tangning was wearing a silver deep v dress and her hair was brushed to one side with soft curls. Her look wasn't extremely eye-catching, but Tangning was born with the perfect body, so she complimented her clothing, no matter what she wore.

"Tangning, be prepared, you will be going on stage soon," Lin Wei reminded her anxiously.

"Tangning, don't be afraid, we will be here for you," Long Jie cheered.

Tangning nodded, why would she be afraid? Today would be the day she'd initiate the first fight with Tianyi. Right now, in her heart, apart from hoping for success, she also had to remain calm.

"Go!" Lin Wei escorted Tangning out of the waiting room.

The venue for the event wasn't very big - the actual hall only fit roughly 200 seats. But, Tangning knew, apart from the people present here today, there would also be plenty of people watching her through their screens. Why? because they wanted to see her endorse this cheap brand and find something to gossip about. But, too bad, they were about to be disappointed.

With a loud introduction from the host and encouragement from Lin Wei, Tangning stepped up to the front of the stage. It had been a long time since she had stood in front of the spotlight, so Tangning appeared to need some time to adjust.

"Our Tangning sure has a pair of enchanting long legs!...Come, let's begin by allowing Tangning to give her greetings."

The host handed the microphone to Tangning before she calmly faced the almost 200 people in front of her, "h.e.l.lo everyone, I am Tangning."

"Welcome Tangning, we are very honored to have invited you because we all know your popularity has been on the rise recently. We are also very thankful for you to have come here specifically to support us. May I ask you a question?" The host tried his best to liven up the atmosphere.

"Please speak."

"I believe you have used our product. Could you please describe your feelings towards it?" the host jumped straight to the main point.

Used it? Tangning slightly frowned...

It was at this moment, onlookers watching the live stream online exploded, everyone wanted to get their opinion out.

"Cheap model! If you recommend this product, you are finished..."

"I just photoshopped a GIF of Tangning, does anyone want to see?"

"I wonder how many people will be fooled. Tangning why must you help them?"

Tangning knew, at this moment, the internet would be filled with an ocean of complaints, so...after she received the question, she took a glance at Han Yufan, Lin Wei and Long Jie, then located the best position in front of the camera before she opened her mouth to speak.

"First of all, I need to thank my agency, Tianyi Entertainment, for helping me accept an event for a product...I had never even heard about."

"Secondly, even though I was forced to step out onto this stage, as a model, my morals are intact. In regards to a product that consumers can not rely on, I will also boycott it. So this product...I have not used it."

"Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their attention. Even though I've lost my fame, I will not lose my bottom line."

Three simple statements. Tangning was so quick that she didn't even give time for anyone to respond. By the time everyone realized the change in her att.i.tude, Tangning had already finished talking.

"I...Tangning, will take advantage of this opportunity, to announce that I am officially making a comeback. In a moment, an even bigger scandal will be revealed. Thank you for your support."

After speaking, Tangning bowed to everyone while they were still stunned before walking off the stage elegantly...

The atmosphere became stale and Han Yufan's expression changed. Meanwhile, Lin Wei and Long Jie cheered on the inside.

The internet was in chaos.

"OMG, what did Tangning just say? I didn't hear it properly, I need to rewind it and listen to it again. How can she be so cool?"

"Me too, me too! I was already prepared to scold her, but then she actually did something like this. That was a major slap in the face!"

"Apart from Tangning, who would be brave enough to slap her agency and client in the face at a live event!"

"Cool, cool, cool! Tangning is so cool! If she's making a comeback, our eyes are in for a treat!"

"Hahaha, I saw the host was completely stunned..."

"Tangning is amazing! I'm so touched. I'm so glad I didn't judge her incorrectly. From now on, amongst the models, I will only acknowledge her!"

The internet was filled with cheers - not only fans, but even popular social media personalities edited Tangning's brief 2-minute recording into short clips and spread it around like wildfire. In an instant, all traces of Tangning's negative news was swept away.

However, Tangning who had just stepped off the stage was not in a good position as Han Yufan and her client approached her directly to complain.

"Tangning, is there something wrong with your brain? A measly model like you, actually had the nerve to cause a commotion in front of so many people?" The client pointed at Tangning and scolded her, "Do you not want to live? Did you want to turn our event into your personal press conference?"